Twelve Balls of Christmas! Day 2: Burlap & twine


Welcome to our Christmas Ball
Just for crafters, one and all.
Smoothfoam balls rolled off the shelves
‘Cause we’ve been busy little elves.
We’re bloggin’ balls for twelve days through
To make the season bright for you!

Smoothfoam burlap ornament

1.  Wrap several 1-1/2″ overlapping burlap strips around a Smoothfoam ball with hot glue, leaving a couple inches of burlap extending beyond the pre-drilled hole at the top of the ball.

Burlap covered Smoothfoam ball

2.  Glue the ends of a ribbon loop into the hole at the top of the ball ball for hanging. Gather the ends of the burlap together snugly around the loop and tie a ribbon into a bow around it to secure.

3.  Glue coils of twine to the burlap in random loops and swirls.


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