Bird Ornament

smoothfoam Bird Ornament

These easy bird ornaments are fun for the whole family to make. Hang them from the tree or place in a wreath or holiday centerpiece.


1-3/4″ Smoothfoam egg
Two 1” Smoothfoam eggs
1” Smoothfoam ball
Acrylic paint
Tacky glue
Small acrylic jewels: two rounda and two diamonda
Craft knife, sandpaper, paint brush

1.  Sand the seams of the Smoothfoam pieces smooth. Cut the 1” eggs in half lengthwise, sand and rough edges and cut side. The pilot hole on the ball will be used for the bird’s beak.  Sand the bottom of the ball (head) and the top of the large egg (body) where the ball will be glued.

2.  Glue the ball to the large egg. Glue the half-eggs on the sides of the large egg for wings. Glue another half-egg for a tail.

3.  Paint the bird with the color of your choice. Add glitter while the paint is wet and glue on any embellishments that you like.

4.  Glue two diamond-shaped jewels together in the pilot hole for the beak. Glue round jewels (or beads) on the head for eyes.

Push an eye pin down into the bird’s back for a ribbon hanger or poke a toothpick in the bottom for adding to a wreath or centerpiece.

Green Bird Smoothfoam Ornament

Winter Wonderland Christmas Trees


Thanksgiving is officially over and Christmas will be here in just a little over 20 short days! I got busy this past weekend decorating my house for the holiday season and discovered that I did not have anything for my mantle. I love Christmas trees, so I created these winter wonderland Christmas trees with some paint, stencils and molding paste. One of the things that I like about Smoothfoam is that it’s easy to cut so you can create a finished piece that looks like a high-end wood decoration that you would buy at a home décor store! Learn how to make this Christmas mantel craft below.

Here’s what you need:

Two 12″ x 28″ Smoothfoam sheets
Acrylic craft paints – light green, dark green, gray, dusty blue, sea green, cream
Americana Gel Stain – Oak
Molding paste
Palette knife, paintbrush, toothpicks
Pencil, marker, ruler
Glue, chunky clear glitter
Hot wire cutting tool
Mini wood snowflakes

Here’s how to make it:


1.  Measure the first Smoothfoam sheet to an 18″ by 6″ piece for the base and a 12″ by 8″ piece for a front tree. Cut apart with the hot wire tool. Mark the top center of the smaller piece, then cut a triangle by slicing from the bottom two corners up to the top center mark.

2.  Measure and cut the second Smoothfoam sheet into an 18″ by 12″ piece for three back trees and a 12″ by 8″ piece for a front tree. Mark the top center of the larger piece, then mark in 2″ from the bottom at left and right and cut into a triangle. Measure 2″ up from the bottom of the this triangle, then cut from each mark out to the top left and right edges to create two smaller triangles. Cut one last triangle from the remaining piece of the sheet.

3.  Paint each triangle tree a different color. Let dry and apply a second coat if desired.

stencil painted sMOOTHFOAM sheet

4.  Mix cream paint with molding paste and lightly spread the mixture across your stencil with the palette knife on to each painted tree. I used harlequin, lace and damask stencil patterns for a variety. Set aside to dry. Spread more of the tinted molding paste to the base sheet and sprinkle with clear glitter, then set aside to dry.

distress smoothfoam painted christmas trees

5.  Distress each stenciled tree with the stain by brushing a small amount across the surface then wipe off the excess with a damp paper towel. Leave some areas darker and some areas lighter.

use toothpicks to assemble smoothfoam pieces

6.  Insert two toothpick halves into the bottom of each tree. Apply a line of glue to the bottom edge, then insert into the base and push down to set. Repeat with other four trees in position, 3 taller trees in back andd 2 shorter trees in front. Glue wood snowflakes to embellish the trees. Let the glue dry several hours or overnight.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Winter Wonderland Treescape tutorial!  I think I might leave it up all winter long! If you love this Christmas mantel craft, check out the Smoothfoam Facebook page for more inspiration!

Vintage-Style Christmas Alphabet Blocks

NOEL Vintage Santa Smoothfoam Blocks


These vintage-style Christmas alphabet blocks are a great way to repurpose Smoothfoam cubes that may be slightly damaged – the little dents and dings just add to the vintage feel.


Four 4”  Smoothfoam cubes
DecoArt Metallic Lustre – Gold Rush
Americana Décor Chalky Finish Paints – Rouge, Enchanted, Timeless
Americana Décor Creme Wax – Golden Brown
Heavy-duty craft glue
Pencil, paint brushes, tape measure


Paint the Smoothfoam cubes with Timeless Chalky Finish paint. Let dry.

To create the effect of wood alphabet blocks with a ridged edge, use the bottom of a tape measure or other solid rectangular item, to press into the center of each side of the cube, about 1/2” from each edge.

paint and distress Smoothfoam cubes

To distress the blocks, apply Creme Wax with paper towel, then remove most of it while still wet.

distress smoothfoam cubes

Trace or draw letters in pencil on each block to spell out NOEL.

Paint the N and E blocks with Rouge; paint the O and L blocks with Enchanted. Let dry.


Print out nine vintage Santa images to fit within a 3″ square.

Glue the Santa images to the top, left and right sides of the N block, as well as the left and right sides of the O, E and L blocks.

On the blocks with red letters, paint a fine line around each vintage Santa image with green. On the blocks with green letters, do the same in red and let dry.

Use your fingertip to smudge Metallic Lustre on all sides of each cube, around the raised edges.

distress vintage christmas blocks


Haunted House Halloween Ornaments

Haunted House smoothfoam halloween Ornaments

I have to admit I kind of love the idea of Halloween tree. I mean, who says trees are just for Christmas? These little haunted houses, using Smoothfoam house shapes, are perfect if you have a Halloween tree. Learn how to make this DIY Halloween ornaments below.

smoothfoam Haunted House ornament


Smoothfoam house shapes
Dimensional paints
Black paint
Black glitter paint
Small hooks
Black yarn

smoothfoam Haunted House ornament


Paint the houses however you like, using dimensional, acrylic, and glitter paints. Get creative! Think Halloween-style gingerbread houses!

Allow the paint to dry, then push a small hook into the top of the house. Secure with a dab of craft glue, if desired.

Run string through the hook and hang on a Halloween tree.


Halloween Candy Jars

smoothfoam halloween candy jarHonestly, Halloween is all about the candy right? So make sure you showcase your favorite Halloween candy with these DIY Halloween candy jars. These cute candy jars are the perfect less-scary Halloween decorations.


Smoothfoam ball
Smoothfoam cube
Craft paints
Googly eyes
Scrapbook paper
Bolts or push pins
Craft glue
Glass jars (round and square) with lids


To make the cat:

Paint the Smoothfoam ball black and allow to dry.

Paint a kitty face in white – use googly eyes for fun!

Cut small triangles of scrapbook paper to glue on as cat ears.

Glue the cat head to the top of the jar lid.

Decorate the neck of the jar with ribbons and other embellishments as desired

smoothfoam halloween candy jarTo make the Frankenstein:

Paint the Smoothfoam cube green for his skin and black for his hair as shown.

Once dry, paint a monster face in black. Don’t forget the googly eyes!

For neck bolts, I stole some actual bolts from my husband’s toolbox, but you can also use silver thumbtacks or push pins.

Glue the head to the top of a square jar.

Embellish jar with ribbon.Candy Jars with Watermark

Quick and Easy Halloween Window Decorations

halloween smoothfoam decorations

I originally created this Halloween decoration project as a series of characters to hang vertically as a single door decoration, but my crafty young niece, Margo, liked each character so much on its own, that I present them to you this way. She thinks it would be cool to hang one in each window and I agree! I’ll need to make a few more to fill all the windows in the front of my house. 

Two 12″ square  Smoothfoam Scrapbook Mounts
Two 10″ Smoothfoam discs
Acrylic paints – black, fluorescent orange, green, red
Sponge brushes, small round-tip brush
12″ pipe cleaners – black, purple, bright green
1″ googly eyes, 4.5″ googly eyes
Halloween-themed ribbon
Glue, scissors, dull pencil
Knitting needle or screwdriver

Creepy Cat
Paint a disc with 1-2 coats of black. Position the eyes and glue them into place. Below the eyes, paint an upside-down mouth in red; add a small tongue. To make his ears, cut a black pipe cleaner into two 6″ pieces and bend each in half. Spread the bottoms out by one inch and position them along the top of the disc. Poke holes in the disc with the knitting needle and push in the bent pipe cleaners. Poke holes one either side of the nose and push in short lengths of purple pipe cleaners for his whiskers.

Giggly Ghost
You can leave the Smoothfoam unpainted, or paint white if desired. Draw two eyes and a mouth and fill in with black paint.

Petrified Pumpkin
Paint a disc with 1-2 coats of orange. Try fluorescent orange for a little nighttime magic. Draw a Jack-o-Lantern face on the disc and fill in with black paint. Shape a green pipe cleaner into a stem, poke holes at the top of the disc and push in the ends of the pipe cleaner.

Frightened Frank
Paint a square sheet with 1-2 coats of green, position the large google eyes and glue into place. Draw the hair and mouth, then fill in with black paint.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry smoothfoam Caterpillar

Have you read the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar who ate and ate and ate…and then turned into a beautiful butterfly? My Smoothfoam Very Hungry Caterpillar craft project is inspired by this book by Eric Carle.

My hungry little caterpillar was made using:

Six – 2″ Smoothfoam balls
Fine sandpaper
Acrylic craft paints – Olive green, aqua blue, red, gold, brown
Bamboo skewers
Craft glue
Craft knife
Mod Podge medium

the very hungry caterpillar



Lightly sand away the center seams of each Smoothfoam ball. To help the caterpillar sit without rolling, cut a slightly flat side in two of the balls. Use them as your first and last green balls in the caterpillar body.

Paint five balls olive green. For added dimension, stipple or sponge some aqua blue on top of the green. Paint the last ball red and add a cute little face with the gold, aqua and brown as shown. When all the paint is dry, seal the balls with a coat of Mod Podge.

Cut a bamboo skewer into 1″ pieces. Connect the balls together using the skewers and white craft glue. Cut the tip off of two skewers, paint brown, then insert into the top of the caterpillar’s head for antennae. Find other fun foam crafts for kids with Smoothfoam!

Duct tape planter boxes

duct tape faux plantsToday we have some fantastic inspiration from our good friend, Mark Montano!

He used a 4″ Smoothfoam cube as the base for these colorful planter boxes made with leaves cut from strips of duct tape. With some pretty paper and ribbon, Mark wrapped the cube and then pierced in his wired duct tape leaves – it looks great!

Imagine a Smoothfoam planter box on your coffee table, book shelf, or how about dozens of them as DIY centerpieces for a party?

duct tape plantsHe featured this project at a special event last month at the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles. Smoothfoam is so great for group make-n-take projects like this because it’s lightweight and easy to work with, especially for new crafters. Just look at all the happy people who made Smoothfoam planter boxes with Mark!

smoothfoam planter boxes

To learn how to make plant leaves with duct tape, check out Mark’s video below. Happy crafting!

Paint a Watermelon Bowl for Summer

smoothfoam painted watermelon bowl

Summer is here and watermelon is in season – ripe, sweet and juicy. So why not take some inspiration from this staple of the picnic season and paint a DIY watermelon bowl for all of those fun summer gatherings! Find numerous craft ideas for summer at Smoothfoam today!

Here’s what you need:

Smoothfoam 8″ half-ball
Craft paints – black, dark green, medium green, red, fuchsia
Spray sealer medium
Serrated knife, emory board, paint brushes

Here’s how I made it:

smoothfoam half-bowl

Slice off a small section from the bottom of the Smoothfoam half-ball, then sand the cut edges smooth.

paint smoothfoam with no prep

Paint the outside with one coat of dark green, the edge with medium green, and the inside with a blend of 6 parts fuchsia to 1 part red. Apply second coats as needed, letting paint dry in between.

paint texture on smoothfoam

Use an older junky paint brush to pounce light green textured stripes to the outside of the bowl and let dry. Paint the watermelon seeds inside in black with a small round brush.

In a well-ventilated area (or outside), spray on several light coats of matte sealer and let dry. Fill your watermelon bowl with cute little summery things to give as a hostess gift at your next backyard barbecue! Keep in mind, this bowl is for decorative use only and should not be used to hold unwrapped food.

Favorite Herbs – Mixed Media Wallhanging


smoothfoam mixed media wallhangingSummer is almost here…well, it’s actually pretty hot here in Tennessee already. I’ve been working in my yard, discovering how things have multiplied and moving plants that came up where they shouldn’t have.

One of the nice surprises was that my sage and basil herb plants weathered very well over the winter. And the mint…what can you say about mint except that you can’t kill it.

I decided to do a little homage to these hardy plants with a mixed media wallhanging for my kitchen. Smoothfoam made it quick, simple and very easy.



1″ thick Smoothfoam sheets:  three 8″ squares plus three 6″ squares
3 sheets 12″x12″ newsprint
Craft glue
Craft paints – sage green and cream
Patterned cardstock cut to 5-3/4″ x 6-3/4″ (3 pcs); 6″ x 6″ (3 pcs); 8″ x 8″ (3 pcs)
Two 3-yard lengths string
Double-stick tape – 1/2″ wide and 1″ wide
Ink pads (I used Peeled Paint, Tea Dye and Rusty Hinge from Ranger)
Alphabet stamps
KellyCraft Get-It-Straight Laser Square and Multi-Mat Docking Station
Craft foam adhesive



Mix craft glue 50/50 with water. Brush this mixture onto the 8″ squares of Smoothfoam.

Crumple the newsprint into three balls, then smooth out each sheet and decoupage it to each square.

Brush the glue inside the edges of the paper and wrap the sides, bringing the excess paper around to the back of the square. Repeat with the additional two pieces of 8″ Smoothfoam and set aside to dry.


decoupage newsprint to smoothfoam sheets

When the 8″ decoupaged squares have dried, paint the front, sides and back with cream.

Paint the 6″ squares with sage green and set aside to dry.

Click here to download a low-res PDF of the three herb images and print out on 3 sheets of plain copy paper (one herb per sheet). Line up a 5-3/4″ piece of card stock along the line above the herb and tape the edge securely. Run this layered sheet back through the printer so the herb prints again in position on the card stock. Remove the card stock from the copy paper and trim 1″ off the top so it’s square. Repeat for the other two herbs.

print herbs on paperherb images printed on patterned cardstockPlace the printed card stock on the Laser Square Multi-Mat. Position the laser line along the bottom of the paper and use it to line up the letters below each herb and stamp them in place.

using Kellycraft Laser Square multi mat
stamping herb namesInk the edges of each printed card, then adhere to center of a 6″ piece of cardstock with 1/2″ double-stick tape. Ink the edges of the 6″ Smoothfoam and then glue the matted image to the front.

Ink the edges of the 8″ Smoothfoam squares and use craft foam glue to adhere the 6″ Smoothfoam squares on top of each.

Place strips of 1″ double-stick tape on the back sides of each 8″ Smoothfoam square. Lay them all face down in the order you like at 1″ apart.

Place a length of string on the tape on each side, leaving the excess string at the top, tying it into a knot, then a bow for hanging.Smoothfoam string Cwindham

Position the 8″ cardstock squares on the back of each Smoothfoam sheet to secure the string.

Smoothfoam project back Cwindham