Thankful Turkey Place Cards


Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family and friends. My niece, nephew and I have created a tradition of making DIY Thanksgiving place cards for the table. We try to be as creative as possible each year, but we always seem to come back to the traditional turkey. These lightweight Smoothfoam foam turkey place cards incorporate sparkle and shine as well as cute ribbon loop feathers – making me extremely thankful for my craftiness!


6″ x12″ Smoothfoam Sheet (1″ thick)
Kool Tak 3D Glue – Embossing Effect
Kool Tak Shiny Foil Transfer Sheets – Vintage (Burnt Gold)
KOOL TAK Sparkles Bonus Pack – Red (Threading Beads)
Americana paints – Dark Chocolate and Antique Gold
Double-sided adhesive sheets
3D clear dimensional adhesive tabs
Wood spool, 6″ wood dowel
Dark brown and yellow scrapbook papers
Assorted ribbons (approximately 24 pieces at 6″ long each)
Scissors, pencil, ruler, paint brush
Copy paper, serrated knife, sandpaper
Self-adhesive black half pearls (2)



1.  Draw a “figure 8” style head and body on plain paper, cut it out and then trace the shape on to the Smoothfoam sheet. Cut out the shape with a serrated knife and gently sand smooth any rough edges. Paint the edges Dark Chocolate and let dry. Paint the spool and dowel Antique Gold and let dry. Glue the dowel into the center of the spool.

paint edges of smoothfoam2.  Trace the turkey shape twice on the wrong side of brown paper. Adhere one shape to one side of the Smoothfoam with an adhesive sheet. Reserve the other paper turkey shape for later. Cut a triangle from yellow paper for a beak and adhere to the turkey with clear adhesive pads for dimension. Add the black half pearls for eyes. Apply some 3D glue to the side of beak in a waddle shape and immediately cover it with red beads and let dry.  Place two small dots of glue to the top of the beak for two small brown beads.

3.  Draw one of your guest’s names on the turkey with glue and set aside to dry until clear. Apply gold foil to the glue lines by placing the dull side against the glue and rubbing gently with your finger. Lift and peel off the foil liner, leaving the shiny foil adhered to the name.

4.  Trace turkey on the release liner paper of the double-sided adhesive sheet, cut it out and apply to the back of the turkey. Peel back the liner to expose adhesive. Fold ribbons in to loops and press on to the adhesive around edge of the turkey’s body. Adhere the second brown paper turkey shape on top with another adhesive sheet, covering the ends of ribbons.

ribbon feathers smoothfoam turkey

5.  Insert dowel into the center of the Smoothfoam turkey at the bottom to create a pilot hole. Remove the dowel and add a little glue to the dowel and reinsert; let dry. Tie two ribbons around the base of the dowel and wrap the spool with brown ribbon, securing the ends with scraps of double-sided adhesive.


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