Burlap Turkey Decoration

Smoothfoam burlap turkey decoration

1″ Smoothfoam ball
2” Smoothfoam ball
Burlap trimmed to a 5” and a 6” circle; a 2”x 9” strip
Wood pieces: two hearts, two toothpicks, teardrop, two spoons
DecoArt Americana acrylic paints: Jack-O’-Lantern Orange, Milk Chocolate
4 pony beads
Red yarn or floss
Wiggle eyes
Hot glue gun, scissors, paintbrush

1. Trim away a piece of the large ball (body) on both ends and on one end of the small ball (head).

2.  Wrap the large ball with a 6” burlap circle, bringing the ends up to one flat side. Trim away extra fabric.

3.  Glue the flat side of the small ball to the trimmed flat side of body. Glue the 5” circle over the small ball, gathering fabric around the neck and leaving a ruffle. Trim and fringe the ruffle and tie twine around the neck.

4.  Gather the strip of burlap by pulling on a thread ½” from one long edge. Glue this strip to the back of the body for the tail and fringe the edge.

5.  Cut off the ends of wood snack spoons and paint with a wash of Milk Chocolate. Paint all the other wood pieces with a wash of orange.

6.  Glue spoon pieces under the ruffle for wings. Trim one end of a toothpick and glue on a pony bead and a wood heart for the feet. Poke the leg into the body to make a pilot hole and remove, then glue another pony bead over the hole. Glue the toothpick into the pony bead and repeat for the second leg. Trim a small teardrop from the wood scraps cut away from the spoons and glue to the head for a beak. Glue red threads over the beak and glue eyes above it.

7.  Brush the edges of the burlap and wings with orange paint. Let your burlap turkey decoration dry, then display on your table or mantelpiece. Find numerous cute Thanksgiving crafts here today.

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