Winter Igloo

smoothfoam IglooThis igloo is the perfect thing to create in wintry weather and Smoothfoam half-balls make it so easy. This is also a great project for teachers to do with their students to learn more about Arctic animals and how the Inuit people construct their homes.


8″ Smoothfoam half-ball
DecoArt Snow-Tex
Craft knife, palette knife
Orange stick or paintbrush

Cut a door in the half-ball with the craft knife. Cover the half-ball with Snow-Tex using the palette knife. Cut an arch that fits around the door from a scrap of Smoothfoam. You can use a piece of a larger half-ball, a sheet or disc. Another option is to use small blocks and cut them to shape around the door.

Cover the arch with Snow-Tex.  Measure and indent the blocks on the igloo using an orange stick or the end of a paintbrush. Measure the rings first about an inch apart. Then mark off 2″ blocks around the bottom ring.  Work up adding more blocks above the others.

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