Bunny Hop Easter Box

Smoothfoam Easter Egg Gift Box

It’s hard to believe Easter is almost here. Didn’t we just finish Christmas? I guess the wicked weather patterns we’ve had across the country this year have kept our brains in a frozen state.

Here’s a little pick-me-up that’s sure to warm your heart. This Bunny Hop Box is brimming with Easter eggs and other wonderful goodies – including chocolate, the perfect comfort food. An Easter gift box like this is a fun alternative to a traditional Easter basket – especially for grown-ups!


2-1/2″ Smoothfoam eggs
8″ round paper maché box with lid
Metallic acrylic paints: violet, turquoise, light sage green
Viva Décor Pearl Pens: Violet, Gold
16″ length – narrow lace strip
24″ length – wide lace strip
Decorative wood spool, white air-dry clay
Cardboard, mat board, dimensional glue dots
Kunin Paisley Printzfelt, Kunin White Plushfelt
Beacon glues: Quick Grip, Fabri-Tac, Hold the Foam
Polyester stuffing, white thread, scissors, craft knife
2″ decorative bird’s nest with eggs
16″ lengths of narrow ribbons: rose, sage green
2 large white brads, hole punch, black cardstock
Large, heavyweight flower die-cut
5″ length silver wire, wire cutters
Scissors, sponge, paint brush


1.  Paint the box and lid turquoise, inside and out. Allow to dry, then sponge over it with purple paint. After the second coat is dry, glue a strip of narrow lace around the edge.Smoothfoam march 2015 paint lid Cwindham2.  Glue a strip of wide lace around the center of the box. Line the inside of the box with the paisley felt and Fabri-Tac, using this cutting guide.

3.  To add a matching felt-covered panel inside the lid, cut a circle of cardboard slightly smaller than the lid diameter. Cover it with felt using the cutting guide above, wrapping each tab around to the back of the circle. Glue inside the lid with Quick Grip.

4.  Cut each Smoothfoam egg in half. Sponge paint with 2-3 coats, blending purple, turquoise and green as desired, allow to dry. Draw dots on each egg with the pearl paint pens and set aside to dry.

padded lace spools

5.  Paint the spool and die-cut flower with desired colors. When the spool is dry, wrap a little stuffing around it and tie in place with white thread. Wrap some wide lace around the spool, turning the back edge under and glue in place with Fabri-Tac.

6.  Cut a 3/4″ square of clay, and score a line down the middle to make two bunny teeth. Roll two 1/2″ balls and press in place on top of the teeth as shown. Press two 1-½” pieces of wire into the balls on each side for whiskers. Allow to dry.

7.  Clip the shank off the white brads and glue a small punched hole (from cardstock) to the the top for eyes. Cut two tiny strips of card stock for the eyelashes and clip into each to make fringe (curl the fringe around a toothpick). Glue the eyelashes in place around the edge of each brad with Quick Grip. Place a dimensional glue dot on the back of each brad to fill in where the shank was removed. Use Quick Grip to glue the eyes and teeth in place.

wood spool rabbit face

For the bunny ears, glue a piece of white and paisley felt back to back and cut out two ear shapes. Glue to the top of the spool.

To finish off the bunny head, embellish the bird next with ribbon bows and glue the flower to the bottom of the next, then glue the flower/nest to the top of the spool. Glue the head to the center of the box lid with Quick Grip. Glue the egg halves around it with Hold the Foam adhesive.

Easter Bunny Centerpiece

Valentine’s Day has past, so that means it is time to decorate for Easter. I love Easter décor – it is just so cute! My daughter loves Easter Bunny Peeps, so I just had to make this giant faux bunny Peep just for her. Learn how to create your own homemade Easter centerpiece below.

smoothfoam easter bunny centerpiece

8″ Smoothfoam disc
6″ Smoothfoam disc
1″ x 6″ x 12″ Smoothfoam sheet
Four 2″ x 4″ x 4″ Smoothfoam blocks
Hot knife tool
Acrylic paint (any pastel color), brushes
Circle punch, black cardstock
Floral moss, ribbon, wood dowels
Paper flowers, decorative eggs
Toothpicks, pencil, craft glue
Container or planter box

1.  Using the 6″ disc as a guide, cut away a portion of the 8″ disc so that the 6″ disc will  fit snugly against it.

2.  Draw bunny ear shapes on to the Smoothfoam sheet, cut out and smooth the edges a bit with the hot knife for a more rounded look.

smoothfoam discs

3.  Attach the pieces together with toothpicks. Paint the front and back and set aside to dry. Glue punched circles on the face for the eyes and nose. Tie a ribbon bow around the neck.

4.  Insert dowels into the bottom of the bunny and press into Smoothfoam blocks inside your desired container. Add floral moss around the base of the bunny and embellish with eggs and flowers.

I have this wonderful rustic wooden box that I normally use for silverware, and it turns out that a 2 x 4 x 4 block fits perfectly into each section and is perfect for setting up this Easter bunny centerpiece.

Smoothfoam Easter Egg Projects

smoothfoam easter egg projects

If you think an egg is just and egg, think again! A Smoothfoam egg can top a jar of jellybeans, hang as an ornament, protect special trinkets, hold some succulents, or even be a bow tie for your favorite bunny. Check out our Video Tutorials page to learn how to make these springy Easter egg projects and more! Browse through our blog to learn how to make your own homemade Easter decorations.

Sweet Little Snowbaby

smoothfoam snowman

I love snowmen and this little snowbaby is super cute and easy to make. I have a collection I add to each winter season. This little one is ideal for a shelf or tablescape, and of course ideal as a gift. With the long winter ahead, this snowbaby will always make you smile! A family of snowbabies adds up to a very cute winter scene. Even just one is pretty darn cute! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Holidays!

You will need:
One 3” Smoothfoam ball
One 4” Smoothfoam goose egg
9” x 12” White Kunin Prestofelt
¼ yard Red Snowflake Kunin Seasonal Felt
2-3/4” and 3-1/2” buttons
8mm black bead
1 chenille stem
4” plastic snowflake
Crystal glitter
Wood skewer, blush, scissors
Fabri-Tac adhesive
Measuring tape, ruler, pencil, wire cutters

smoothfoam snowman assembly

1.  On the back of the Prestofelt, draw measurements as shown in step 2. Cut along drawn lines.

2.  Cut a thin slice off both ends of the egg. Insert a 4″ length of skewer into the narrow end, press the ball on top of the egg and push the pieces together.

3.  Clip a ½” fringe along both long sides of the two white felt strips. Peel the paper off of the felt for the head and wrap around the ball. Cut off excess and smooth in place. Repeat for the body piece as shown in Step 3. You will have a few small pleats on both the head and body.

stitching felt 4.  Cut the snowflake felt to 9” by 12” for the hat, plus a 4” by 18” piece for the scarf. Mark the center point at one end of the hat piece. Draw a line from each outside corner at bottom to the center point to make a triangle. Cut it out as shown in Step 4.

5.  Flip over the hat piece and glue the chenille stem to the center, 3”down from top as shown in Step 5.

6.  Fold the hat with the wrong sides together and glue along the back seam. Place on the snowbaby’s head and pull the chenille stem so the hat wrinkles. Trim off the excess stem and glue the hat in place.

7.  Fringe the ends of the scarf piece, fold in half and tie it around the neck. Glue in place and add buttons as shown.

8. Glue the plastic snowflake to the bottom of the snowbaby so it will stand up.

Glittery Christmas Light Ornaments

I love the projects I’m seeing from crafters who glitter old retro Christmas light bulbs and use them as ornaments. What I don’t love is the idea of going out in search of said retro Christmas light bulbs. But a Smoothfoam egg is just the right shape to get the look without the flea market search. My project features the mini-eggs, but you could use the larger eggs as well. Now go dig out your Easter decorations and get to work!

Smoothfoam glitter egg christmas Lights


Smoothfoam eggs
Craft glue, hot glue gun
1/4″ washers from the hardware store
String or ribbon for hangers


1.  Paint each egg with a thick coat of craft glue. It helps to put the egg on a toothpick during this step.

2.  Sprinkle glitter over the entire surface of the glued egg and set aside to dry.

3.  Hot glue a washer onto the wider end of the egg, in the center.

4.  Hot glue a string or ribbon in the hole of the washer for hanging.


Snow Globe

smoothfoam snowglobe snowman

This time of year with the gift giving season upon us, ideas for creating special (also quick and inexpensive) gifts for teachers and coworkers in gift exchanges are welcomed. This pretty snow globe is easily created from a recycled glass jar, craft glitter and foam shapes. This is a great way to use up small leftover bits of trims, too.

You will need:
Smoothfoam 1-1/2” ball
Smoothfoam 2” ball
Smoothfoam 2-½” egg
Large, clean, empty glass jar with lid
¼” x 8” scrap piece red felt
3-1/4” green sparkly pompoms
Six 1” white snowflakes (paper, plastic, etc)
Three 4” glitter twigs; two 1” twigs
12” length of ribbon
2 toothpicks
Mod Podge
Aleene’s Tacky Glue
Scissors. measuring tape, ruler, pencil
Marker, paint brush, knife, long needle

1.  Cut a slice off one end of the 2” Smoothfoam ball.
2.  Make holes through the center of all three foam pieces. Place glue on toothpicks and insert through center of all three assembling as shown. Place more glue between pieces before pressing firmly together.

smoothfoam snowman assembly 3.  Glue the snowman to the under side of the jar lid and let dry. Draw a face on him with a marker.
4.  Brush the snowman and inside the lid with Mod Podge, then sprinkle him with glitter, shaking off the excess.
5.  Make holes for his arms and insert 2” twigs. Tie the scrap felt around his neck and glue on the pompoms for buttons. Brush the twigs, scarf, and pompoms with Mod Podge and sprinkle on a little more glitter. Glue the other twigs to the side of the snowman.
6.  Insert the snowman carefully into the jar and screw on the lid. Glue the ribbon around the base of the lid and glue snowflakes randomly around the jar. Brush the outside of the jar with Mod Podge and sprinkle with glitter.
7.  Add a snowflake gift tag and present to a favorite someone to enjoy!

Burlap Pinecones and Acorns


1″ Smoothfoam eggs
3″ Smoothfoam eggs
Burlap – brown and natural
Glue gun
Non-Stick Scissors
Acrylic craft paint – Burnt Umber
Foam paintbrush



1.  Paint 3″ egg Burnt Umber. I only applied a single coat – paint does not have to be opaque, it just reduces the chance of white space showing through your pinecone “petals.”  Let dry.

2.  Use scissors to cut 1” x 1/2” wide petals, rounded on one end, from brown burlap.

3:  Glue the petals on to the egg, starting on the wide end, overlapping petals alternately, all the way to the top.

4:  Glue 3 final petals at the bottom of the egg with approximately 1/2” extending upward. Twist the ends together with a little glue to form a stem.



1.  Cut a 2” square of natural burlap.  Glue the point of a 1″ egg to the center of the square. Bring the edges of the burlap up around egg and glue . Trim away excess burlap.

2:  Cut 1/2” x 3” strip of brown burlap.

3.  Glue one edge of the strip around the top of the natural burlap on the egg, leaving an opening at the top.

4:  Fold the top of the burlap inward with glue and twist together to form the acorn cap. When the glue cools, remove any excess hot glue threads.

Click here for instructions on making the decorative burlap bowl to display your burlap pinecones and acorns.

Halloween Centerpiece – Ink Pen Party Favors

Smoothfoam Ink Pen Halloween Party FavorsHalloween makes fall official! It’s a preamble to the holidays ahead and a great excuse to eat candy, celebrate pretense and have a spooky good time! Here’s are some fun Halloween pen party favors that don’t promote tooth decay and might even inspire some creative writing. The DIY Halloween table centerpiece is the perfect way to display your creations. Check out my Valentine’s Day version of these favors, too!


Six 2″ Smoothfoam balls (skeleton/Frankenstein)
Three 2-1/2″ Smoothfoam eggs (witch)
12″ Smoothfoam half-ball
Krylon Dual-Purpose Superbond Paints – Classic Gray, Ivy Leaf, White Gloss
Ink pens (Bic- style with a clear or black cap)
Washi tapes –  Green Numbers, Silver, Black Dot
Cardstock – Dark Brown, Black, Purple, Orange
Halloween-themed rubber stamp sentiments (I used Close To My Heart “Spellbound”)
Inkpads – white & black
Wiggle eyes, glitter tape
Purple sparkle yarn, black tulle net
6 wood button plugs
Stickles Glitter Glue:  Silver
Circle paper punches or dies – 1/2″, 1-1/4″, 2-1/4″, 1-3/4″, 2″, 3-1/4″. 3-1/2″
Fine-point permanent black marker
Scissors, paper trimmer
Low-melt glue gun
Wood chopsticks and skewers

Basic instructions for each character:

1.  Leave the pen cap on and wrap the pen with washi tape, stop wrapping at the top of the cap above the pen tip. Choose the appropriate color of tape for each character.

2.  For a head, make a hole in the bottom of a 2″ ball with the chopstick so it’s large enough for the top of the ink pen.

3.  Remove the chopstick and poke a skewer into each ball as a handle and spray paint them following the manufacturer’s instructions (kids should have adult supervision). Spray into a cardboard box in a well-ventilated area or outside. Allow to dry thoroughly. Paint the witch and Frankenstein in Ivy Leaf; the skeleton in White Gloss; the centerpiece monster in Classic Gray.

4.  For the tag/banner, cut a 3/4″ x 6″ piece of cardstock in the desired color. Glue the middle around the top of the pen, below the character’s chin. Match and cut a V in the ends.  Cut out and adhere a rubber-stamped sentiment to the banner.

5.  Insert the top of the pen into the Smoothfoam head. Apply a bead of glue to secure.

Special instructions for each character:

smoothfoam witch pen

For the witch hair, wrap sparkle yarn around your hand twenty times. Remove and cut one end of the loop. Lay the yarn flat and tie an extra piece around the middle of the shank and knot to secure. Adhere to the top of the witch’s head and trim the ends.

For the witch hat, cut two black circles from cardstock – 3-1/4″ and 3-1/2″. Cut the 3-1/2″ circle in half and make a cone out of one half, overlap the ends and adhere. Adhere the cone to the middle of the 3-1/4″ circle. Embellish with glitter tape and a 2″ tulle bow. Adhere to the top of the witch’s head. For her face, adhere wiggle eyes and draw her nose with the marker. Glue half of a 1/2″ circle for her mouth. Adhere a piece of glitter tape and a tulle bow to the base of her chin.

smoothfoam frankenstein pen

For Frankenstein’s hair, cut a 1-1/4″ x 6″ strip and a 2″ circle from black cardstock. Cut a jagged edge into one long side of the 6″ piece and wrap it around the top of his head, overlap the ends and adhere. Make sure the jagged edge is facing down toward the face. Glue the circle to the top of the hair.

For Frankenstein’s face:  Adhere wiggle eyes. Cut a sliver of black cardstock and glue on for eyebrows.  Glue a wood button plug to each side of his head and draw the nose, mouth and scar with the marker. Adhere a piece of glitter tape below his chin.

smoothfoam skeleton pen

For the skeleton’s face, glue two 1/2″ black circles for the eyes and a tiny jagged scrap of black cardstock for the mouth. For his hat, cut a 2-1/4″ circle (brim), a 2-1/2″ x 5″ strip, and a 1-1/4″ circle (top) from brown cardstock and glue together as shown. Adhere a black tulle bow tie beneath his chin.

For the centerpiece monster’s face, cut and glue on a 1″ x 6″ jagged mouth, wiggle eyes and two 1/2″ circles for the nose. Outline the mouth with Stickles Glitter Glue. Poke holes evenly spaced in the top the sphere with the chopstick, then poke the pens into the holes to display.

Faux Cactus

Smoothfoam cactus craft


Smoothfoam egg
Sandpaper or emery board
DecoArt Americana Paint – Foliage Green
Foam brush
Sewing Nnedle
Westcott Titanium Bonded Non-Stick Scissors
Thin white wire
Needle-nose pliers
Beacon 527 Multi-Use Glue
Small clay pot, sand


1.  Sand off the center seam on the egg to smooth out the surface.

2.  Use a foam brush to “pounce” green paint onto egg to get a more textured look, rather than a smooth brushed finish. Let dry. 

3.  To create pilot holes for the cactus needles, use a medium sewing needle to make a hole in the center of the wide end of the egg. Continue making holes down the sides of the egg, about 1/4” apart as shown, for just the top 2/3 of the egg.  

4.  Cut several pieces of white wire to approximately 1/4″ lengths. Pick up each piece with the pliers and dip one end into a drop of glue, then insert into a pilot hole. Press 1-2 more wire pieces into the same hole, spreading them apart slightly to resemble spines on cactus.

5.  Add some sand to the bottom of the pot, place the cactus in the center and add more sand to cover the bottom 1/3 of the egg. 

Enjoy your new little prickly pal! 

Steampunk dragonfly


Well of course there’s such a thing as a steampunk dragonfly! He’s magical, industrial and metallically cool.

Steampunk smoothfoam Dragonfly


2-½” Smoothfoam egg
Four 1” Smoothfoam balls
Three 7/8” Smoothfoam balls
Craft glue
Brown tissue paper
Americana Decou-page Medium
DecoArt Dazzling Metallics paint – Worn Penny
Adirondack Alcohol Ink – Ginger
Copper wire mesh
6 large safety pins
2 large upholstery nails with convex heads
Assorted sprockets, gears, springs, watch parts, eyelets
Scissors, paintbrush, large craft stick, sponge

1.  Trim off both ends of the egg and three 1” balls. Trim one side of remaining 1” ball for the head.

Dragonfly smoothfoam

2.  Using toothpick pieces and glue, connect the head, the egg body, three 1” balls and three 7/8” balls in a row.

3.  Tear brown tissue in small pieces and decoupage to body. Add Worn Penny highlights with the sponge.

4.  Use a large craft stick for a pattern and cut four wings from copper mesh. Trim any sharp edges and dab wing edges and centers with Worn Penny.

5.  Open safety pins and spread apart. Slide a spring onto the point, add glue and push into sides of egg for legs.

6.  Push upholstery nails into head for eyes. Use sprockets to attach wings to body. Add a sprocket and watch parts for mouth parts. Decorate body with other gears, watch parts or eyelets. Dab metal parts with alcohol ink or paint.