Twelve Balls of Christmas! Day 1: Beads & glitter


Welcome to our Christmas Ball
Just for crafters, one and all.
Smoothfoam balls rolled off the shelves
‘Cause we’ve been busy little elves.
We’re bloggin’ balls for twelve days through
To make the season bright for you!

Smoothfoam beaded ornament

beaded eye pins
1.  Poke a skewer through a 3″ Smoothfoam ball to turn it into a bead. Give it two coats of red paint, and after the paint is dry, brush on a gloss glaze and sprinkle clear glitter all over the ball while the glaze is still wet.

2.  Push white ball-head straight pins into the center along the seam. Place mini bead charms on short eye pins, then dip the end each eye pin into a dab of glue and push into the ball in between each straight pin.

3.  Fold a long piece of gold wire in half around a crystal dangle. Thread a few beads onto the folded wire above the dangle, then push the wire up through the hole in the ball from the bottom. Add a few more beads to the top and curl the end of the wire with round-nose beading pliers.


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