Minions Birthday Party Décor

Smoothfoam Cake Plates Platters Chargers - Minions Party JPriest

My kids love the Minions, so when we heard that a new Minions movie was coming out, it was pretty much a done deal that we would be hosting a Minions party. You’d be surprised how difficult it is to locate yellow party supplies. Why buy supplies when you can make them with Smoothfoam? I created this Minions Birthday Party Décor using Smoothfoam as a base to serve our snacks and refreshments on. Check out my video tutorial!


Rather than buy pricey chargers or platters in bright yellow, a color I can’t imagine I’d have another use for, I decided to use Smoothfoam as a presentation plate for the Minions themed party snacks. Because Smoothfoam can be painted, it can be transformed into any color. Once I am finished using these Smoothfoam sheets (12″ Scrapbook Page Mounts)  for the party, I can paint them another color for my next project.

Smoothfoam Chargers for Party - Minions Party JPriest

Smoothfoam also provides a great base for inserting party picks, signs identifying the food item, or for decorative items like pennants. Smoothfoam accepts adhesive well, making it easy to decorate with paper die-cuts to match the party theme.

Smoothfoam Cake Plate for Minions Twinkies - Minions Party JPriest

Thanks so much for stopping by the Smoothfoam blog today. Be sure to stop by my blog to see the reveal of the full party, which we created for under $75!


Smiley Face Graduation Pencil Topper

smoothfoam Smiley Face Graduation Pencil Topper

What every graduate at any age needs – a smiley face graduation pencil topper! And because this little guy’s feeling really special, he needed a bow tie.

Smiley Face Graduation Pencil Topper parts

To make the Smiley Face DIY Pencil Topper you’ll need:

2″ Smoothfoam ball
Sanding block or fine sandpaper
Acrylic paints – yellow and black
Black cardstock or chipboard
Red twine
Black brad
Black gingham ribbon
Craft glue, craft knife, skewer

Lightly sand away the center ridge from the Smoothfoam ball. Cut a small portion off the top of the ball (opposite the pilot hole) with a craft knife for a flat top.

Paint the ball yellow and let dry. Paint the top portion black and then paint the face; let dry.

Use a skewer (or awl or knitting needle) to carefully enlarge the pilot hole at the bottom of the ball, big enough to fit snugly on a pencil top.

Make a small tassel with the red twine. Make a small bow tie with the ribbon and glue it to the front of the pencil, just under the eraser.

To make the mortarboard, cut a 2″ square piece of black cardstock. Punch a small hole in centerand insert the ends of the tassel and brad.

Glue the mortarboard on top of the ball, let dry, then push your Smiley Face Graduate DIY pencil topper on top of a pencil.


Word for the Year: Connect

how to carve words out of smoothfoam

Each January, I like to choose an “action word” to use as a goal or inspiration for that year. Last year I selected the word “grow” and boy, did I ever! My business and schedule grew tremendously, I’m happy to say. This year I carved the word “connect” from a block of Smoothfoam and added details with twisted wire and Smoothfoam balls. It will serve as a visual reminder to myself to connect more with my family and friends, to network more for my business, and to “connect the dots” in my artwork by bringing together diverse techniques from different media. Choose your own favorite action word and carve it using the following tools and techniques!


2” x 4” x 12″ Smoothfoam block
Two 1” Smoothfoam balls
Three 2” Smoothfoam balls
Sulky Stick’n Carve Printable Transfer sheet
Hot Wire Foam Factory Hot Knife & Mini-Scroll Table
Stamps and ink pads
Tacky glue
Craft paints – sky blue, yellow, red, navy blue, orange
Silver wire – 16 gauge
 and 12 gauge
Wire cutters, round-nose pliers
Paint brush, skewers


1.  Click here to download the “Connect” artwork* and print it onto the Sulky transfer sheet. Because it is too long to fit onto one sheet, it’s tiled into two sections. Cut the sheet in half between the two lines of text. Peel off the backing paper and press the two pieces together to fit on the Smoothfoam block. Trim off the excess transfer sheet. Poke pilot holes with the hot knife into each area of the block that will be cut out.


2.  Carefully carve out the design on the mini-scroll table. Unthread and re-insert the wire into each pilot hole to make each interior cut. Peel off the transfer sheet when finished.

Carved-Word-of-the-Year-Connect-by-Carmen-Flores-Tanis-step-23.  Add details to the carving with the engraving tool.


4.  Paint the front of the carved letters yellow and let dry.


5.  Stamp a pattern on to the letters with a contrasting color ink pad – I used orange.


6.  Paint the sides, back and inside areas of the carving sky blue.


7.  Using the skewers as handles, paint each Smoothfoam ball with yellow, orange, red or navy blue acrylic paint. Let dry.

8.  Cut a 14” length of 12-gauge wire. Use a skewer to poke straight through each ball from the pre-drilled pilot hole at one end. Thread the Smoothfoam balls onto the wire. Secure with glue if necessary.

9.  Cut a 18” length of 16-gauge wire and twist one end around the 12-gauge wire right next to the first Smoothfoam ball. Wrap the wire loosely around the ball. Secure the wire in place by twisting the end around the 12-gauge wire on the other side of the ball. Repeat for the rest of the balls.Carved-Word-of-the-Year-Connect-by-Carmen-Flores-Tanis-Step-9

10.  Poke the wire ends into the top of the carved block. Add a drop of glue at each end to secure.

* You are welcome to use my original artwork for your own use or for a gift/donation only. You may not use my designs for items intended for resale – that is a copyright infringement. Thank you!

DIY Felt Poppies

felt poppy

This felt poppy craft will bring a little spring into your life. Poppy flower crafts make a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Use them to decorate a special table, a breakfast tray, or a tie them onto a gift.


1″ Smoothfoam ball
Eco-Fi Plus Felt – red, green
Craft paints – yellow, green
Hot glue gun
Wood skewer

How to make a felt poppy:

Click here to download the Poppy Pattern, then trace and cut out each piece from the felt.

Paint the Smoothfoam ball yellow and the skewer green; allow to dry completely.

Glue the red felt petals around the ball, starting with the small petals on the inside and then adding the larger petals around the outside.

Glue the flower onto the end of the skewer.

Poke a small hole in the center of the green felt circle. Slide the skewer through it from the bottom and glue the circle to the bottom of the flower.

Glue felt petals onto the skewer.

Liv and Poppy copy

Flower Mobile

Flower Mobile

A Smoothfoam disc is the perfect start for a mobile of bright flowers!


6” Smoothfoam disc
Rowlux Illusion Film – four sheets of bright colors
Die-cutting machine (I used a Sizzix Big Shot)
Flower dies (I used Tim Holtz Alterations Tattered Florals)
1 large sheet of bright color craft foam
10 yards of cotton cord or string
Plastic beads
Sequin or ball head pins
Tacky glue
Wood skewer, tapestry needle, scissors

Trace the Smoothfoam disc on a piece of scrap paper and cut out. Fold the paper in half three times. On each fold line, measure ¾” from the edge and mark. Mark the center also.

Trace the disc on the sheet of craft foam twice. On the bottom piece, make holes with a needle using the marks on your paper pattern for placement. Make a center hole in the top piece. Make corresponding holes in the foam disc with the bamboo skewer. Glue the bottom piece of craft foam to the disc, matching the holes.

Using the needle and about two yards of cord, go up through a hole in disc from bottom to top and back down through an adjacent hole four times. Arrange lengths of string as desired and then glue the top craft foam circle onto the disc. Cut two 9-1/2″ by 1″ strips of craft foam and glue to the edges.

Die-cut two sets of each color of Rowlux for the hanging flowers. Punch holes in the centers. String the layers from the back, add a bead and go back through the hole. String some beads at the end of the string and tie off. Add a string through the center of each flower and make a loop in the top for hanging. Use beads and flowers to hold it to the disc at the top.

Add additional smaller flowers around the edge of the disc with beads and pins if desired.

Easy Riser Display Cubes for Artist Trading Cards

smoothfoam riser cubes lisa fulmer


I have a large collection of artist trading cards (ATCs), most of which are displayed in trays on the walls of my studio.  I continue to make and collect new ATCs, for which I don’t have wall space, so I use these “handy” place card holders (bought at World Market) to display them on my desk and on shelves. I needed some risers to fit more ATCs in a smaller space so I could still see them all – Smoothfoam to the rescue!

This project couldn’t be easier – just paint any size Smoothfoam cube and then pin or glue your favorite embellishments around it. I inked some silver punchinella ribbon in green and yellow to match my paints, then wrapped it around each cube. The two ends overlap about an inch, where I secured it to the cube with some straight pins pushed into the buttonholes – no glue needed.

Spring Flower Balls

smoothfoam flower balls

Decorative foam flower balls for almost any season continue to appear everywhere in home décor stores and magazines. These colorful, whimsical spring flower decorations are ready to usher spring into your home!


Smoothfoam balls – one each 2”, 3”, 5”
Kunin PrintzFelt sheets – Saralma, Blooming Floral
Kunin Rainbow ClassicFelt sheet – Light Yellow
Sizzix Big Shot machine and “Flower Layers with Leaf” die
White Makin’s Clay and a flower push mold
Earth Safe Finishes Iridescents by Ann Butler Designs – Limelight, Tangelo, Lipgloss
Beacon Fabri-Tac adhesive
DecoArt Americana Multi-Surface Satin acrylic paint – Melonball

Paint each Smoothfoam ball with Melon Ball paint and let dry.

Die-cut multiple flowers from each of the 3 felts (there were 3 different flowers on this die, the number of each cut depends on which size ball you decide to use which flower on).

Glue the flowers on to each ball, allowing for some overlap so petals will lift upward against each other for more depth and dimension.


Mold enough clay flowers so you have 3 different kinds to use in the centers of each felt flower. Let the clay air-dry for 24 hours.

Paint each clay flower with a shade of Iridescents and let dry. Glue to the centers of the flowers on each ball.


Easter Bunny and Chick Centerpiece

Smoothfoam Easter bunny centerpiece

Easter is one of my favorite times of the year – it’s a time to reflect on the spiritual and a time of renewal.  Easter bunnies and chicks show off the brilliant colors of spring and no matter what one’s age, the egg hunts, family dinners and fun times bring new memories and remind us of times gone by.

Smoothfoam is the perfect foundation for creating a vignette for your Easter decorating. This Easter bunny and chick centerpiece will brighten up any spot for your Easter celebrations and beyond into the spring! Learn how to create your own DIY Easter centerpiece below.


One each – 4″, 3″, 2.5″ and 2″ Smoothfoam balls
Smoothfoam sheet (any size)
Craft knife, toothpick, paint brush
Craft glue
Americana Décor Chalky Finish paints – Escape, Whisper, Heritage, Delicate
Crackle medium
Paint markers
Smoothfoam eggs
10″ or 12″ Smoothfoam disc
Paper flowers and grass
Sheer ribbons

For the bunny head, position the 3″ ball with the pilot hole in the back. Trim off one rounded end to make it straight across. For the body, repeat with the 4″ ball, but trim both the top and the bottom of the ball.  Connect the bottom of the head (flat side) to the top of the body (flat side) using a toothpick and a bead of glue.

smoothfoam balls bunny chick

Cut bunny ears and feet from a 1/2″ thick sheet of Smoothfoam. Attach each bunny ear to the head with a toothpick and dab of glue. Do the same to attach the bunny body to the feet.

Use the scraps cut from the Smoothfoam balls to make the chick wings.  Attach to the chick using toothpick for each and a dot of glue.

Base paint the bunny with Escape. Let dry. Apply crackle medium following the manufacturer’s instructions. Let dry; follow up with a coat of Whisper. Let dry thoroughly. Repeat for the chick with the Heritage shade.

Paint the faces as desired with markers. Tie ribbons around their necks.

Paint the Smoothfoam disc with desired color for the base of your DIY Easter centerpiece, let dry. Use toothpicks and glue to attach the bunny and chick in position on the disc, then embellish with eggs, flowers and paper grass.

Happy Hoppy Easter sign

smoothfoam easter signSmoothfoam’s smooth surface is great for painting, which makes it perfect for creating Easter craft projects, as well as seasonal decorations for all the holidays, like this happy, hoppy Easter sign. Create your own DIY Easter sign today!


Smoothfoam 2” x 12” block
DecoArt Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paints – Refreshing, Delicate, Nostalgia, Innocence, Serene, Everlasting
Beacon Adhesives Tacky Glue
Makin’s Air-Dry Clay – Brown, white, yellow, red
2-part molding putty
JudiKin’s Snappy Tray
FlowerSoft Frosting – Hint of Green Glitter
Chipboard letters
Coordinating ribbons
Chocolate bunny
Paintbrushes, scissors

how to make smoothfoam easter sign


Paint the Smoothfoam block to resemble a decorated Easter egg with assorted pastel colors, let dry.

Paint the chipboard letters white, let dry.

Cover each painted letter with glue and place in the tray. Sprinkle with white glitter, tap off excess and let dry. Pour remaining glitter from tray back into the container.

Tie decorative ribbons around the outside edge of the “E” in Easter, then glue each letter to the painted Smoothfoam block, leaving space on the right for the clay bunny.

Make a mold for a faux chocolate bunny – learn how in my video tutorial.

Press clay into the mold – place colored clays where desired first, then fill in with brown clay.  Remove from mold, let dry for 24 hours, then glue to the sign.

Sunshine Ribbon Wall Panel

smoothfoam sunshine ribbon panel lisa fulmerAdd a little sunshine to your day with a simple sheet of Smoothfoam! Smoothfoam hugs straight pins and glue so nicely – and that makes it so easy to create wall art with your favorite papers, fabrics, paints, embellishments – and in this case, ribbons!

Click here for more details on how I made this project – it brightens my day every time I see it.