Three Tabletop Christmas Trees

Smoothfoam Christmas Cone

I have always loved Christmas crafts and having a bevy of handmade Christmas trees in all shapes and sizes around the house is high on my list every year. Using the Smoothfoam cones makes it easy to create a variety of looks in very little time.

Flower Tree

Supplies Needed:

6″ Smoothfoam cone
Scallop paper punches in two sizes
Small flat head pins, pearl pins
Patterned paper

For this cone, I punched lots of scalloped circles from different patterned papers, inked and then shaped them. I used tiny flat head pins to attach the to the cone. I used pearl head pins to anchor decorative sequins in the center of each flower, then added simple ribbon bows.

Eyelet Tree

Supplies Needed:

6″ Smoothfoam cone
Border punch
Double-sided tape, hot glue gun
Small ornaments
Pearl head pins

paper smoothfoam christmas tree

For this tree, I used two colors of cardstock cut into strips, punching the edge of each strip. I applied each piece using double-side tape, slightly pleating the upper edge of each piece as I went along, to fit the tapered shape of the cone. I made a ribbon bow for the top, anchoring it with pearl head pins. The resin ornaments are from my collection and I used hot glue to attach them.

Lacey Tree

smoothfoam lace christmas treeSupplies:

6″ Smoothfoam cone
Ruffled white lace
Small red velvet bows
Small Christmas ornaments
Hot glue gun
Pearl pins, flat head pins

This one was the easiest off all!  I pinned some lace at the bottom of the cone, and then started wrapping the lace up and around the cone. About every 5 times around the cone, I would add another flat pin just to secure it. When I got to the top I trimmed the lace and used hot glue to secure it. I made another bow and secured with pearl pins. The tiny ornaments are from my collection and I used hot glue to add them to the tree.

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