String art mandala

smoothfoam string art mandala

A Smoothfoam disc is a nice foundation for string art with push pins – instead of having to hammer nails into wood, you can just push in straight pins to anchor the string design. You have to be a bit more gentle when wrapping and pulling the thread, but it’s fast and easy. I love how this string art mandala turned out – plus it’s so lightweight, it hangs on my cupboard with just a couple little adhesive foam squares.

– Smoothfoam disc
– Craft paints, paintbrush, pouncer
– Short ball-head straight pins
– Thick thread

Paint the disc however you like – I painted a coat of mint all over, then a circle of purple in the center, then I added yellow texture with a fingertip pouncer.

painted smoothfoam disc

Push in the straight pins at an angle (toward the center) evenly around the perimeter of the disc. I like appliqué pins the best because the ball-head is small and the pins are short.

Tie a loop knot at the end of the first color of thread and pin it to the back of the disc, keeping the thread attached to the spool. Let the spool drop to the floor and wrap the threadaround to the first pin on the front of the disc, then start winding the thread around each pin at opposite sides, turning it as you go to create a “spirograph” pattern. Go around the perimeter 2-3 times to thicken the lines, then clip the thread and pin another knotted loop to the back to secure.

To add a second thread color, push in more pins in a smaller circle, inside the first and repeat the threading process.

string art mandala

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