Woodland wreath


One of the projects I really love from my book, Stylish Craft Foam Projects is this woodland wreath. Oh who am I kidding, all the projects are my favorites, lol. But what I like about this one is how it looks nice during any season, not just fall and winter.

The complete instructions with helpful tips are in my book, but here’s the gist of it…yarn-wrap a larger Smoothfoam wreath, then paint a smaller one to nest inside and secure it with glue. Cover the smaller wreath with paper die-cut leaves, using straight pins. Cover a Smoothfoam egg with overlapping punched paper circles to create the pinecone and poke it into the wreath. Add a ribbon hanger and done! Try different color combinations to create the woodland of your own imagination.


Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight smoothfoam

Winter’s her – is it snowing where you live? It’s time for some good old-fashioned fun – ready for a snowball fight?

Snowball Fight 3249

Here’s what’s you’ll need:

Smoothfoam snowman body
6″ Smoothfoam disc
1″ Smoothfoam balls  (I used 12)
2″ Smoothfoam ball
Snow-Tex Medium
DecoArt Craft Twinkles Paint, Crystal
Tim Holtz Craft Pick
Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad, Vintage Photo
Paintbrush, Stipple brush
Palette knife, craft knife, scissors
Craft glue
Beacon Fabri-Tac Adhesive
Toothpicks, bamboo skewer, craft sticks
Fabric scraps
Paint markers

Snowball Fight Supplies


Cut the 2″ Smoothfoam ball in half. Cut the top off the rounded side of one of the balls.

Poke two holes into the bottom of the snowman body using the craft pick. Break a toothpick in half, dip ends into craft glue and insert in holes. Attach the sliced ball onto the snowman body.

Apply Snow-tex with palette knife over the newly formed snowman and the 6″ disc. Allow both to dry fully.

To Create a Snowball Wall…
Poke holes into the 1″ balls with the craft pick. Insert toothpick halves with craft glue on the ends into balls. Build wall by sticking the balls together.

Apply Snow-tex onto wall using the palette knife. Allow to dry.

Create a scene by attaching the snowman and the wall onto the disc. Reinforce the pieces with toothpicks and craft glue.

For a shimmery, snowy glow…
Paint all the pieces with Crystal Twinkles paint. Allow to fully dry.

Add shadows to the snowman and snowballs by gently applying vintage photo ink with a stipple brush.

To Create the Snowman Hat…
Measure and cut fabric to fit around snowman head. Fold over and glue one of the long edges of the fabric to create a brim. Glue fabric ends together to create a tube. Tie top of the tube with a piece of string, cut excess fabric off top of the tube and fray the ends by making small cuts with the scissors. Glue to the top of the Snowman head.

Add arms to the Snowman using small twigs. Warm him up with a fabric scarf and mittens cut from the fabric scraps.

For the Snowman’s Face…
Use two small black micro brads inserted into the snowman face for the eyes. Paint the tip of a bamboo skewer with orange paint, cut and insert into the face for the nose. Add a smile to the snowman’s face using a extra fine black paint marker.

Make a small snowball using a small pieced of paper wadded up and covered with Snow-tex. Glue finished and dried snowball onto mitten.

Snowball Fight Close Up 3194

Rustic Snowflake


Happy New Year!

Winter is officially here, but no one bothered to tell the weather in many parts of the country. If you are missing the snow during this crazy winter, then spend a couple of hours creating this giant rustic Smoothfoam snowflake to decorate your front gate and welcome the season!

Smoothfoam’s surface gives a nice dimension to the snowflake and the crackle medium gives it the rustic look. Try making a group of snowflakes with different shades of white and icy blue.


12″ x 36″ Smoothfoam sheet
6″ Smoothfoam disc
2″ Smoothfoam ball
Three 1-1/2″ Smoothfoam balls
Craft paints – White, brown, dark gray
Weathered Wood Crackle Medium
Hot wire cutting tool
Tacky glue
Pencil, pen, ruler, toothpicks
White extra-fine glitter – white


1.  Measure and cut six2″ x 9″ rectangles from the Smoothfoam sheet. Measure and draw intersecting lines in the center of the Smoothfoam disc to create four sections. Draw more lines to divide the four sections in half again. Lay the six branches of the snowflake slightly under Smoothfoam Disc, trace the curve onto each branch, then round away the edges with hot wire cutting tool.


2.  Attach each of the branches to the disc with toothpicks and glue, let dry.


3.  To create all the details for each snowflake branch, measure and cut two 4″ x 13″ rectangles. Trim one of them into six 1″x 4″ smaller sections, and then trim the other rectangle into twelve  1″ x 4″ chevron pieces.

4.  Cut all the Smoothfoam balls in half with the hot wire cutting tool. Cut three 2″ squares from the sheet scrap, then cut those squares in half diagonally. Repeat with three 1-1/2″ squares.


5.  Arrange all the pieces as desired, then glue in place and let dry.

6.  Paint the whole snowflake randomly with gray and brown paints, let dry.  Apply generous coat of the crackly medium on top and follow the drying instructions on the package.


7.  Paint a generous coat of white across the snowflake with brush strokes going in a variety of directions. Sprinkle extra fine glitter into the wet paint. As the paint dries, it will reveal the cracks. The thicker the coat of paint, the larger the cracks.



Winter Snowman Tabletop Vignette

smoothfoam snowman vignette

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Snowmen are a happy addition to your home décor – I enjoy them for long after the Christmas ornaments are put away, throughout January and for a few more winter months beyond! Mr. & Mrs. Snowman are the perfect pair to leave out during the chilly months ahead.

Smoothfoam December supplies 2

For this project, you will need the following supplies:

6″ Smoothfoam disc
3″ Smoothfoam snowman
3.5″ Smoothfoam snowlady
6″ round mirror
Mini bottle brush trees
12″ tinsel stems: gold, silver, red
Acrylic paints:  cream, putty, black
Powder blush
Ivory cardstock”
DecoArt Snow-Tex medium
1″ wide washi tape
Clear glitter medium
Wood skewers and/or toothpicks
Paintbrush, scissors, dry adhesive, glue


Smoothfoam December Supplies


Using a skewer for a handle, poke into the bottom end of each snowman and paint cream. Allow both to dry.

To make each face, use a toothpick to paint black dip-dots for the eyes, mouth and buttons.

Paint the pointed end of one skewer or toothpick terra cotta. Cut off 1″ up from the pointed end. Poke a hole in the middle of each snowman’s face using the point of a wooden skewer.  Remove and glue the carrot nose into the hole.

Add blush to their cheeks with your fingertip. Coat each snowman with glitter medium – sprinkle on more clear glitter while it’s wet, then let dry.

To make the snowman’s hat:  Punch a 1-3/4″ circle for the brim. Cut a 1-1/4″ x 4″ rectangle and roll it into a 1″ cylinder.  Apply glue to the bottom edges of the cylinder and adhere to the middle of the circle. Wrap gold tinsel around the crown, twist and trim to secure. Glue the hat to the snowman’s head.

Embellish the snow lady with clips of the tinsel stems as shown.

Smoothfoam base with trees


Wrap a length of washi tape around the sides of the Smoothfoam disc.

Brush Snow-Tex medium to the top edges of the mirror. Sprinkle with glitter; let dry. Glue the mirror to the top of the disc. Glue the snowmen and trees to the mirror as shown.

Happy Holidays!  May you thrive and prosper in the New Year!

Winter Igloo

smoothfoam IglooThis igloo is the perfect thing to create in wintry weather and Smoothfoam half-balls make it so easy. This is also a great project for teachers to do with their students to learn more about Arctic animals and how the Inuit people construct their homes.


8″ Smoothfoam half-ball
DecoArt Snow-Tex
Craft knife, palette knife
Orange stick or paintbrush

Cut a door in the half-ball with the craft knife. Cover the half-ball with Snow-Tex using the palette knife. Cut an arch that fits around the door from a scrap of Smoothfoam. You can use a piece of a larger half-ball, a sheet or disc. Another option is to use small blocks and cut them to shape around the door.

Cover the arch with Snow-Tex.  Measure and indent the blocks on the igloo using an orange stick or the end of a paintbrush. Measure the rings first about an inch apart. Then mark off 2″ blocks around the bottom ring.  Work up adding more blocks above the others.

Painted Winter Snowball

Smoothfoam Painted Winter Snowball by Carmen Flores Tanis

Being a November baby, I love the cool of the fall and the chill of winter. Bring on the cold weather, I say! With that in mind, I made this fun, painted Smoothfoam ball covered with wishes for snow.


6” Smoothfoam ball
Metallic silver acrylic paint
Elmer’s Painters® Paint pens – fine tip white, blue, black
Blank stencil plastic sheet
Silhouette Vinyl Cutter machine*
Westcott Brand Scissors / Craft Knife / Cutting Mat
Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue
Paint brush / plastic dish
Sanding stick or sandpaper

1.  Use the sanding stick to sand the center seam from the Smoothfoam ball.

2.  Paint the Smoothfoam ball with metallic silver acrylic paint. Apply two more coats, letting dry between coats.

3.  Prepare your artwork using the Silhouette graphics program. Type the words “Let It Snow” and draw several snowflakes in various sizes. Load the blank plastic sheet into the machine and cut the artwork to make a stencil.

* If you don’t have a vinyl cutter machine, draw your artwork directly on the plastic sheet and use a craft knife to cut out your stencil.

4.  Use the stencils with the paint markers to decorate the ball as shown. Smoothfoam Painted Winter Snowball by Carmen Flores Tanis

5.  Glue or pin a bow with a loop to the top of the ball for hanging.


A Frosty Snowman and His Christmas Tree

Smoothfoam Snowman christmas Tree

Create your own frosty winter wonderland using the Smoothfoam snowman and tree shapes. So many different seasonal shapes to choose from!

Smoothfoam snowman
Smoothfoam 3-1/2″ tree
Smoothfoam 6″ disc
Textured embossing paste
Acrylic paints:  white, green and brown
Paintbrush, wood skewer
Stickles Glitter Glues:  Frosted Lace, Diamond
Mini brads:  black, red
Orange marker
Brown ink-pad
Ribbon, buttons, assorted Christmas embellishments
Small red doll sock
Craft glue


1.  Cover the snowman, tree and disc with the textured embossing paste using your finger. Allow to thoroughly dry before painting.

2. Gently dust the snowman and disc with brown ink using the paintbrush to highlight the texture of the paste.

3.  Paint the snowman with Frosted Lace glitter glue, the disc with Diamond glitter glue, and paint the tree green; let all pieces dry. Use a skewer for a handle while painting.

4. Add a coat of Diamond glitter glue to the tree and push in mini brads for lights.

5.  Decorate the snowman with mini brads for the eyes, the tip of a bamboo skewer colored orange for the nose, a small red sock (tie the top with twine) for his hat, teeny tiny red buttons and a red gingham bow.

6.  Glue the snowman and tree on to the disc and further embellish your winter scene as desired.

Art Panel – “If Kisses Were Snowflakes”

smoothfoam quote wallhanging

Smoothfoam is so versatile and customizable that I use it in a lot of home décor projects.  It is less expensive then traditional stretched canvas and can be cut to fit your specific space requirements.  It is also lightweight and takes paint beautifully with no special priming or gesso.

Now on to my project!


Smoothfoam Sheet – 1/2″ x 12″ x 36″
Beacon Adhesives Felt Glue
Americana Paint – Titanium White
Design Master ColorTool Spray – Flat White
Assorted lace doilies
Foam alphabet letters
Paintbrush, ruler, scissors, white eraser
Hot foam cutting tool


1. Cut the Smoothfoam sheet to 12″x18″ with the heat tool. Paint a base coat of Titanium White and let dry.

2. Arrange and glue some doilies on the sheet however you like and set aside to dry. Trim away any excess doily pieces from the edges of the sheet.

3.  Measure and draw nine very light pencil lines 1″ apart as shown. Apply foam letters to create the quote, placing each word on a separate line, then gently erase the pencil lines.

4.  Even though all the materials are white, the shades are just a bit different, so spray a top coat of Design Master Flat White to create a perfectly matte white art panel.

5.  Prop up on the mantle or a table.  For hanging on the wall, glue a 12″ piece of ribbon to the back.

Bobble head snowman

Snowmen have always been one of my favorite things to create all through the winter, I think it’s because I live in Florida and cannot enjoy building an “actual” snowman. Hang this little DIY bobblehead snowman tree ornament where he can move around and watch is head bobble up and down!

bobble head smoothfoam snowman


One 4″ Smoothfoam ball
DecoArt Americana paints – Titanium White, Country Red, Jack-O-Lantern Orange, Festive Green, Land Black, Petal Pink
DecoArt Craft Twinkles paint – Crystal
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
White craft foam
12″ length of 24 gauge wire
Paintbrush, sandpaper, skewer
Scissors, pencil, paper
Wire cutters, craft knife
12″ length of elastic cord

1.  Sand away the edges of the center seam of the Smoothfoam ball.  Insert a skewer in the ball to use as a handle. Paint the ball with a thick, textured coat of white and let dry.

snowman parts

2.  Draw his head, scarf, two arms with mittens and two legs with ice skates on white craft foam.  Cut out each piece and paint as shown, let dry.

bobble head wire

3.  Paint the head, ball (body), arms and legs with Craft Twinkles, let dry. Glue his scarf to the bottom of his head. Coil the wire around a pencil and glue the coil to the back of his head and let dry.

cut a slot smoothfoam ball

4.  Cut four slits in the Smoothfoam ball with a craft knife to insert the arms and legs. Test each limb in the slits first for fit, then glue them in to secure.

5.  Remove the skewer from the ball. Bend the tip of the wire coil on the back of the head at 1/2″ and insert it into the ball with a little glue, approximately 1/2″ from the top hole. To make a loop for hanging, tie the ends of the elastic cord together in a knot and push the knot into the top hole with a little glue and let dry. Now your DIY bobblehead snowman tree ornament is ready for display!


Snow angel standing ornament


Snow is in the air and soon the ground will be covered. Childhood memories of making snow angels inspired this whimsical snow angel – complete with a sparkling tutu. I used soft felt, which reminds me of how the snow felt under my arms and legs, as I moved back and forth to make the wings.

Snow angels continue to delight each new generation – add a trio to the mantle or leave them off the stand to poke into a wreath with greenery. There are so many possibilities for a snowy day “craftivity” with Smoothfoam!

Smoothfoam snow angel ornament

You will need:

2” Smoothfoam ball
Two 3” Smoothfoam balls
White Kunin Felt – 5″ x 9” piece
12″ white chenille stem, cut in half
1” wide wire-edge ribbon – two 1/2 yard lengths
½” wide white sheer ribbon – 1/2 yard
4mm pearl trim – 1/3 yard
Two 6mm pearl beads
White teardrop flat-back gem (Robin’s Nest Dewdrops)
Thirty 1” white plastic snowflakes
Two 1” silver plastic snowflakes
2 pearl-head corsage pins
Mini candy cane and bell
White craft paint, paint brush
Cosmetic blush
Wood skewer – cut to two 4″ lengths
Serrated craft knife
Fabri-Tac adhesive
4” Westcott Scissors

Snow angel head and body

1.  Slice off the ends of each ball. Glue the flat side of the 2” ball to the flat side of one of the 3” balls to make the angel’s head and body.

2.  Insert the skewer pieces 1” apart into the round end of the other 3” ball (this is the platform for her to stand on). Paint the skewer pieces white while they’re inside the ball and set aside to dry.

3.  Cut ½” slits along both long sides of the white felt to create fringed edges. Wrap and glue the felt around the angel head and body. Overlap the fringed edges around the top of the head and bottom of the body with glue so the felt fits around each ball snugly, and smooth out any folds as you go. There will be a few small pleats on the head, but this gives her character!

4.  Tie the sheer ribbon in a bow around the neck and trim the excess. Glue two pearls to the center of bow. Insert the pearl pins for her eyes. Glue the teardrop gem for her nose and add blush to her cheeks. Glue the pearl trim around her head, and glue a silver snowflake to the top of her head.

5.  Overlap the two lengths of wire-edge ribbon by ½” and glue together with Fabri-Tac to create her ruffled tutu. Pull the wire carefully at opposite ends of one side to gather the ribbon. Wrap around her body and glue into place.

6.  Fold the ends of each chenille stem 1” back and forth to make her elbow and wrist Make a hole in each side of her body with the scissor point and push the end of each stem into each hole with a little glue. Glue candy cane and bell into each hand.

7.  Glue the white snowflakes onto the third skewered ball, overlapping and covering ball completely except for flat bottom. Accent the front with a silver snowflake. Make two holes in the bottom of her body with the scissor point and push it on to the ends of the skewers on the snowflake ball stand. Let some of the white painted skewers (her legs) show between her body and the stand.