Twelve Balls of Christmas! Day 11: Tissue decoupage


Welcome to our Christmas Ball
Just for crafters, one and all.
Smoothfoam balls rolled off the shelves
‘Cause we’ve been busy little elves.
We’re bloggin’ balls for twelve days through
To make the season bright for you!

Smoothfoam tissue decoupage ornament

“Christmas is a’coming and the geese are getting fat. Please put a penny in the old man’s hat.”

I don’t know how far that penny will go these days toward getting the old man a cup of coffee, but I do know that using Smoothfoam for Christmas décor is very easy and very economical, especially when you factor in the wonderful shapes (that you don’t have to cut out), the paintable surface (no gesso needed) and the ease of cutting and carving.

This Christmas ornament went together so quickly! The majority of time spent was in waiting for the medium to dry, which I helped along with a tiny desktop fan.

1.  Sand a 4″ Smoothfoam ball to remove the ridge of the center seam and push a skewer into the base to use as a handle.

2.  Crumple and tear purple tissue paper into small pieces. Adhere them with decoupage medium, overlapping the edges and leaving in wrinkles, then brush more medium on top to seal. Continue until the ball is covered. Set aside to dry.

3.  Lightly brush a gold Gelato pigment stick over the ball’s surface, accenting the tissue wrinkles.

4.  Die-cut swirls and snowflakes from gold mylar, then run the shapes through the die-cutting machine again with a texture plate and glue them to the ball with Quick Grip Adhesive.

5.  Tie a fancy bow with purple and gold mesh ribbons and attach it to the top of the ornament with Quick Grip and a couple of pearl-head straight pins. Run a 6″ piece of wire under the bow and twist it into a loop for hanging.

6.  Thread a couple small beads on to an eye pin and attach a crystal charm to the bottom with a jump ring. Dab some glue on the top of the pin and push it up into the bottom of the ball.


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