Teddy the Tarantula

smoothfoam black tarantula

He looked about as inconspicuous as a tarantula on a slice of angel food cake.
—Raymond Chandler

Teddy the tarantula is an adorably creepy crawler…let one crawl across your counter or create a whole spider family to stroll along your desk. This project is easy and fun for kids to make!

2″ Smoothfoam ball
2 wiggle eyes
4 black pipe cleaners
Black acrylic paint
Sponge brush
Knitting needle, awl, pencil
Needle nose pliers
Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Glue

Poke a hole through the pilot hole in the center of the Smooothfoam ball with an awl. Make the hole bigger with a knitting needle, then even bigger by pushing a sharpened pencil through it.

Push a toothpick into the ball. It will be a handle for you to easily hold the ball while you paint it black . Push the other end of the toothpick into a scrap of Smoothfoam to allow it to dry thoroughly. Paint another coat and allow to dry.

Glue on the wiggle eyes. Push one pipe cleaner into the hole, then push through the other three, one at a time.  Pull them until you have 4 legs sticking out evenly from each side of the ball.

Curl the ends of each leg into a spiral with the needle nose pliers. Bend legs until balanced.

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