Alice in Wonderland Wreath

Smoothfoam alice in wonderland Wreath

With the new Alice in Wonderland movie opening this past weekend, I thought it would be really fun to make a wreath that celebrates both the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire cat!

Visit my blog for details and see all the different materials I used to get just the right look for my Alice in Wonderland wreath. Smoothfoam’s new ruled wreath forms make it easier to space everything out without measuring.


Burlap and Denim American Flag Wreath

smoothfoam independence day wreath

Smoothfoam’s new ruled wreath forms make it easy to alternate various types of fabric strips, so the colors and textures are nice and even all the way around this DIY flag wreath. Come over to my blog to learn how to make a denim and burlap American flag wreath using burlap and denim scraps. Check out how I distressed the Smoothfoam star shapes, too!


Button Wreath

Smoothfoam button wreath by Lisa Fulmer

The Designer Crafts Connection is celebrating loads of great ideas for the new Smoothfoam ruled wreath forms!

I created this cute little button wreath to hang in my studio. Not only is it just plain cute to look at, it’s also a great way to organize and display all my buttons. I can easily pick and choose the buttons I want to use in a craft or sewing project. Click here for details on the Bella Crafts blog.