What’s in a name?


What’s in a name? Smoothfoam, that’s what! Here’s a cute project to make for a child’s room – what an adorable gift!

Child's hanging  name with Smoothfoam letters


Two 2” Smoothfoam balls
Smoothfoam letters to spell a name
3/8” wood dowel (12″ or longer as needed to fit name)
Craft paints – pink, white, brown
3/8” wide grosgrain ribbons to match paint colors
Sponge brush
Paper clips
Glue, pencil, paint brush

1.  Paint each Smoothfoam letter pink and let dry.

2.  Dip the end of a paint brush handle into white paint then press on to each letter to make dots and let dry.

3.  Paint the dowel white and the two Smoothfoam balls brown and set aside to dry.

4.  Make a pilot hole in each ball with a pencil, then push one ball onto each end of the dowel.

6.  Cut paper clips in half then trim so you have two wire “U” shapes. Push the ends of one wire “U” into the top of each letter for hanging.

7.  Attach each letter to the dowel with varied lengths of ribbon, as shown.  Overlap then glue ends of ribbon together to secure.

8. Tie smaller lengths of ribbon on to the dowel to embellish between the letters.

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