Doggie Note Holder

SMOOTHFOAM Doggie Note HolderThis doggy note holder is a fun weekend craft or an easy DIY gift for the kids to make – how cute would this little pup be on your desk or kitchen counter?


12”  Smoothfoam rod
Four 1″ Smoothfoam eggs
2” Smoothfoam egg
2” Smoothfoam ball
Self-adhesive craft felt
Light brown craft paint
Wiggle eyes, black pom pom
Brown or black chenille stem
Craft knife, scissors, sandpaper
Tacky glue, hot glue gun, toothpicks

1.  Cut a 5” length from the Smoothfoam rod. Cut off the top of the 2” egg at the seam. Trim one side of the Smoothfoam ball to fit the bottom of the egg section.

2.  Cut a 5″ square of felt, then remove the backing and adhere it around the rod. Cut out and adhere two circles of felt to fit the ends. Cut out 4 droopy ear shapes, remove the backings and put two together, felt sides out, for each ear.

3.  Sand the edges of the cut egg and the ball to get a good fit and glue together to make the dog’s head. Paint the head and the smaller eggs (for feet) with two coats and let dry.

4. Attach the head and feet to the body with pieces of toothpicks and secure with glue. Glue the ears, wiggle eyes and pom pom nose to the head. Make a collar for the neck with a strip of felt and a charm.

5.  Curl the chenille stem and make a hole at the end of the dog’s body for the tail. Push the stem into the hole and secure with glue.

6.  Use a craft knife to carefully cut two or three slits across the back of the doggie to hold notes. Notes can also be pinned to the body instead, like a bulletin board.

Beaded Mandala Wallhanging

Beaded Mandala wallhanging

Smoothfoam is a great surface for a beaded mandala wallhanging because it holds the pins tightly. A stencil makes it easier to lay out your beads.


12″ Smoothfoam disc
13” circle of burlap
Mandala stencil
Fabric or craft paint
Assorted wood and glass beads
1″ head pins, straight pins
Tacky glue, hot glue
Scissors, sponge, paintbrush, black pen


Center and glue the burlap to the disc. Snip into the burlap around the edge of the circle and wrap around the edge of the disc, overlapping the snip pieces as you glue. Use straight pins to hold the burlap in place until dry.

Center your stencil on top of the disc and pin down. Use a damp sponge brush to apply paint through stencil and let dry.

Hot-glue rope around edge of disc. Pin beads into the surface as desired within the stencil design.

Dot some paint with the end of the paintbrush to accent points in the design, then outline stenciled areas with black pen.

Fall Leaf Wall Panel

smoothfoam autumn leaf wallhanging

I created this fall leaf wall panel to embrace the fall season, which is non-existent where I live in Florida. The year-round sunshine is a wonderful thing, but I still miss certain things about fall – like the crisp air, apple picking and the leaves changing from green to gorgeous shades of red, burgundy, yellow and orange. Smoothfoam is easy to paint and it’s lightweight, making it easy to hang and store. Liven up any room with this fall wall decoration.


One 12″ Smoothfoam Scrapbook Page Mount
Craft paints – Chocolate Brown, Fawn, Sable Brown
Weathered Wood Crackle Medium
Hot wire cutting tool
Fall leaf
Scrapbook paper in a fall color
One 60″ length 1/4″ ribbon
Craft glue
Paint brush, paper, pencil
Ball point pen, broad tip marker, nail file


1.  Draw leaf pattern on plain paper in pencil, then outline with a marker. Trace leaf on sheet of Smoothfoam, using a ball point pen to depress the surface.

trace leaf on smoothfoam

2.  Cut out the leaf shape with a hot wire cutting tool. Smooth any rough edges with a nail file. If you can carve the leaf out in one piece, you have a great shape for another project.

carve smoothfoam hot wire tool

3.  Paint the panel with Chocolate Brown, let dry. Apply Weathered Wood Medium according to package instructions.

painted smoothfoam panel

4.  Place Fawn and Sable Brown next to each other on your palette, load both paints on a large brush and paint the panel with another coat. To achieve the best crackling, stroke only once over the surface, do not go back and forth. Use more paint to get larger cracks, less paint for smaller cracks. Let dry.

5.  Paint the outside edges with Fawn and Sable Brown, but leave the inside of the leaf shape Chocolate Brown for contrast.


6.  Glue the sheet of scrapbook paper to the back of the panel, let dry. Glue 1/4″ wide ribbon around the outer edge and let dry. Tie excess ribbon in a loop and bow to glue or pin at the top as a hanger.

For more inspiration and fall wall decorations, check out the Smoothfoam Facebook page!

Light-Up Owl Halloween Decoration

Smoothfoam halloween owl

This Halloween owl decoration will light up any fall celebration! His eyes are made with tea lites and Smoothfoam  mini wreaths.  This DIY light-up owl is a little spooky and a lot of cute, so let me tell you how to make one!

You will need:

2″ x 4″ x 8″ Smoothfoam block
Two 2.5″ mini Smoothfoam wreaths
3″ Smoothfoam ball (cut in half)
2 battery-operated tea lights
Large recycled peanut can
2 sheets 12″x12″ orange cardstock
3″ black JOY embroidered Letters: B O O
Acrylic paints – black, burnt sienna
*Optional: Black high-gloss enamel paint (for painting the can rim)
Paintbrush, 3-ply jute string, scissors
Heavy-duty craft glue, dry adhesive tape
Hot wire foam cutting tool
Toothpicks, wood skewers

Smoothfoam Halloween Owl decoration


For the owl’s body, cut away a rounded piece at the top of the Smoothfoam block with the hot wire tool, to create the shape of the owl’s head and ears. Make sure the block fits in the can.

Cut the half-ball in half again to create two wings. Cut 1″ off one end of each wing so they can fit flush against the sides of the block body.

Using a skewer for a handle, paint the block body burnt sienna and paint the wings and wreaths black. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Smoothfoam painted halloween owl

Make sure that your tea lights fit inside the Smoothfoam wreaths as shown. Paint the sides of each wreath sienna, then paint around the edges with black. Apply glue to the inside edge of one wreath and insert a tea light to make an eye for the owl. Repeat for the other eye.

** Important:  Apply the glue to the back of each wreath, but do not get it on the tea light. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly before touching it again, so that you’ll be able to remove and replace the tea lights to turn them on and off.

Measure and cut the orange cardstock to fit around the can and glue in place. Wrap and glue the jute string around the top of the can as shown. Glue the embroidered letters to the front of the can.

Smoothfoam halloween owl decoration

Place the block body inside the can and push up against the edge. Poke a toothpick halfway into the flat end of one wing, then push the opposite end of the toothpick into the block. Repeat for the other wing and add glue to secure. Adhere the wreaths to the top (head) of the block with adhesive tape – they should stay put well enough to keep from falling off; but still come off easily enough to allow for turning the tea lights on and off. You could try using Velcro dots as an option.

Cut a triangle from a scrap of orange cardstock for the owl’s beak and glue it between the bottom edges of the eyes. Dress up your DIY light-up Halloween owl decoration with little pumpkins, candy and other Halloween embellishments and enjoy!

Frosted Pinecone Wreath

smoothfoam Frosted Pinecone Wreath

I like making projects that serve more than one purpose, like this pinecone wreath. After I’m done with my fall decorations…I plan on adding red berries and re-making it into a Christmas wreath.

Here’s how to make a frosted pinecone wreath!

You’ll need:

14″ Smoothfoam wreath form
White spray paint
Craft moss
Craft glue, hot glue gun
Ribbon and raffia
Thin wire


paint pinecones with white spray paint


Gather an assortment of various sizes of pinecones. Spray paint one side of the pinecones white.

Glue the moss on the Smoothfoam wreath (leave the outside of the wreath bare).

cover smoothfoam wreath with moss

Hot glue and wire larger pinecones on the wreath first, then fill in the wreath with the smaller pinecones.

Tie a ribbon around the outside of the wreath and add raffia bow.

Hand-Carved Faux Wood Bowl


smoothfoam carved faux wood bowl

Get the look of a rustic, hand-carved wood bowl for an autumn tabletop display with  Smoothfoam and Chalky Finish paint. Faux hand-carved wooden bowls make great table centerpieces.


Smoothfoam half-ball
Hot wire tool or craft knife
Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint – Heritage                                                                   Americana Decor Creme Wax – Deep Brown
Paper towels


If using a hot wire tool to cut the Smoothfoam, be sure you are in a well-ventilated area.

Place the half-ball upside down and carve away a bit of the base to make it flat so it will sit well on table as a bowl. I purposely cut it irregularly, as I was trying to recreate a carved wood effect.

Flip the bowl over, then remove larger random chunks and slices from around the edge of bowl to give it a hand-carved look. Use different tools or styluses to add dents, grooves, and other marks all over the surface.

carve smoothfoam bowl

Paint the bowl with Heritage Chalky Finish paint and let dry. Apply the Creme Wax with a paper towel, removing immediately after applying, to just tint the paint and darken the carved areas.

paint smoothfoam bowl

Fill your DIY wooden bowl with fruit, acorns, pinecones or other autumn elements for a rustic tabletop display.

Fairy Garden House

smoothfoam Fairy Garden House

This tiny DIY fairy garden house is a perfect way to add a bit of whimsy to your potted plants. So let’s invite the garden fairies to move in and stay a while!


Smoothfoam  3″ foam craft house
Makin’s Clay – Brown, White, Black, Green, Grape Leaf, Merlot, Yellow, Neon Pink
Makin’s Texture Sheet Sets: A and D
Makin’s Ultimate Clay Machine and Tool Kit
Cutting Mat
Tacky Glue
Green craft paint
Metallic Lustre – Iced Expresso
Scissors, paintbrush, craft knife, emery board, skewer

Mix small amounts of black and white clay to create gray. Roll through the Ultimate Clay Machine on setting #3 (slightly more than 1/8”). Place the cobblestone texture sheet over the flattened clay and press gently to transfer the texture to clay.

Smooth any raised seams on the Smoothfoam foam craft house with an emery board. Place the house onto the gray clay and cut around the house with a craft knife. Glue the clay to the back of the house and trim beneath roof line as needed.

Trim more pieces of cobblestone clay to glue to the sides and front of house. Smooth any seams in the clay with your fingertips.


Mix a small amount of Grape Leaf clay with Green and roll it through the machine. Press it with the wood grain texture sheet. Cut out the door shape and press it in place – if the clay is still moist, no adhesive is necessary, otherwise use glue. Roll a tiny brown ball of clay to add for a doorknob.


Roll out some brown clay and press with the shingle texture sheet. Cut strips to glue to the roof on the sides and front edge.


Roll out some Merlot clay and press with the brick texture sheet. Cut and glue pieces to cover the chimney.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 11.58.10 AM

Use the skewer to make a hole in the bottom of the house. Glue a piece of grey cobblestone clay over the bottom, reinserting the skewer into the hole. Apply a light coat of Metallic Lustre over the entire house with your fingertip.

Paint the skewer green and let dry. Push it into the hole with a dab of glue

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 12.01.33 PM

Roll tiny strands and leaves of Green clay and press to the front of the house on either side of the door (if clay is still moist, no adhesive necessary; if dry, use glue.)

Roll small 3/8” balls of Yellow clay. Use the circles detail tool to impress the clay into flowers and add to stems on the house.  Use the clay pointed stylus tool to make small slices in the clay to resemble flower petals. Add tiny balls of Neon Pink to the centers of the flowers. Proudly display your DIY fairy garden house in a flower pot or in the ground!

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 12.02.51 PM



Back to School Teacher Gift

Smoothfoam teacher gift pencil holder

“I like the process of pencil and paper as opposed to machine. I think the writing is better when it’s done in handwriting.” —Nelson DeMelville

With the arrival of August comes the back-to-school supply list. Why not send your child off to school with a great teacher’s gift – a creative DIY foam pencil holder using a Smoothfoam cube! The teacher will appreciate it, and you and your child can squeeze in a little last-minute summer crafting fun. Learn how to make your own back to school teacher gifts below.

You will need:

3″ Smoothfoam cube
Acrylic paints – dark chocolate, tomato red and antique gold
3 foam paintbrushes
Stencil of fall leaves
Orange glitter glue
12 pencils
Knitting needle

1.  Paint the cube brown. Allow the first coat to dry and paint a second coat.

2.  Position the stencil on the cube and dab a bit of yellow and red paints over the stencil.  Allow the colors to mix together a bit. Once dry, touch up with a small brush if needed.

3.  Add the veins of the leaves with glitter glue. Do one side at a time and allow to dry before adding veins on another side of the cube.

4.  Determine the top of the cube and punch 12 aligned holes with the knitting needle, or a screwdriver works too. Add the pencils and you have an adorable teacher’s gift!

Decorating with Seashells

Smoothfoam Shell Gift Basket


For me, vacations are all about the beach – and I haven’t left a beach yet without a pocketful of shells! I’ve crafted with found shells for literally more than 60 years, but for special ideas for decorating with seashells like these, I head to the craft store for hard-to-find shells. Smoothfoam shapes are a wonderful foundation for so many different kinds of seashell decorations. Find some wonderful seashell craft ideas below. PLEASE NOTE: Shells conduct heat from the glue gun very quickly. Use caution when handling to avoid burns.

To make this shell basket above, you’ll need:

Low-temp glue gun
Smoothfoam 8” half-ball
6-7 scallop shells

Glue the shells around the outside of the half-ball. Overlap shells as shown for better coverage. Fill with whatever decorative items you like, such as netting and more shells.

Smoothfoam Shell Mirror



To make this shell mirror, you’ll need:

Tacky glue and low-temp glue gun
Smoothfoam 12” disc
8” round mirror
Assorted shells

Adhere the mirror to the center of the disc with tacky glue. Arrange and glue shells around the outer edge of the mirror with the glue gun.



Smoothfoam Starfish Tree Supplies

To make this starfish tree, you’ll need:

Low-temp glue gun
Smoothfoam Cupcake
½” wide burlap ribbon
5 Helmet starfish (graduated sizes to stack)

Wrap the burlap ribbon around the outside of the cupcake for the base, then glue the largest starfish on top. Glue the remaining starfish on top, ending with the smallest.



Smoothfoam Starfish Tree