Vintage photo ornament


Hello Craft Peeps! I want to bring to you a pretty project using an oval Smoothfoam shape and an antique fork or spoon – a vintage ornament that will look great hanging just about anywhere.

smoothfoam oval vintage ornament


Smoothfoam oval  (3-1/8″ x 7/8″)
Black acrylic paint
Black lace
Vintage photo
Gold beaded trim
Antique fork or spoon
Various metal charms and chain
Black twine
Hot glue gun

Here is what you have to do!!

1.  Paint the oval black and let dry. Trim your photo to the size of the oval.

2.  Glue black lace around the outside of the oval. Glue gold beaded trim around the front edge and add a metal flower charm to the front.

3.  Glue the black twine to the back of the fork and then measure how far you want the oval to hang from the fork – I placed it at about 3 inches. Glue the other ends of the twine to the back of the oval and adorn the fork with metal charms and embellishments.

4.  Add charms to the end of a short length of chain and glue to the back of the oval. Glue a piece of oval cardstock to the back of the ornament to cover.

smoothfoam vintage photo ornament

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