Woodland wreath


One of the projects I really love from my book, Stylish Craft Foam Projects is this woodland wreath. Oh who am I kidding, all the projects are my favorites, lol. But what I like about this one is how it looks nice during any season, not just fall and winter.

The complete instructions with helpful tips are in my book, but here’s the gist of it…yarn-wrap a larger Smoothfoam wreath, then paint a smaller one to nest inside and secure it with glue. Cover the smaller wreath with paper die-cut leaves, using straight pins. Cover a Smoothfoam egg with overlapping punched paper circles to create the pinecone and poke it into the wreath. Add a ribbon hanger and done! Try different color combinations to create the woodland of your own imagination.


DIY Topiary with Smoothfoam Balls

smoothfoam topiary ballsI love topiaries – so with my kitchen remodel, I wanted a few for my new space. I’d never imagined that topiaries were so difficult to find in the store, but I went to 4 different home décor shops and none had topiaries. But that’s okay, because with Smoothfoam, it’s easy and affordable to make custom topiaries in any size!

I created these fun, mossy topiaries with Smoothfoam balls, moss from the dollar store, and upcycled glass candle jars. All told, this cost me about $4 per topiary, which is considerably less than the prices I saw for a potted faux ball topiary in the home décor shops.


Here’s what you’ll need to create this DIY moss topiary project:

Smoothfoam balls in various diameters
Wood dowels
Glass jar or pot (spray paint it gold if desired)
Spanish moss (for crafting)
Hot glue gun (low-temp)
Green acrylic paint
Foam paint brush
Craft knife, scissors


Each faux ball topiary requires two Smoothfoam balls. One ball will sit in the jar to serve as the base. The other ball will sit atop the dowel as the topiary. If you want a double topiary, use three Smoothfoam balls.

Paint each ball green. Glue one ball into the jar. Cut a slit in the ball to fit the dowel. Apply hot glue to one end of the dowel and push it into the ball. Cut a slit in a second Smoothfoam ball, add glue to other end of the dowel and push the second ball on to it.

Glue moss to cover the ball in the pot. Apply hot glue to the topiary ball in sections, pressing on moss to cover. Once the entire ball is covered, trim the moss with a pair of scissors for a uniform look.

I hope you enjoyed this fun DIY moss topiary project. These would look great for wedding centerpieces, on your mantle, or even in your kitchen. To see more projects like this, visit my blog at Just JP.

Faux Concrete Succulent Decoration


Christmas is over and now my mind is officially in THINK SPRING mode!! I am not a winter girl. I despise cold weather, snow, dark days…all of it. Even with the recent warmer-than-normal weather here in North Carolina, I’m already ready for some HOT sunshine and time on our porch and in my gardens. I decided to make myself a little faux concrete succulent planter to get me through until I can get into my real garden. Once spring finally arrives, it will move to my porch for display. Learn how to create this and other succulent crafts with Smoothfoam supplies.


4″ Smoothfoam cube
Makin’s Clay – White
Makin’s Ultimate Clay Machine, Cutting Mat and Clay Tools
Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint – Relic
Tacky Glue
Pepper, spanish moss, jute twine
Craft knife, scissors
Faux succulent



Carefully use a craft knife to hollow out one side of the Smoothfoam cube, leaving about 1/2” on all sides.


Thanks to Lisa Haney for planting the original seeds for this clay technique. She created faux stone with Makin’s Clay and pepper, and I took it a step further to create faux concrete!

Mix 120g of White Makin’s Clay with Relic Chalky Finish Paint until thoroughly mixed. The chalky finish paint has a drier overall feel and texture, so when mixed with the clay, the result really does feel a bit like concrete or terra cotta.

Add about 1 tbsp. of pepper. Mix thoroughly.


Roll in Ultimate Clay Machine, starting at setting #1 and stopping at setting #3 (or hand roll to about 1/8″ thick).

Use the Smoothfoam cube as a template and cut out squares of clay to cover cube.

Working on one side at a time, apply tacky glue over the entire surface of each side and place a clay square on top. Press gently to adhere. Move to next side, using fingers to join the sides at each corner, allowing the seams to be imperfect for a more “true concrete” effect. McGeeFauxSucculentPlanterHOW3

For the top, hollowed-out area, apply tacky glue around edges, then place clay square over, and use your fingers to gently press down in center and adhere the clay around the edge, with remaining clay down in hollowed out area. It does not matter if the clay doesn’t completely covered the hollowed-out area, as it will be covered by spanish moss and the succulent.


While the clay is still fresh, sprinkle pepper across each side and press in with your fingers to add texture. Gently brush away excess and repeat on all sides. Let dry for 24 hours.


Tie jute twine around the cube.  Add the spanish moss and faux succulent. Place the faux concrete succulent planter on your desk or windowsill and begin daydreaming about truly warmer days to come!

smoothfoam faux concrete cube



Fairy Garden House

smoothfoam Fairy Garden House

This tiny DIY fairy garden house is a perfect way to add a bit of whimsy to your potted plants. So let’s invite the garden fairies to move in and stay a while!


Smoothfoam  3″ foam craft house
Makin’s Clay – Brown, White, Black, Green, Grape Leaf, Merlot, Yellow, Neon Pink
Makin’s Texture Sheet Sets: A and D
Makin’s Ultimate Clay Machine and Tool Kit
Cutting Mat
Tacky Glue
Green craft paint
Metallic Lustre – Iced Expresso
Scissors, paintbrush, craft knife, emery board, skewer

Mix small amounts of black and white clay to create gray. Roll through the Ultimate Clay Machine on setting #3 (slightly more than 1/8”). Place the cobblestone texture sheet over the flattened clay and press gently to transfer the texture to clay.

Smooth any raised seams on the Smoothfoam foam craft house with an emery board. Place the house onto the gray clay and cut around the house with a craft knife. Glue the clay to the back of the house and trim beneath roof line as needed.

Trim more pieces of cobblestone clay to glue to the sides and front of house. Smooth any seams in the clay with your fingertips.


Mix a small amount of Grape Leaf clay with Green and roll it through the machine. Press it with the wood grain texture sheet. Cut out the door shape and press it in place – if the clay is still moist, no adhesive is necessary, otherwise use glue. Roll a tiny brown ball of clay to add for a doorknob.


Roll out some brown clay and press with the shingle texture sheet. Cut strips to glue to the roof on the sides and front edge.


Roll out some Merlot clay and press with the brick texture sheet. Cut and glue pieces to cover the chimney.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 11.58.10 AM

Use the skewer to make a hole in the bottom of the house. Glue a piece of grey cobblestone clay over the bottom, reinserting the skewer into the hole. Apply a light coat of Metallic Lustre over the entire house with your fingertip.

Paint the skewer green and let dry. Push it into the hole with a dab of glue

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 12.01.33 PM

Roll tiny strands and leaves of Green clay and press to the front of the house on either side of the door (if clay is still moist, no adhesive necessary; if dry, use glue.)

Roll small 3/8” balls of Yellow clay. Use the circles detail tool to impress the clay into flowers and add to stems on the house.  Use the clay pointed stylus tool to make small slices in the clay to resemble flower petals. Add tiny balls of Neon Pink to the centers of the flowers. Proudly display your DIY fairy garden house in a flower pot or in the ground!

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 12.02.51 PM



Autumn Apple Décor

Apple decor teacher appreciation giftsYes, Smoothfoam makes fake fruit! And apple craft projects are perfect for the upcoming fall season. Stock-up now! Here are three great fall apple crafts that use Smoothfoam apples:

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Back-to-school season begins very soon and it’s always nice to start the year off right. Why not give your child’s new teacher a gift that will look adorable on her desk the entire school year?


Smoothfoam apple
Red craft paint
1″ length of wood skewer
Green felt for leaves
Clear plastic gift box or bag
Apple for Teacher Printable Tag


1.  Paint the apple red – 2 or 3 coats will give you really good coverage. Be sure to allow the paint to dry completely between coats.

2.  Cut 2 small leaf shapes from green felt and glue to the top of the apple.

3.  Push the wood skewer into the top to create the stem.

4.  Place your apple in the gift box or bag, tie with a ribbon, and print out a sweet gift tag.


Poison Apple smoothfoamPoison Apple for Halloween

Paint your apple as instructed above using black paint. Add leaves and stem. Be sure to create your own little tag to let people know it’s a poison apple! Poison apples make unique Halloween decorations. They are also a creative accessory for a witch or Snow White costume.

apple decor smoothfoamApple Décor for the Table

Try yellow and green paints to create different types of apples. Smoothfoam apples are great for fall centerpieces or they look cute sitting in bowl or basket. Individual apples could also be used as place card holders on your festive Thanksgiving table!


Make Gazing Balls with Glass Pebbles

Smoothfoam-DIY-Gazing-BallGazing balls can really make a garden pop, but I’ve struggled with finding a mirrored glass gazing ball that I really like. And there is always the concern of the dog knocking it over and breaking it by accident. Then one day I was in the dollar store and saw all these bags of flat glass pebbles that are used as vase filler. Maybe I can’t exactly gaze at my reflection in them, but they would look great glued onto a Smoothfoam ball!

Creating these DIY gazing balls was really very easy and they’re much more affordable than traditional mirrored glass gazing balls. Flat glass pebbles/marbles are available in multiple colors in most craft stores too, so you can make decorative garden balls that accent your garden with whatever color you like. You can even create a mosaic style pattern using multiple colors of marbles.

I laid these balls at the base of some flowers pots on my gravel side yard patio but you can put them in pots, arrange them in flower beds, and more. The larger the ball is, the heavier it will be due to the weight of the glass marbles. It’s best to bring them inside during inclement weather.


To make a garden gazing ball, you’ll need the following supplies:

Smoothfoam balls  (mine are 6″ and 10″)
Acrylic craft paint
Paint brush
Flat glass marbles (aka glass pebbles)
Heavy-duty craft glue or hot glue

Here’s how easy it is to make DIY gazing balls:

1.  Paint the Smoothfoam balls to match the color of the marbles. The marbles are still see-through, even when tinted with color, so the paint color will show through them. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.

2.  Apply glue to the flat side of each marble and press them to the ball, one by one, until the ball is covered.

Duct tape planter boxes

duct tape faux plantsToday we have some fantastic inspiration from our good friend, Mark Montano!

He used a 4″ Smoothfoam cube as the base for these colorful planter boxes made with leaves cut from strips of duct tape. With some pretty paper and ribbon, Mark wrapped the cube and then pierced in his wired duct tape leaves – it looks great!

Imagine a Smoothfoam planter box on your coffee table, book shelf, or how about dozens of them as DIY centerpieces for a party?

duct tape plantsHe featured this project at a special event last month at the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles. Smoothfoam is so great for group make-n-take projects like this because it’s lightweight and easy to work with, especially for new crafters. Just look at all the happy people who made Smoothfoam planter boxes with Mark!

smoothfoam planter boxes

To learn how to make plant leaves with duct tape, check out Mark’s video below. Happy crafting!