Make a quick and easy card holder

smoothfoam cardholder lisa fulmer

If you make and sell greeting cards in a spinner rack at craft fairs like I do sometimes, this quick and easy card holder project is for you! It’s nice to have the option of featuring a special card or two on a little display cube. This idea is also great for holding a photo, note, business cards, coupons or a postcard on your desk. Or if somebody sent you a lovely handmade greeting card, keep it on display for a while to admire.

Cut six squares from your favorite scrapbook paper to fit a Smoothfoam cube (mine is 3″). Adhere a square to each side with a regular glue stick – it’s easier to apply the glue to the cube, not the paper. Press the paper down firmly and make sure there’s glue all the way to the edges; let dry. Use round-nose jewelry pliers to bend a 12″ length of thick wire into a coiled triangle as shown, starting from the center. Coat the bottom of the wire with a little craft glue and pierce it down through the top of the cube. Done!

smoothfoam cube note holder

String art mandala

smoothfoam string art mandala

A Smoothfoam disc is a nice foundation for string art with push pins – instead of having to hammer nails into wood, you can just push in straight pins to anchor the string design. You have to be a bit more gentle when wrapping and pulling the thread, but it’s fast and easy. I love how this string art mandala turned out – plus it’s so lightweight, it hangs on my cupboard with just a couple little adhesive foam squares.

– Smoothfoam disc
– Craft paints, paintbrush, pouncer
– Short ball-head straight pins
– Thick thread

Paint the disc however you like – I painted a coat of mint all over, then a circle of purple in the center, then I added yellow texture with a fingertip pouncer.

painted smoothfoam disc

Push in the straight pins at an angle (toward the center) evenly around the perimeter of the disc. I like appliqué pins the best because the ball-head is small and the pins are short.

Tie a loop knot at the end of the first color of thread and pin it to the back of the disc, keeping the thread attached to the spool. Let the spool drop to the floor and wrap the threadaround to the first pin on the front of the disc, then start winding the thread around each pin at opposite sides, turning it as you go to create a “spirograph” pattern. Go around the perimeter 2-3 times to thicken the lines, then clip the thread and pin another knotted loop to the back to secure.

To add a second thread color, push in more pins in a smaller circle, inside the first and repeat the threading process.

string art mandala

Mixed Media Memories Wallhanging


smoothfoam mixed media wallhanging

I have been on a mixed media spree of late and Smoothfoam sheets are an amazing surface to create wallhangings to celebrate memories and showcase your favorite embellishments.


1″ x 6″ x 12″ Smoothfoam sheet
Assorted chipboard embellishments
Gesso, paintbrush
Low-temp glue gun
Ink sprays
Fluid acrylic paints
Metallic Lustre Cream Paints, Liquid Glass, Crackle Medium (from DecoArt)

SF Memories MM board 1

Start by gluing a layer of chipboard elements to the Smoothfoam and then paint the entire surface with a coat of gesso.

SF Memories MM board 2

Add the second layer of chipboard elements and coat this with gesso as well. Let everything dry well.

SF Memories MM board 8

Layer colors on – starting with spray inks, then after that dries, paint areas with fluid acrylics, then let those dry. Create the last layer of color with the Metallic Lustre – I added bits and pieces of color all over the piece randomly.

SF Memories MM board 5

Try adding Crackle Paint to a few of the pieces for some visual interest.

SF Memories MM board 6

Add gloss to some pieces with Liquid Glass, then when it’s dry, accent it with Metallic Lustre.

Spring Wall Hanging

Smoothfoam wallhangingWith the change of the seasons, I like to change out the homemade wall décor in my studio. I wanted a bright and cheery spring wall hanging and this piece fits the bill perfectly. I love using a Smoothfoam sheet instead of wood or a canvas because it is so light – I can easily hang it without having to put big nails or holes into my wall.


Smoothfoam 1″ x 6″ x 12″ sheet
DecoArt Metallic Lustre
Craft paints
Sponges, paintbrushes
Chipboard and metal embellishments
Fabric flowers and leaves

SF Wallhanging 2

I used inexpensive make-up sponges to paint the Smoothfoam, building up the base one color at a time. Start with the lightest color all over, then begin working up to the darkest color out on the very edges. Apply glitter to one side of the chipboard butterfly and adhere the other side to your surface.

SF Wallhanging 3

I used Metallic Lustre to highlight the chipboard pieces after they were painted – I like to apply it with my fingers, then buff with a paper towel to make it shine. Add more embellishments as desired to finish off your project.

Make a Spring Nature Display

painted smoothfoam easter eggs

Spring is almost here and new life is sprouting up everywhere. Why not celebrate it by creating a nature display with Smoothfoam eggs? (Because no one wants to steal an egg from a cute little bird’s nest!)


Smoothfoam 2-1/2″ Half Chick Egg
Wood plaque
Acrylic craft paint
Hot glue


Paint the wood plaque with acrylic paint and set aside to dry.

Paint the half-egg light blue, then load a soft brush with brown paint that has been thinned with water. Flick the paint over the half egg, speckling it with brown paint. Set it aside to dry.

Hot glue the half egg onto the painted, wood plaque.

smoothfoam speckled egg

Create a nature display with your egg plaque, an abandoned nest, or other items you picked up in nature…or hang it on the wall with some bird photos.

Haunted House Halloween Ornaments

Haunted House smoothfoam halloween Ornaments

I have to admit I kind of love the idea of Halloween tree. I mean, who says trees are just for Christmas? These little haunted houses, using Smoothfoam house shapes, are perfect if you have a Halloween tree. Learn how to make this DIY Halloween ornaments below.

smoothfoam Haunted House ornament


Smoothfoam house shapes
Dimensional paints
Black paint
Black glitter paint
Small hooks
Black yarn

smoothfoam Haunted House ornament


Paint the houses however you like, using dimensional, acrylic, and glitter paints. Get creative! Think Halloween-style gingerbread houses!

Allow the paint to dry, then push a small hook into the top of the house. Secure with a dab of craft glue, if desired.

Run string through the hook and hang on a Halloween tree.


Back to School Pencil Sign

smoothfoam pencil sign

Back to school time is approaching FAST and my teacher friends always like new, cute and crafty items to hang on their classroom doors!

I created this teacher’s pencil sign so my friend Mrs. Hill could welcome her new students and parents back to school in style – and maybe it will help her have an easier transition from teaching first grade to teaching third grade!

Here’s what you will need to make your own classroom signs for teachers:

12″ x 36″ Smoothfoam sheet
Americana Paints – Bubblegum Pink, Graphite, Mustard Seed and Desert Sand
Tombow Xtreme Permanent Adhesive Runner
Ranger Foil Tape Sheets
Rub-on stylus, ruler, pencil, paint brush, scissors
Hot knife cutting tool
24″ length of grey ribbon
Yellow chevron stripe scrapbook paper
Paper trimmer
2″ alpha stickers

supplies to make pencil sign

Here’s how to make this teacher’s pencil sign:

1.  Measure a 10″ x 25″ rectangle from the Smoothfoam sheet. To create the pencil point, measure in 5″ from right side along the top and bottom long edges. Measure to the 5″ center along the short side edge.  Connect the dots to create a point! To create the eraser, draw in rounded corners from left side along the short edge.

2.  Cut out the pencil shape with the hot knife.

smoothfoam painted PENCIL SIGN

3.  Measure in 4″ for the eraser and then another 2-1/2″ for the metal band. Paint the eraser with Bubblegum Pink, the pencil point in Desert Sand, and the edges of the pencil shaft in Mustard Yellow. Paint the pencil lead in Graphite. Let dry and add a second coats for each color as needed.


4.  Measure and cut scrapbook paper to fit the 10″ x 14″ pencil shaft. To tile two sheets together so the pattern isn’t interrupted, trim around the chevron stripe at the end of one sheet, then glue the sheets to the pencil with tape runner.


5.  Measure and cut the foil tape sheet to 2-1/2″ x 12″ and peel off backing paper. NOTE: Foil tape tends to curl up and stick to itself, so be CAREFUL with this step and work slowly. Attach the foil to the Pencil between the shaft and eraser. Smooth it down with the flat end of your stylus. Emboss a pattern across the band using the ball end of the stylus. Since the base is Smoothfoam, this step is EASY!

6.  Adhere the ribbon to the back of the pencil for hanging and place your alpha stickers on top to spell out your teacher’s name or the word WELCOME!


Pac-Man vs. Poké Ball…Game on!

smoothfoam pacman sign
I have two boys and they are huge into gaming. Of course I am “old school” and played Frogger, Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga. The boys are from the world of Mario, Pokémon and so much more! My goal with this sign project that I made for them was to show the superiority of my games…Pac-Man vs. Poké Ball. I think the photo tells the story in one big bite!


6″ Smoothfoam disc
8″ Smoothfoam disc
1″ x 6″ x 12″ Smoothfoam sheet
Acrylic paints
Heavy-duty craft glue
Craft knife, pencil, paintbrushes


1.  Draw two intersecting lines through the center of the 8″ disc and cut away the right side with a craft knife for Pac-Man’s mouth. I made my cut a little jagged to make it seem like my Pac-Man has teeth. You can use a hot knife for a smoother cut.cutting pacman mouth in smoothfoam disc

2.  Paint this disc with two shades of yellow to add a little variation and let dry. Paint around the outside edge with black and add the eye to the front, let dry.

3.  For the Poké Ball, paint the 6″ disc white and let dry.

4.  Mark the center with a circle. I used a lid to trace around, then used a ruler to draw lines across the center.smoothfoam poke ball

5.  Paint the top part red and the middle area black. Let it all dry, then paint around the edge with black. Let dry.

6.  For the sign backer, paint the Smoothfoam sheet black and let dry. Glue both discs to the sheet.