Use texture paste to add dimension to Smoothfoam


Texture paste is great for adding dimension to the surface of Smoothfoam. The textures on this little angel’s hair and dress really bring her to life!

Smoothfoam angel with texture paste


Smoothfoam 1” ball
Smoothfoam egg
DecoArt Dimensional Effects Paintable Texture Paste
Acrylic paints: white, tan, brown, pink
Craft glue
Muslin strip 1″ x 8″
Craft wire
Serrated craft knife
Paintbrush, palette knife
Scissors, wire cutters

1.  Trim a small slice off both ends of the egg (angel body). Trim a small slice off one end of the ball (angel head).

2.  Glue the flat side of the ball to the narrow end of the egg. If the assembly doesn’t stand on its own, sand or trim the wide end of the egg so that it’s flat and even.

3.  Use a palette knife and/or paintbrush to add texture paste to the head to create curls and spikes of hair. Add more texture paste to the body and fashion larger lumps of paste into arms and hands.

4.  After the texture paste is dry, paint the angel in desired colors. Use white to highlight the textured areas.

5.  Fray the edges of the muslin strip (wings). Bring the ends into the center and overlap. Scrunch the overlapped area while wrapping with a short length of craft wire. Glue the wings to the back of the angel at the base of the head.

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