Tabletop decor for the Fourth of July


This fabric-covered house is a perfect addition to your tabletop decor for your Fourth of July celebration. Use patriotic novelty fabric to make this freestanding house a warm and cozy home…you can create a whole Americana village for your holiday decor!

Smoothfoam tabletop decor for Fourth of July by Debra Quartermain



Two 5″ Smoothfoam cubes
America the Beautiful fabric – one fat quarter
Patriotic-themed buttons
Phoomph Fabric Bonding sheets (self-adhesive thick interfacing)
Blue fabric
Red polka dot fabric
Assorted ribbons and rickrack
Fabric glue
Hot glue gun
Measuring tape
Craft knife

1.  Cut one Smoothfoam cube in half on the diagonal – one half is for the house roof. Cut a small rectangular piece from the other half of the cube for a chimney, keeping the diagonal slant on the bottom to fit flush along one side of the roof later.

2.  Wrap and glue a piece of patriotic fabric around the roof piece; allow to dry.

3.  Wrap and glue a piece of blue fabric around the other cube for the house base; allow to dry.

4.  Use the end of the Smoothfoam roof to trace two triangles on to the paper liner of the fabric bonding sheet and cut out. Peel off one side of the liner and adhere the bonding sheet to a piece of red polka dot fabric, then trim the fabric to the triangle shape, flush to the adhesive edge. Peel off the top liner and adhere the red fabric triangle to the end of the roof on top of the patriotic fabric. Repeat for the other side of the roof. The thickness of the bonding sheet adds a nice bit of extra dimension to the roofline.

5.  Cut a small rectangle from the patriotic fabric for a door and adhere it to one side of the house using another piece of the bonding sheet for dimension.

6.  Fussy-cut “peeps” and other elements from the patriotic fabric and adhere to the house with fabric glue. Further embellish as desired by adhering the rickrack and ribbon with fabric glue, and the buttons with hot glue.

7. Use hot glue to embellish the chimney with fussy-cut fabric elements (mount to cardstock or use the bonding sheet for stability if desired) and/or buttons – then hot-glue the chimney to one side of the roof.


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