Washi Tape Letters

smoothfoam Washi Tape Letters

Raise your hand if you are drowning in paperwork. I thought so! Here’s an organizer project using Smoothfoam letters that will help you get the paperwork off your counters and tables and filed away. And it looks pretty cute too! Click here to read more about how I’m using each pocket for my family.


Smoothfoam 4″ letters
Washi tape
Glue or fishing wire
Hanging pocket organizer

Choose the foam letters you will use. I file my paperwork according to who it belongs to, so I used my family members’ initials. You might want your boxes to read “IN”, “OUT”, or “FILE.”

Wrap your letters with washi tape. I bought a set of coordinating tapes, so each of my letters look a bit different, but still match. There are so many washi tapes out there – find the one that makes you happy.

Glue your washi tape-covered letters onto the organizer. Mine is wicker, so instead of glue, I decided to use fishing wire. I just threaded the wire through the wicker and tied the letters on.

smoothfoam letter O

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