Ring toss carnival game


I was recently give the task of creating a Ring Toss Game for my grandson’s carnival-themed birthday party. After washing, spray painting and nesting all the bottles in a plastic tote, I needed to find something lightweight that would be safe to toss on to the glass bottles. Smoothfoam 4″ mini wreath forms to the rescue! Just 1-2 coats of paint and now every kid at the party will have fun trying to make a ringer and win a prize!


The cutest critter crafts you’ve ever seen!


Have you ever heard of an echidna? It’s also called a spiny anteater sometimes. This little guy uses your crayons for his spines! Visit Jennifer Priest’s blog to learn how to make this adorable (and functional) creature using a Smoothfoam half-ball for the body – she made a video tutorial as well – check it out:

Speaking of cute critters, how about a party ant? Every picnic in the park or barbeque at the beach deserves a happy little conversation starter like this guy. Visit Sue Eldred’s blog to see how she created him with mini Smoothfoam balls.

smoothfoam party ant decoration

Make time to make games!

smoothfoam Lawn Dice

We all know how fun family game nights can be. So how about having a family game day – make the game and then play it!

Get the kids together to craft up some giant dice to play Yahtzee outside on the lawn – click here to see how to make them.

Ladybug TicTacToe Game

Get out grandma’s jar of buttons and make a batch of cute little ladybugs for this travel-ready Tic-Tac-Toe game.

Ball Toss Game with Smoothfoam byball toss game made with lightweight Smoothfoam can be a great way for little kids to develop their aim without damaging the walls.

Have you crafted your own family games using Smoothfoam balls and cubes? Let us know here in the comments or share a link on our Facebook page!

Summer kids’ crafts – robots and aliens!

kids crafts robots and aliens

Take these alien and robot crafts for kids to your leader! Here’s more fun for the kids this summer with Smoothfoam blocks, balls and sheets. There are no rules when it comes to making a robot or a space alien – kids can really let their imagination run free! Click the links below for full tutorials and have some out-of-this-world fun!

Mini robot
Girlie robot
Robbie the Robot
Alien spaceship
Aliens on the wall

Magic Fairy Wand

smoothfoam fairy wand

You can do almost anything with a magic fairy wand, from granting wishes to proclaiming nap time. This glittery fairy wand is quick and easy to make with your favorite kid. It’s actually a fun “just because” gift for a grown-up who’s young at heart, too.

6″ Smoothfoam star
– Tacky glue
– Glitter
– Washi tape
– Paint marker
– Skewer and ribbons
– Decorative brads

smoothfoam glitter star

Spread a generous coat of glue across the star with your finger, then sprinkle liberally with glitter. I liked having white edges, but you could paint the star first if you prefer. Let dry, then glitter the other side of the star.

smoothfoam washi tape

When the glitter/glue on both sides is dry, line the edge of the star with a continuous strip of washi tape. Start and end the strip at the bottom of the star where you plan to insert the wand handle.

fairy wand ribbons

Color a wood skewer with a paint marker, then tie ribbons tightly around it, near the pointed end. Slowly push the top 1-2″ of the skewer into the center of the star.

smoothfoam star

Dip the prongs of decorative brads into a drop of glue, then press into the star to embellish. Now go make some sparkly magic!

Bon Voyage centerpiece

smoothfoam travel Centerpiece

Graduations and vacations are almost here.Yay! Today’s project would make a great centerpiece for a graduation or bon voyage party – celebrate your graduate who’s about to go out into the world or your friends who plan to travel the globe.


12″ Smoothfoam half ball
Smoothfoam airplane
Acrylic craft paint
Striped paper straw

paint smoothfoam ball


Paint the half ball in blue. Allow to dry completely and then sketch in the continents to make it look like the globe.This can be as realistic or whimsical as you want. You could also decoupage pieces of a paper map onto the ball if you prefer.

Paint the Smoothfoam airplane.

Push a paper straw into the bottom of the plane. It’s easier if you cut the ends of the straw at an angle to make them pointed. Push the other end of the straw into your globe.

smoothfoam painted airplane

If you liked this project, I hope you will visit my blog for more. Happy Travels!

Birthday Party Glasses

smoothfoam birthday party glasses

My (much) older and wiser sister is turning 60. Being the sweet little sister that I am…I thought I’d make and model a pair of “special” birthday party glasses to embarrass, I mean, celebrate her.

cutting the foam 6113


Smoothfoam sheet
Acrylic paint
Craft knife, paintbrush
Decoupage medium
Superfine glitter
Wood dowel
Paper flowers

Print large numbers from your computer and cut them out to make a template. Tape the numbers together, then trace them onto the Smoothfoam sheet and cut them out with a craft knife, leaving them connected in the center.

Paint the numbers – I chose a lipstick pink. After they have dried, coat them with decoupage medium and sprinkle with superfine glitter.glittering the numbers 6130

Decorate the glasses with white paper flowers. Paint a thin wood dowel gold paint and push it into one side of the glasses as a handle.

60's glasses 6150 2

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry smoothfoam Caterpillar

Have you read the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar who ate and ate and ate…and then turned into a beautiful butterfly? My Smoothfoam Very Hungry Caterpillar craft project is inspired by this book by Eric Carle.

My hungry little caterpillar was made using:

Six – 2″ Smoothfoam balls
Fine sandpaper
Acrylic craft paints – Olive green, aqua blue, red, gold, brown
Bamboo skewers
Craft glue
Craft knife
Mod Podge medium

the very hungry caterpillar



Lightly sand away the center seams of each Smoothfoam ball. To help the caterpillar sit without rolling, cut a slightly flat side in two of the balls. Use them as your first and last green balls in the caterpillar body.

Paint five balls olive green. For added dimension, stipple or sponge some aqua blue on top of the green. Paint the last ball red and add a cute little face with the gold, aqua and brown as shown. When all the paint is dry, seal the balls with a coat of Mod Podge.

Cut a bamboo skewer into 1″ pieces. Connect the balls together using the skewers and white craft glue. Cut the tip off of two skewers, paint brown, then insert into the top of the caterpillar’s head for antennae. Find other fun foam crafts for kids with Smoothfoam!