Mini Wedding Cake Decoration

mini wedding cake smoothfoam

Hello friends! We are nearing wedding season. I have been looking on Pinterest at wedding cakes. We have a wedding coming up this summer in my family and I have turned my attentions to wedding decorations, cakes, flowers, clothing, etc.

I needed some mini wedding cakes for tabletop decorations – I decided to use Smoothfoam and my hot wire foam cutter to create some of my own.

You will need:

3″ Smoothfoam block (for cake)
Modeling paste
Acrylic craft paint
Craft stick, wood skewers
Paintbrush, jar, toothpicks
Mini paper flowers and leaves
Rhinestone trim with adhesive back
Hot wire foam cutter
Hot glue, scissors


1. Cut three pieces from the Smoothfoam block (1″ thick) – 3″ square for the bottom layer of the cake, 2-1/2″ square for the middle layer and a 2″ square for the top.

2. Mix two drops of paint into a quarter cup of modeling paste and blend thoroughly with a craft stick.

3. Use a skewer as a handle by poking it into each block of foam. Brush each piece with the tinted modeling paste and stand the skewers in a jar to dry thoroughly.

4. Attach the three cake layers together with toothpicks and secure with hot glue.

5. Decorate your cake with the paper flowers, leaves and rhinestone trim – or try mini pearls, ribbon, jewels, or glitter.

St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Shamrock Sign

carved smoothfoam st patricks day sign

Everyone can always use a little extra luck, right? Well, here’s a fun tabletop decoration perfect for a Saint Patrick’s Day party, or as a cute gift for someone who just hit the jackpot. I used a hot engraving tool to add detailing to each letter, reminiscent of Celtic knots, and then outlined the word with a black paint pen to make everything pop. And although a four-leaf clover is the traditional symbol for good luck, I decided to add a little luck of the Irish with a three leaf shamrock instead. Hmm – I might just try my luck tomorrow and buy a lotto ticket!


2” x 4” x 12″ Smoothfoam block
Sulky Stick’n Carve Printable Transfer sheet
Proxxon Tabletop Hot Wire Cutter
Hot Wire Foam Factory Hot Knife and Engraving Tool
Acrylic paints – gold, dark green
Glitter – light green, dark green
Black paint pen
Paint brush / plastic dish


1.  Click here to download my “Lucky Shamrock” artwork* and print it onto the Sulky transfer sheet. Because it is too long to fit onto one sheet, it’s tiled into two sections. Cut the sheet in half between the two lines of text. Peel off the backing paper and press the two pieces together to fit on the Smoothfoam block. Trim off the excess transfer sheet. Poke pilot holes with the hot knife into each area of the block that will be cut out.


2.  Carefully carve out the Smoothfoam block with the tabletop hot wire cutter. Unthread and re-insert the wire into each pilot hole to make each interior cut.


3.  Add details to the carving with the engraving tool as shown. Peel off the transfer sheet when finished.


4.  Paint the carving gold. Let dry.


5. Paint the shamrock green. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle with dark green glitter. Add a little more green paint to the center of the shamrock and sprinkle with light green glitter. Tap the carving to remove any excess glitter. Let dry.


6. Outline the carved letters with black paint pen.

* You are welcome to use my original artwork for your own use or for a gift/donation only. You may not use my designs for items intended for resale – that is a copyright infringement. Thank you!

Easter Bunny Blocks

SMOOTHFOAM BUNNY blocksI love the look of the 2×4 wood block crafts that are all over Pinterest these days, so my Smoothfoam Easter bunny blocks are the perfect quick and easy project to craft up for the holiday – and no power tools needed! Smoothfoam is one of my all time favorite materials to use as a base instead of wood. It comes in a variety of shapes, is easy to cut and carve and paints up like a dream!

Display your Easter bunny block family on a table or shelf. Make these Easter bunny art projects for a co-worker or teacher, or craft a set with the kids or a special friend. HOPPY EASTER!!

Start with 3 Smoothfoam blocks (2″ x 4″ x 12″).  Bunny Dad is 12″ tall, use a hot wire tool to cut a second block to 10″ tall for Bunny Mom, and cut the third block to 8″ for Bunny Baby. Sand away any melted strings with a nail file.


Paint the three blocks black. Apply a crackle medium and let dry according to package directions. Paint each block with a white topcoat. As the paint dries, the cracks will appear.

Cut a nose from pink felt, two eyes from blue felt and two ears from white felt for each bunny and glue in place.


Cut 18 pieces of wire 6″ long. Twirl each length around a pencil, then insert three on each side of the the bunnies noses. Secure with a small dot of glue at base.


Detail each Bunny’s eyes with dark gray and white paints as shown and let dry. Paint a line for the mouth with dark gray.


Embellish each bunny block with a ribbon bow tie for Dad and hair bows for Mom and Baby.

Vintage-Inspired Halloween Pumpkins

smoothfoam carved pumpkin decoration

There is just something about vintage Halloween decorations that makes me so happy. One can’t but help smile at the sight of flying witches, scaredy cats and grinning pumpkins all printed in orange in black on old costume boxes and metal noisemakers. Thus inspired, I had fun coming up with this cute Halloween pumpkin craft of three jolly pumpkins all ready to brighten up a Halloween table! Learn how to make these foam Halloween pumpkins below.

2” x 4” x 12″ Smoothfoam block
6″ Smoothfoam disc
Sulky Stick’n Carve Printable Transfer sheets
Proxxon table top Hot Wire Cutter Thermocut 115/E
Handheld Hot Wire Cutter Thermocut 12/E
Dimensional paints – black, crystal
Acrylic paints – black, bright orange
Paint pens – white, orange
White glue, paintbrush, scissors

  1.  Click here to download* my pumpkin trio design. Print the pumpkins onto a Sulky transfer sheet. Peel off the backing release paper and apply the adhesive sheet to the Smoothfoam block. Trim off the excess transfer sheet.


2.  Carefully carve out the Smoothfoam block with the table top hot wire cutter.


3.  Use the handheld hot wire tool to carve the outlines and other details into the foam. Peel off the transfer sheets when finished.


4.  Paint the foam block black. Let dry.

5.  Outline the pumpkins with white paint pen. Color each pumpkin with bright orange paint. Add sparkle to each eye with a drop of crystal dimensional paint. Scribble the dimensional paint on the back of the block to add texture. Let dry.

6.  Paint the Smoothfoam disc black. Let dry. Add details to the side with the white paint pen as shown. Draw a simple spider web on the top of the disc with black dimensional paint. Let dry.

7.  Glue the pumpkin stack onto the painted disc. Let dry.

* Copyright:  You are welcome to use my original artwork only for your own use or for a gift/donation. You may not use my designs for items intended for resale.

Light-Up Owl Halloween Decoration

Smoothfoam halloween owl

This Halloween owl decoration will light up any fall celebration! His eyes are made with tea lites and Smoothfoam  mini wreaths.  This DIY light-up owl is a little spooky and a lot of cute, so let me tell you how to make one!

You will need:

2″ x 4″ x 8″ Smoothfoam block
Two 2.5″ mini Smoothfoam wreaths
3″ Smoothfoam ball (cut in half)
2 battery-operated tea lights
Large recycled peanut can
2 sheets 12″x12″ orange cardstock
3″ black JOY embroidered Letters: B O O
Acrylic paints – black, burnt sienna
*Optional: Black high-gloss enamel paint (for painting the can rim)
Paintbrush, 3-ply jute string, scissors
Heavy-duty craft glue, dry adhesive tape
Hot wire foam cutting tool
Toothpicks, wood skewers

Smoothfoam Halloween Owl decoration


For the owl’s body, cut away a rounded piece at the top of the Smoothfoam block with the hot wire tool, to create the shape of the owl’s head and ears. Make sure the block fits in the can.

Cut the half-ball in half again to create two wings. Cut 1″ off one end of each wing so they can fit flush against the sides of the block body.

Using a skewer for a handle, paint the block body burnt sienna and paint the wings and wreaths black. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Smoothfoam painted halloween owl

Make sure that your tea lights fit inside the Smoothfoam wreaths as shown. Paint the sides of each wreath sienna, then paint around the edges with black. Apply glue to the inside edge of one wreath and insert a tea light to make an eye for the owl. Repeat for the other eye.

** Important:  Apply the glue to the back of each wreath, but do not get it on the tea light. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly before touching it again, so that you’ll be able to remove and replace the tea lights to turn them on and off.

Measure and cut the orange cardstock to fit around the can and glue in place. Wrap and glue the jute string around the top of the can as shown. Glue the embroidered letters to the front of the can.

Smoothfoam halloween owl decoration

Place the block body inside the can and push up against the edge. Poke a toothpick halfway into the flat end of one wing, then push the opposite end of the toothpick into the block. Repeat for the other wing and add glue to secure. Adhere the wreaths to the top (head) of the block with adhesive tape – they should stay put well enough to keep from falling off; but still come off easily enough to allow for turning the tea lights on and off. You could try using Velcro dots as an option.

Cut a triangle from a scrap of orange cardstock for the owl’s beak and glue it between the bottom edges of the eyes. Dress up your DIY light-up Halloween owl decoration with little pumpkins, candy and other Halloween embellishments and enjoy!

Rustic Pumpkin Decorations

SM Halloween Pumpkins 1


Three 2″ x 4″ x 12″ Smoothfoam blocks
Acrylic paints; orange, red, umber, black, sienna
Hot knife or other cutting tool
Small wood spools
Decorative pins

SM Halloween Pumpkins 2


Using the hot knife, cut one of the blocks to 9″ high, cut one to 6″ high, and leave the other at 12″. Trim the edges from all pieces and sand if desired.

Paint each block with a base coat of orange, then dry brush light coats of red and sienna onto the pieces. Set aside to dry.

Add black accents to each block.

Paint the small spools umber and attach to the tops of each block with decorative pins. Tie ribbon around each spool.

Bracelet Stand

bracelet stand

This quick and easy bracelet stand is great for displaying and selling your work at a show or even for storing your personal jewelry. Hang your bracelets on the arms or stack them around the posts.


12” Smoothfoam rod
2” x 4” x 12” Smoothfoam block
Two ¼” x 6” lengths of wood dowel
Fabric or burlap, scrap of felt
Acrylic paint
Scissors, paintbrush, tacky glue, straight pins


Mark holes four inches from each end in the centers of both Smoothfoam pieces. Poke holes at marks and stick the dowel pieces in the holes to enlarge.

Wrap the Smoothfoam with fabric or burlap. Roll up the rod in the burlap and place the seam over the holes. Clip and glue the burlap down over the ends. Cover each ends with a glued circle of felt. Wrap the block with the seam at the bottom (holes on top). Fold the ends like gift wrap and glue to secure. Use straight pins to hold fabric until glue dries, as needed.

Paint the dowels, let dry. Cut small holes through the fabric where you made holes in the Smoothfoam and glue dowels in place.

Quick and Easy Decoupaged Necklace Stand

smoothfoam necklace display stand

I’m always in search of stands on which to hang the necklaces I create. My solution: Create one with Smoothfoam! I decoupaged mine with brown paper bag strips, but tissue paper or scrapbook paper would work well, too. And it’s easy to make them in different sizes.

12” Smoothfoam Scrapbook Page Mount
2”x 4”x 8” Smoothfoam block
Paper bag, torn into strips
Decoupage medium
Sheet of printer paper
Craft knife, pencil, scissors, awl

1.  Make a pattern for the stand by folding a sheet of paper in half lengthwise. Draw an outline as shown and cut out the pattern. I made mine about 8” high.

trace pattern on smoothfoam

2.  Unfold the pattern and trace it on the sheet of Smoothfoam. Cut out the shape with a craft knife. Cut a piece of the block about 6” long.

3.  Decoupage the shapes with strips of paper bag. Let dry and determine the placement of the bust on the stand. Make holes in the bottom of the bust and top of the stand. Push toothpicks in both pieces to connect the two shapes. Add glue to hold if desired.



Word for the Year: Connect

how to carve words out of smoothfoam

Each January, I like to choose an “action word” to use as a goal or inspiration for that year. Last year I selected the word “grow” and boy, did I ever! My business and schedule grew tremendously, I’m happy to say. This year I carved the word “connect” from a block of Smoothfoam and added details with twisted wire and Smoothfoam balls. It will serve as a visual reminder to myself to connect more with my family and friends, to network more for my business, and to “connect the dots” in my artwork by bringing together diverse techniques from different media. Choose your own favorite action word and carve it using the following tools and techniques!


2” x 4” x 12″ Smoothfoam block
Two 1” Smoothfoam balls
Three 2” Smoothfoam balls
Sulky Stick’n Carve Printable Transfer sheet
Hot Wire Foam Factory Hot Knife & Mini-Scroll Table
Stamps and ink pads
Tacky glue
Craft paints – sky blue, yellow, red, navy blue, orange
Silver wire – 16 gauge
 and 12 gauge
Wire cutters, round-nose pliers
Paint brush, skewers


1.  Click here to download the “Connect” artwork* and print it onto the Sulky transfer sheet. Because it is too long to fit onto one sheet, it’s tiled into two sections. Cut the sheet in half between the two lines of text. Peel off the backing paper and press the two pieces together to fit on the Smoothfoam block. Trim off the excess transfer sheet. Poke pilot holes with the hot knife into each area of the block that will be cut out.


2.  Carefully carve out the design on the mini-scroll table. Unthread and re-insert the wire into each pilot hole to make each interior cut. Peel off the transfer sheet when finished.

Carved-Word-of-the-Year-Connect-by-Carmen-Flores-Tanis-step-23.  Add details to the carving with the engraving tool.


4.  Paint the front of the carved letters yellow and let dry.


5.  Stamp a pattern on to the letters with a contrasting color ink pad – I used orange.


6.  Paint the sides, back and inside areas of the carving sky blue.


7.  Using the skewers as handles, paint each Smoothfoam ball with yellow, orange, red or navy blue acrylic paint. Let dry.

8.  Cut a 14” length of 12-gauge wire. Use a skewer to poke straight through each ball from the pre-drilled pilot hole at one end. Thread the Smoothfoam balls onto the wire. Secure with glue if necessary.

9.  Cut a 18” length of 16-gauge wire and twist one end around the 12-gauge wire right next to the first Smoothfoam ball. Wrap the wire loosely around the ball. Secure the wire in place by twisting the end around the 12-gauge wire on the other side of the ball. Repeat for the rest of the balls.Carved-Word-of-the-Year-Connect-by-Carmen-Flores-Tanis-Step-9

10.  Poke the wire ends into the top of the carved block. Add a drop of glue at each end to secure.

* You are welcome to use my original artwork for your own use or for a gift/donation only. You may not use my designs for items intended for resale – that is a copyright infringement. Thank you!

Baseball Time Photo Display

smoothfoam photo display block

Here in North Carolina, baseball season for our little guys is in full swing! When I saw this Smoothfoam baseball, I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it – a fun way to display our grandson’s baseball photos!


2″ x 4″ x 8” Smoothfoam block
2-5/8″ Smoothfoam baseball
Natural Makin’s Clay
Mod Podge Mod Molds – Alphabet
Americana Décor Chalky Finish Paints
Paint brushes
Tacky glue
Craft Attitude Printable Craft Film
Glue stick
Card stock (coordinate color with your team’s uniforms)
Red fine-point marker
Paper trimmer
Sandpaper or emery board

paint smoothfoam block paint smoothfoam baseball

Paint the Smoothfoam block in your desired color and let dry.

Sand way the center seam on the Smoothfoam baseball and paint it white or off-white and let dry. Use the red marker to highlight the raised stitches on the baseball.

On your computer, type various baseball-themed words in different fonts in desired color to fill 2″ x 8” sections for the top and 2″ x 4″ sections for the sides of the block. Print out on Craft Attitude film, following manufacturer instructions – be sure to reverse your text before printing. Trim out and use glue stick to adhere the film to the sides and top of block.

mount photos on smoothfoam craft attitude on smoothfoam

clay letters in silicone molds

Create the letters for your desired verse with the clay and molds. The mold is flexible, so the clay will pop right out after pressing it inside – you don’t need to wait until the clay dries to remove the letters.

When the letters are dry, draw baseball stitches on each with the marker, then glue them into your verse on a strip of card stock.

Mat your photos on card stock and glue them on the block, then glue the verse underneath.

Press a toothpick into the pilot hole of the baseball, then push the ball into the lower left corner of the block – secure the ball to the block with a little glue.