Lucky Shamrock Coin

smoothfoam shamrock wallhanging

Here’s a St. Patrick’s Day home décor idea to share the Luck of the Irish! I’m actually from a long line of Murphys, so this shamrock coin craft works for me. And if you’re not Irish, you can join us anyway! Learn how to make this shamrock wall hanging below.

You will need:

4 Smoothfoam panorama hearts
One 8″ Smoothfoam disc
Glitter (I used the Art Institute brand – it dries clear and quickly)
Craft glue
Crystal or gem
Hot glue gun
Foam brush

smoothfoam hearts

Use a foam brush to apply glue around the edges of each heart and then sprinkled dark green glitter on top. Shake off excess glitter and set aside to dry.

glitter smoothfoam heart

Cover the Smoothfoam disc with glue and sprinkle with gold glitter. Shake off excess glitter and set aside to dry. Glue and glitter the centers of each hearts with a brighter Emerald Green and let them dry.

glitter smoothfoam shamrock

Adhere each heart to the gold coin with hot glue as shown. Glue a “lucky green stone” in the center.

smoothfoam st patricks day decoration

Yarn-wrapped open heart frame


SMOOTHFOAM string art

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but there is still plenty of time to create a perfect, one-of-a-kind gift for that special someone in your life! Inspired by the retro resurgence of 1970’s string art, this yarn-wrapped open heart frame is quick and easy, needing no special tools, so the kiddos can definitely help. It looks great as reverse string art – or you can glue a photo on heavy cardstock to the back to peek through the heart opening.

Place this plaque on a shelf or mantle to brighten up your Valentine’s Day celebration or attach a ribbon to the back to hang on the wall or the front door. It’s a lovely way to greet your guests as an alternative to a wreath!  This project goes together in under an hour, so you could make several to give as gifts to the special people in your life.  Change the color of the yarn and the wording to match your décor – the possibilities are endless!


Smoothfoam 12″ Scrapbook Page Mount
1.5″ Joy embroidered letters – L O V E
Dry and wet adhesives – heavy duty (I use Tombow)
8″ heart pattern
Hot wire cutting tool or serrated knife
Acrylic craft paint, paintbrush
Decorative yarn
Scissors, paper, pencil, emery board

smoothfoam sheet

Position and trace a heart pattern in the lower right corner of the Smoothfoam sheet with a pencil. I made my heart the old-school way by folding a piece of paper in half, drawing half a heart and cutting it out.

cut heart out of paper

Cut out the heart from the Smoothfoam with the knife or hot wire tool. Remove any rough edges with an emery board (nail file)

cut heart from smoothfoam sheet

Remove the heart to save for another project. Paint the front and sides of the sheet with a color to match your yarn.

paint smoothfoam sheet

Apply heavy-duty adhesive tape on the back of the sheet around the edges. This will help hold the yarn in place.


Secure an end of the yarn to the back of your sheet and begin wrapping it around, through the heart cut-out. Dab some quick-grab liquid adhesive on the outer corners to prevent the yarn from slipping. Continue wrapping until the entire surface is covered. Cut the yarn and glue the end down in back.


Glue your LOVE letters in place on the front.


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY and thanks for stopping by!

Sweet Valentine Lollies

smoothfoam valentine lollipopsMy daughter and I love to create handmade Valentines for her class each year. A few years ago, we made fake foam lollipops with a “You Are Sweet” tag and they were a huge hit. I thought I would share a tutorial for making a similar lollipop Valentine craft using Smoothfoam hearts.


Smoothfoam hearts
Acrylic craft paint
Decorative paper straws
Craft glue


Heart Step One

Insert a skewer into the base of a Smoothfoam heart to use as a handle. Paint each heart with base coat of your choice of colors. Allow to dry. Use a Smoothfoam block or disc to stick the hearts into to dry.

masking stripes on painted smoothfoam heart

Paint a design on the front of the heart with a second color – use foam stamps or draw your own doodles, or mask a heart with painter’s tape to paint stripes. Try sprinkling glitter on top of the paint while it’s still wet. You may need to touch-up some of the base color after pulling off the painter’s tape.

To assemble the lollipops, apply a small amount of craft glue to one end of a decorative straw and run the skewer that is attached to your heart through it, adhering the glued side to the heart.

smoothfoam Heart Valentines

Click here to download, print and trim out some Valentine messages for the tags. Tie a ribbon and glue a tag to the straw.

If you want to get really fancy with your lollipop Valentine craft, you can add a cello bag over the lollipop – just make sure they know it’s a fake foam lollipop, not real candy!

Valentine Printables

Valentine’s Day Heart Décor

Smoothfoam heart decor valentines dayValentine’s Day is a favorite of mine! But I find that it comes and goes too fast and I never seem to accomplish everything I want to before the day arrives!

I found some (almost) vintage tissue paper in my stash. It is a colorful pattern by Mary Engelbreit. I love the cheerful colors and thought this Valentine’s Day heart decoration would be one way to keep some of it around for even longer.

Hope you enjoy the rest of January and have an awesome “hugs & kisses” February – cheers!

Smoothfoam supplies

You will need:
3″ Smoothfoam cube
6″ Smoothfoam disc
Decorator tissue paper
Decoupage medium
1″ flat brush
Circle and heart punches and die-cuts
Rubber stamp – “XO”
Red chalk inkpad
Cardstock in desired colors
Dimensional adhesive dots
Wood skewer
Hot wire foam cutter or serrated knife


1.  Wad up a sheet of tissue paper into a ball, then smooth it back out on a flat surface and tear off any straight edges.

2.  Carefully cut a heart shape out of the Smoothfoam disc with the hot or serrated knife.

3.  Brush decoupage medium to the heart (insert the skewer into the bottom edge for a handle) and press sections of tissue paper it into the medium. Cover the front, back and sides.

4.  After the medium and tissue is dry, brush a top coat of medium to seal.

5.  Repeat for the cube using a contrasting tissue paper. Trim away any excess tissue paper from both pieces. Push the bottom of the skewered heart down into the center of the cube.

6.  Embellish the cube and heart with cardstock flowers made from circle punches and a die-cut hearts stamped with “XO.”

Here is a variation of this DIY Valentine project using a larger Smoothfoam heart and cube. The chocolate embellishments are 1″ Smoothfoam balls cut in half, then painted and embellished with two paper circles and a rhinestone.

Smoothfoam Vintage Valentine Decor

Stenciled Heart with Crackle Paste

stenciled smoothfoam heart lisa fulmer

Smoothfoam is a great surface for so many techniques, and one that is super fun is stenciling with crackle paste! With Valentine’s Day coming up, hearts are in season, but who said they have to be pink and red? I decided to show my love with a little purple and mint green hanging heart decoration.


Smoothfoam flat heart – 3″ or 6″
Craft paints – purple, mint
DecoArt Media Crackle Paste
Paint marker
Washi tape, ribbon
Self-adhesive gems
Tropical Punch beads and long headpin
Short straight pins
Glue, paintbrush, wedge sponge, palette knife

Paint the top and sides of the heart purple, let dry. Mix a dab of mint paint into a heaping teaspoon of crackle paste to tint.

Anchor the stencil on top of the heart with a few pins and make sure it’s completely flat.

crackle paste through stencilSpread the paste smoothly across the stencil with the palette knife.

crackle medium smoothfoam heartCarefully remove the pins and stencil and scrape excess paste off the edges of the heart. Let dry for at least a couple of hours.

Use a paint marker to color in desired areas of the stencil design. Embellish with a few gems.

beads bling smoothfoam heartPlace beads on the head pin and push into the top of the heart as shown.

washi tape smoothfoam heartPress a long strip of washi tape all around the top edge of the heart to give it a more finished look.

ribbon hanger smoothfoam heartTo hang, glue a ribbon loop to the back of the heart and secure with pins.

Love Blooms Wallhanging


smoothfoam love wallhanging

As we are starting a New Year, I wanted to start mine in a positive way with a reminder to plant love wherever I go.


Eight 3″ Smoothfoam hearts
6″ Smoothfoam disc
Craft paints – purple, magenta, champagne
Heavy-duty craft glue
Paint marker
Yarns and fibers


smoothfoam hearts


Squeeze multiple colors of paint out on a paper plate.

Dip each Smoothfoam shapes in the paint and swirl them around. As you lift the shapes up, the paint makes little peaks. After each piece is dry, paint the edges with the darkest color and let dry.

Use toothpicks to attach the rounded parts of the hearts to the circle and secure with glue. Let dry.

smoothfoam painted hearts

Write your favorite motivational quote in the center of the flower and trim with fibers. May 2016 be filled with love and happiness!

Shamrock Topiary

smoothfoam shamrock topiary

St. Patrick’s Day is always an extra special occasion for me because I have a very good friend whose birthday falls on March 17th!  Everything has to be green and sparkly, so I created these shamrock topiaries to add a little bling to the table. They make a great centerpiece when grouped together, or they can be scattered around your party. Try using these St. Patrick’s Day table decorations as place cards for a more formal St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Here’s what you need:

Three 3″ Smoothfoam cubes
Smoothfoam hearts
Clearsnap Background Basics Stamps (Ann Butler Designs) – Picnic, Diamonds, Checkers
DecoArt Americana paints – Foliage Green, Hauser Medium Green and Avocado
3 wood dowels, 9 wood skewers
Kraft cardstock
Ink pads – 3 shades of green
Glitters – 3 shades of green
Gloss gel medium
Paint brush, paper trimmer
Low temp glue gun
Assorted ribbons (10-12″ long)

1.  Insert skewers in the base of each heart. Paint one cube, one dowel and three hearts with each shade of green. Place the skewered hearts in a drinking glass to dry. Repeat with a second coat, if needed.

painting smoothfoam hearts cubes 2.  Stamp each of the three stamps five times on the kraft cardstock, let dry.

3.  Coat a heart with gel medium and sprinkle with coordinating glitter over a paper plate (fold plate in half to funnel glitter back in to the container after each application).  Repeat with the remaining eight hearts and let dry in the drinking glass.

4.  Seal the glitter on each heart with another coat of gel medium and let dry. Trim out the 15 stamped squares and glue them to the sides and tops of each cube with gel medium, let dry. Contrast the ink shade with the paint shade for a more dramatic effect.

5. Insert a painted dowel into a heart and secure at the base with the glue gun. Glue the other two matching hearts to each side as shown. Repeat with remaining hearts to create three shamrocks.

green glitter heart shamrock 6.  Press the opposite end of each dowel into the top of the coordinating cube and secure with low temp glue. Tie three lengths of green ribbons in a bow and glue to the center of each shamrock. Tie remaining ribbons to the top of each dowel.

Sweet Smoothfoam Shamrock

Smoothfoam shamrock

Smoothfoam Scrapbook Mount
Americana acrylic paint – Sour Apple
5/8” wide Offray grosgrain ribbon – Apple Green
Lime green button
Lime green embroidery floss
Scrap cardboard
Double-sided tape or glue dots, thick tacky glue
Craft knife, paintbrush, scissors

Draw and cut out a 5″x6″ heart on a piece of cardboard to use as a pattern.

Cut three hearts and one stem from the Smoothfoam with a craft knife (use the curve of the heart as a guide to draw the stem). Rub a scrap of Smoothfoam along the cut edges of the hearts to smooth as needed.

Paint all the pieces and let dry. Tape ribbon around the edges of each piece.

Glue the pieces together in the center to create the shamrock. Make a rosette from the ribbon and glue it in the center. Add floss ties to the button and glue the button in the center of the rosette.

Glue a ribbon loop on the back for hanging.

Conversation Heart Statement Necklace

How to Make a Conversation Heart Necklace with Smoothfoam - Jennifer Priest

Conversation hearts are always a sentimental staple for Valentine’s Day and this year I am seeing them pop up in home décor and fashion more than ever. From jumbo conversation heart décor pieces to pillows to floral arrangements, conversation hearts are a sweet way to show the love and get into the St. Valentine’s spirit.

Smoothfoam is perfect for creating conversation heart crafts. I made a simple, kitschy necklace that moms can wear to the office or teens can wear to the high school dance. My daughter Katie loves this necklace and plans to wear it to school all week until Valentine’s Day. I guess I have to make another one for myself!


Smoothfoam 3″ Flat Heart
Pale pink craft paint
Paint brush
E6000 adhesive
Chain, jump rings, eye pin
ColorBox Archival Dye Ink – Strawberry
Letter stamps
Jewelry pliers

Katie Wearing a Conversation Heart Necklace for Valentines Day - Great for Teens

Paint the hearts with two coats of pale pink. Press a toothpick into the top of the heart to hold while painting (where the eye pin will be inserted later), then stick the other end of the toothpick into a scrap sheet of Smoothfoam for drying,

Coat the bottom of the eye pin with E6000, push it into the top of the heart, wipe away any excess glue and allow to dry.

Stamp a sentiment on the front of the heart with red ink. Attach the heart to a length of chain with a jump ring. Ready to wear and enjoy!

Check out this tutorial video to see how to create this Conversation Heart Necklace:

Valentine’s Day Love Plaque


February is here and LOVE is definitely in the air!

I love to decorate my house for the holidays and Valentine’s Day is no different.  Traditional wreaths are nice, but I like to think of creative Valentine door hanger crafts to decorate my front door.

This quick and easy LOVE Valentine’s Day plaque is a great alternative to a traditional wreath!


3.5″ Smoothfoam heart
DecoArt Americana paints – Dark Chocolate, Bleached Sand, Mulberry
Americana Weathered Wood Crackle Medium
12″x4″ wood plaque
Paintbrushes, scissors
Fancy yarns
Low-temp glue gun
Pink button
8″ length of twine
Chipboard letters – L, V and E
Distress Stickles – Worn Lipstick
Ultra Fine Glitter – Tourmaline



1.  Paint the plaque with Dark Chocolate and a flat brush; let dry. Apply crackle medium on top, set aside to dry according to directions on package.

2.  Apply Lipstick Stickles to chipboard letters, then sprinkle with Tourmaline Glitter to create a two-tone effect; set aside to dry.

3.  Glue one end of the yarn to the back of the Smoothfoam heart.  Wrap the yarn around the heart, gluing in random spots until the entire heart is covered. Thread twine through the button, tie in a bow and glue it to the front of the heart.


4.  Paint the plaque with a topcoat of Bleached Sand; let dry and crackle. Outline the plaque with Mulberry using a thin, round brush; let dry.

5.  Glue the chipboard letters and the yarn-wrapped heart to the plaque.