It’s pumpkin time!

pumpkin-collageIt’s officially the season for all things pumpkin – from coffee drinks to pies and pastries to autumn home décor. Our designers have created many beautiful pumpkin arts and crafts projects that you and your family can enjoy throughout the whole fall holiday season. And then next week, we’ll share plenty of ideas for spookier Halloween pumpkins! Browse our pumpkin themed crafts below.

Rustic block pumpkins
Carved pumpkin centerpiece
Fall fabric pumpkin
Pumpkin wallhanging
Pumpkin banner
Junkin’ punkins

Fun burlap crafts for fall

burlap crafts smoothfoam

Burlap is a crafter’s go-to fabric for so many fall crafts – it’s rustic, textural and warm. Whether you’re celebrating Harvest, Halloween or Thanksgiving, now’s the time to bring out the burlap! Check out these fun seasonal DIY burlap craft projects made with Smoothfoam:

Grape garland
Mini turkey decoration
Thanksgiving centerpiece
Basket of acorns
Burlap scarecrow
Pumpkin doorhanger

When autumn leaves start to fall

smoothfoam autumn fall decorations

The summer is coming to an end, and soon we’ll be thinking about fall. The autumn leaves are still hanging on their branches though – so if you want to get a jump on fall arts and crafts and decorations, have a look at these autumn craft projects from our designers!

Autumn paper flower centerpiece
Diamond fall wreath
Apple mirror
Pumpkin wallhanging
Cut-out leaf plaque


Fall Leaf Wall Panel

smoothfoam autumn leaf wallhanging

I created this fall leaf wall panel to embrace the fall season, which is non-existent where I live in Florida. The year-round sunshine is a wonderful thing, but I still miss certain things about fall – like the crisp air, apple picking and the leaves changing from green to gorgeous shades of red, burgundy, yellow and orange. Smoothfoam is easy to paint and it’s lightweight, making it easy to hang and store. Liven up any room with this fall wall decoration.


One 12″ Smoothfoam Scrapbook Page Mount
Craft paints – Chocolate Brown, Fawn, Sable Brown
Weathered Wood Crackle Medium
Hot wire cutting tool
Fall leaf
Scrapbook paper in a fall color
One 60″ length 1/4″ ribbon
Craft glue
Paint brush, paper, pencil
Ball point pen, broad tip marker, nail file


1.  Draw leaf pattern on plain paper in pencil, then outline with a marker. Trace leaf on sheet of Smoothfoam, using a ball point pen to depress the surface.

trace leaf on smoothfoam

2.  Cut out the leaf shape with a hot wire cutting tool. Smooth any rough edges with a nail file. If you can carve the leaf out in one piece, you have a great shape for another project.

carve smoothfoam hot wire tool

3.  Paint the panel with Chocolate Brown, let dry. Apply Weathered Wood Medium according to package instructions.

painted smoothfoam panel

4.  Place Fawn and Sable Brown next to each other on your palette, load both paints on a large brush and paint the panel with another coat. To achieve the best crackling, stroke only once over the surface, do not go back and forth. Use more paint to get larger cracks, less paint for smaller cracks. Let dry.

5.  Paint the outside edges with Fawn and Sable Brown, but leave the inside of the leaf shape Chocolate Brown for contrast.


6.  Glue the sheet of scrapbook paper to the back of the panel, let dry. Glue 1/4″ wide ribbon around the outer edge and let dry. Tie excess ribbon in a loop and bow to glue or pin at the top as a hanger.

For more inspiration and fall wall decorations, check out the Smoothfoam Facebook page!

Fall Sunflowers Square Wreath

smoothfoam Fall sunflower Wreath

Who says a fall wreath filled with bright sunflowers has to be round? With Smoothfoam rods, you can easily construct a unique diamond or square fall wreath for your autumn décor. Learn how to make this festive autumn sunflower wreath below.


Four 12″ Smoothfoam rods
Joy Embroidered Letters
Masking or duct tape
Brown paper grocery bag
Sequin pins
Silk leaves, berries, flowers
Ink pad, hole punch
Twine, scissors, wire cutters
Craft knife, sandpaper
Glue gun


1.  Cut each rod end at a 45-degree angle in opposite directions. Smooth with sandpaper and connect the junctions with tape.

smoothfoam rods square wreath

2.  Tear brown paper into 2” strips and scrunch them to wrinkle. Wrap the wreath form with the strips, tacking them down with sequin pins.

3.  Cut the leaves, flowers and berries off their wire picks and glue them on the bottom corner of the wreath, working up the two sides.

4.  To make the bunting, cut small flags from cardstock and glue the embroidered letters to each flag. Distress the edges of the flags with the ink pad. Punch a hole in each flag and string them on twine, then tie the ends around the wreath.

5.  Tie or glue a loop of twine at the top to hang.

Frosted Pinecone Wreath

smoothfoam Frosted Pinecone Wreath

I like making projects that serve more than one purpose, like this pinecone wreath. After I’m done with my fall decorations…I plan on adding red berries and re-making it into a Christmas wreath.

Here’s how to make a frosted pinecone wreath!

You’ll need:

14″ Smoothfoam wreath form
White spray paint
Craft moss
Craft glue, hot glue gun
Ribbon and raffia
Thin wire


paint pinecones with white spray paint


Gather an assortment of various sizes of pinecones. Spray paint one side of the pinecones white.

Glue the moss on the Smoothfoam wreath (leave the outside of the wreath bare).

cover smoothfoam wreath with moss

Hot glue and wire larger pinecones on the wreath first, then fill in the wreath with the smaller pinecones.

Tie a ribbon around the outside of the wreath and add raffia bow.

Hand-Carved Faux Wood Bowl


smoothfoam carved faux wood bowl

Get the look of a rustic, hand-carved wood bowl for an autumn tabletop display with  Smoothfoam and Chalky Finish paint. Faux hand-carved wooden bowls make great table centerpieces.


Smoothfoam half-ball
Hot wire tool or craft knife
Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint – Heritage                                                                   Americana Decor Creme Wax – Deep Brown
Paper towels


If using a hot wire tool to cut the Smoothfoam, be sure you are in a well-ventilated area.

Place the half-ball upside down and carve away a bit of the base to make it flat so it will sit well on table as a bowl. I purposely cut it irregularly, as I was trying to recreate a carved wood effect.

Flip the bowl over, then remove larger random chunks and slices from around the edge of bowl to give it a hand-carved look. Use different tools or styluses to add dents, grooves, and other marks all over the surface.

carve smoothfoam bowl

Paint the bowl with Heritage Chalky Finish paint and let dry. Apply the Creme Wax with a paper towel, removing immediately after applying, to just tint the paint and darken the carved areas.

paint smoothfoam bowl

Fill your DIY wooden bowl with fruit, acorns, pinecones or other autumn elements for a rustic tabletop display.

Apple of My Eye Mirror

Smoothfoam fall leaves mirror

I love autumn with its gorgeous colors, crisp juicy apples and the smell of campfires and burning leaves. My house is decorated in fall colors, so this mirror will fit perfectly in any room. Every time you look into this mirror, remind yourself that you are the apple of someone’s eye, and as Lennon and McCartney said, “Love is all you need.”

Smoothfoam balls make perfect apples with just a little bit of slicing and carving. This project took less than two hours from concept to completion, so it’s easy to make and pretty to look at!


Five Smoothfoam 2″ balls
12″ beveled mirror
Acrylic paints –  Bright Gold, Crimson Red
Black permanent inkpad
Brown air-dry clay
Branch push mold for clay
Fabric leaf picks
Heavy-duty craft glue
Self-adhesive hanger
Hotwire foam cutter, craft knife
Sand paper, scissors, skewers
Paint brush, sponge

1.  Cut each 2″ Smoothfoam ball in half, sand any rough spots, and cut a small V-shaped wedge from the top of each half. Sand smooth the edges in the V.

2.  Mix the two paints (50/50) to create a metallic burnt orange shade. Insert a skewer into the flat side of each ball, making sure it doesn’t go all the way through and paint them front and back. Place the skewers into a wide-mouth jar, making sure the apples are not touching, until the paint dries.

3.  Cut the leaves from the floral stems and separate them into 3 sizes. Set one medium leaf aside to use to trim smaller leaves for the apples. Glue the largest leaves around the mirror, about 1″ inside the edge. If you do not have enough large leaves to complete the circle, just add a couple of medium leaves, randomly but evenly spaced, and move them to the outer 1/2″ edge of the mirror.

Smoothfoam Apple of My Eye Mirror Leaf base CWindham4.  Repeat using the darker leaves and coming about 1/2″ farther into the center and press down for a few minutes to allow the glue to set.

Smoothfoam Apple of My Eye Mirror Add Second finished leaf layer CWindham.jpg 5.  Add more smaller leaves, again moving in another 1/2″. Press and allow to dry.

6.  Trace a 12″ circle onto poster board with a plate or template.

7.  Trim out the circle and glue it to the back of the mirror. Attach a self-adhesive picture hanger to the upper center of the poster board.

Smoothfoam Apple of My Eye Mirror Add back CWindham8.  Glue the apples on top of the leaf ring, spacing them evenly around and turning the tops either left or right.

Smoothfoam Apple of My Eye Mirror Apple close-up CWindham

9.  Push some brown clay into the branch mold, then cut into small piecs to make the apples stems and sponge each stem with black permanent ink. Cut ten small leaves from the leaf you had set aside. Glue the leaves and stems to the top of each apple.

Smoothfoam Apple of My Eye Mirror Cut Stems CWindham

Smoothfoam Apple of My Eye Mirror cut small leaves CWindham

Burlap Turkey Decoration

Smoothfoam burlap turkey decoration

1″ Smoothfoam ball
2” Smoothfoam ball
Burlap trimmed to a 5” and a 6” circle; a 2”x 9” strip
Wood pieces: two hearts, two toothpicks, teardrop, two spoons
DecoArt Americana acrylic paints: Jack-O’-Lantern Orange, Milk Chocolate
4 pony beads
Red yarn or floss
Wiggle eyes
Hot glue gun, scissors, paintbrush

1. Trim away a piece of the large ball (body) on both ends and on one end of the small ball (head).

2.  Wrap the large ball with a 6” burlap circle, bringing the ends up to one flat side. Trim away extra fabric.

3.  Glue the flat side of the small ball to the trimmed flat side of body. Glue the 5” circle over the small ball, gathering fabric around the neck and leaving a ruffle. Trim and fringe the ruffle and tie twine around the neck.

4.  Gather the strip of burlap by pulling on a thread ½” from one long edge. Glue this strip to the back of the body for the tail and fringe the edge.

5.  Cut off the ends of wood snack spoons and paint with a wash of Milk Chocolate. Paint all the other wood pieces with a wash of orange.

6.  Glue spoon pieces under the ruffle for wings. Trim one end of a toothpick and glue on a pony bead and a wood heart for the feet. Poke the leg into the body to make a pilot hole and remove, then glue another pony bead over the hole. Glue the toothpick into the pony bead and repeat for the second leg. Trim a small teardrop from the wood scraps cut away from the spoons and glue to the head for a beak. Glue red threads over the beak and glue eyes above it.

7.  Brush the edges of the burlap and wings with orange paint. Let your burlap turkey decoration dry, then display on your table or mantelpiece. Find numerous cute Thanksgiving crafts here today.

Grape Garland

Smoothfoam Grape GarlandHang this DIY grape garland on your door to celebrate the harvest. It could also be hung as a swag or used as part of your fall table décor. Learn how to make these fall themed crafts below.


1″ Smoothfoam balls – about 20-30 per bunch
DecoArt Americana acrylic paints – Royal Purple, Napa Red, Kelly Green, Snow White
12″ x 12″ green cardstock
3 yards Panacea Naturally Wired wire
6” wide burlap ribbon – 3 yards
Paintbrush, sponge, sanding block
Hot glue gun
Wire cutters, craft knife

1.  Sand down the seams on the balls and paint them purple. For easier painting, insert bamboo skewer into pilot hole to use as a handle. Put skewers in a large canning jar to dry.

2.  Glue one ball onto the end of a 12” length of wire. Glue the next three balls around the wire above the first. Continue adding rows until the bunch is the desired size. Cut off the sides of balls to fit into spaces if desired.

3.  Add another coat of purple paint to the bunch and let dry, then dry brush it with patches of red. Mix purple with white and dry brush some highlights on each grape.

4.  Cut the sheet of green cardstock into quarters. Fold a quarter in half and tear out a heart shape. Tear away small portions to form a leaf shape. Wrinkle the paper and unfold. Add green paint with sponge or dry brush. Glue a 6” length of wire to the back of the leaf for the stem.

5.  Cut a piece of wire to the desired length for your garland and wire the grapes and leaves along it. Make a loop at the top of the wire for hanging and curl the bottom end. Make a large bow with burlap ribbon and glue the garland to it, pushing the hanging loop to the back of the bow.