DIY Topiary with Smoothfoam Balls

smoothfoam topiary ballsI love topiaries – so with my kitchen remodel, I wanted a few for my new space. I’d never imagined that topiaries were so difficult to find in the store, but I went to 4 different home décor shops and none had topiaries. But that’s okay, because with Smoothfoam, it’s easy and affordable to make custom topiaries in any size!

I created these fun, mossy topiaries with Smoothfoam balls, moss from the dollar store, and upcycled glass candle jars. All told, this cost me about $4 per topiary, which is considerably less than the prices I saw for a potted faux ball topiary in the home décor shops.


Here’s what you’ll need to create this DIY moss topiary project:

Smoothfoam balls in various diameters
Wood dowels
Glass jar or pot (spray paint it gold if desired)
Spanish moss (for crafting)
Hot glue gun (low-temp)
Green acrylic paint
Foam paint brush
Craft knife, scissors


Each faux ball topiary requires two Smoothfoam balls. One ball will sit in the jar to serve as the base. The other ball will sit atop the dowel as the topiary. If you want a double topiary, use three Smoothfoam balls.

Paint each ball green. Glue one ball into the jar. Cut a slit in the ball to fit the dowel. Apply hot glue to one end of the dowel and push it into the ball. Cut a slit in a second Smoothfoam ball, add glue to other end of the dowel and push the second ball on to it.

Glue moss to cover the ball in the pot. Apply hot glue to the topiary ball in sections, pressing on moss to cover. Once the entire ball is covered, trim the moss with a pair of scissors for a uniform look.

I hope you enjoyed this fun DIY moss topiary project. These would look great for wedding centerpieces, on your mantle, or even in your kitchen. To see more projects like this, visit my blog at Just JP.

Pretty and Romantic Pearl Wreath

Smoothfoam diy pearl wreathSpring is in the air! When I saw these new wreath forms from Smoothfoam, I was so excited by the possibilities. I have always wanted to make a pearl wreath. They look elegant, are beautiful any time of year, and are great DIY wedding wreaths, or décor for Easter and Mother’s Day.

Most other foam wreath forms are too thick and heavy to start with – so the added weight from the pearls makes for an extra heavy wreath to hang. Smoothfoam wreath forms are lightweight, but very dense and strong. The narrow width of this form allows you to really add lots of decorations without compromising the wreath shape. I’m using pearls, mini lightbulbs, and other thicker embellishments to make fun wreaths for every room in my house.


Here’s what you’ll need to make this project:

12″ Smoothfoam wreath form
100+ assorted pearl beads
Hot glue gun (low-temp)
Ivory felt sheet
Ivory satin ribbon

Watch the video above to see how I made this wreath.


Wrap the wreath form with satin ribbon to cover. This Smoothfoam wreath form has measurements printed it on it to help with positioning your design. Secure the ribbon in place with hot glue. Add a loop of ribbon to the back of the wreath to create a hanger.

Mix the pearls up in a bowl or on a plate. Randomly glue the pearls to the wreath form, varying the size and color of the pearls. If you run out of pearls, you can cover the gap with handmade felt flowers.

To make the felt flowers, cut 3 circles from the sheet of felt. Cut each circle into a spiral. Roll the spiral up from the end, into a rose type flowers. Secure in place on the wreath with hot glue. Hang and enjoy!

To see more projects like this, visit my blog at Just JP.


Smoothfoam Easter Egg Projects

smoothfoam easter egg projects

If you think an egg is just and egg, think again! A Smoothfoam egg can top a jar of jellybeans, hang as an ornament, protect special trinkets, hold some succulents, or even be a bow tie for your favorite bunny. Check out our Video Tutorials page to learn how to make these springy Easter egg projects and more! Browse through our blog to learn how to make your own homemade Easter decorations.

Upcycled Mosaic Mirror Gazing Ball



I love the sparkle and pop of a good 4th of July party! But I like my decorations to have more life than just one holiday, once a year. This upcycled mosaic mirror gazing ball is a perfect way to “spark” up your décor for a 4th of July party, kick off graduation night, or just add a bit of sass to any room. And it’s easy and lightweight, too!



Smoothfoam 8″ ball (two half-balls)
Silver craft paint
Foam paint brush
Hot glue gun
12-15 old CDs
Westcott Titanium-Bonded Scissors


1.  Adhere two Smoothfoam half-balls together with hot glue. If you plan to hang this ball, insert a length of string between the two halves before gluing together.

2.  Paint the ball with silver paint and allow to dry.

3.  Cut old CDs into squares. Westcott Titanium Scissors work the best – a paper trimmer will not work.

4.  Glue the squares onto the ball. Use a heat gun to melt away any glue strings left on the ball.


Last-minute gift idea: Monogram plaque featured on “When Creativity Knocks”


Wouldn’t this monogram plaque look great hanging on your bedroom door or on the wall as part of a collection of family portraits? It’s easy to make with a Smoothfoam disc and alpha letters – I show you how in this episode of When Creativity Knocks.



“Go-Anywhere” cat toy


My kitties, Marshmallow and Lily, love to play with balls, tinsel, and string – so I got a bright idea – create my own “go-anywhere” cat toy craft for my home.


It’s no secret – over the last year I have turned into a crazy cat lady! And with this new adventure into the world of owning indoor cats, I found myself looking for practical cat toys that would not be littered all over the house, take up a lot of space, or take over my home. It has been a challenge…I can’t tell you how many times I almost walked out of the pet store with one of those beige cat condos out of desperation. Luckily, the hubby stopped me from making that mistake!

This go-anywhere DIY interactive cat toy can hang from a doorknob, be strung around chair legs (like in the photos), be strung across two legs of a dining table, or stretched across two cabinet door pulls. I move it around the house to different places to keep the kitties interested.

This handy-dandy video shows how to create your own cat toy craft from start to finish:

– Smoothfoam balls in various diameters
– Acrylic craft paint
– Foam paint brush
– Bamboo skewers
– Hot glue gun
– Tinsel
– Foam pom-poms
– Elastic cord

1.  Carefully drill a hole through the middle of an assortment of Smoothfoam balls. The dense Smoothfoam is easy to drill with very little mess.

2.  Paint each of the balls a bright color with acrylic craft paint. Insert the handle of a small paintbrush or skewer into the holes to hold them while painting. Set aside to dry.

3.  Use a skewer to clear any debris from the holes that would block the elastic cord from being threaded through the ball. The balls are essentially giant beads in this project.

4.  Thread the Smoothfoam balls onto a length of elastic cord. Tie the ends of the cord together to make a loop.

5.  Hot glue foam pom-poms to the cord and hot-glue tinsel around the outside of some balls.

Could you see yourself creating go-anywhere DIY interactive cat toys with Smoothfoam? Please leave us a comment to let us know what you would make for your pet.

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