Stenciled birdhouse

smoothfoam birdhouse


I love how paint stenciling on the walls of my birdhouse looks like a tile mosaic. Smoothfoam’s smooth surface takes painting and stenciling beautifully!



Smoothfoam block: 2” x 4” x 8”
Smoothfoam 3” cube
– Kite Stencils – 6″ Roses
– Mix’d Media Inx Chox – Chiffon, Mossy, Patina
– Clearsnap ColorBox Stylus with foam tip
– Westcott Hobby Knife
– ScrapPerfect Perfect Crafting Pouch
– Hot glue gun & glue sticks
– Miniature artificial rose & leaves
– 1″ circle cookie cutter
– 1/8” x 2″ wooden dowel
– Coarse sandpaper


1.  Use a craft knife to cut a  4” x 4” x 2” piece from the block to make the roof.

roof diagram

2.  Mark two diagonal lines on the outer edges to form a triangle and slice away the outer corners of the block to create a peaked roof. Smooth out the cut edges with sandpaper.

3.  Remove the leaves from artificial rose stems and hot glue them in alternating rows to each side of roof, covering any gaps so the foam doesn’t show through.

4.  Use the stylus to apply Patina ink to the front and back sides of roof. Flip the roof over and color the edges underneath the roof with Mossy ink; allow to dry.

5.  Position the rose stencil on one side of the 3” cube and color it in with all three ink colors using the stylus. Remove stencil and allow to dry. Repeat for each side of the cube.

TIP: Pat the inked areas with the crafting pouch to speed up the drying process.

6.  Glue the roof to the top of the stenciled cube.

7.  Glue a miniature rose to the front of the roof.

8.  Position the cookie cutter on the front of the birdhouse and push it into the Smoothfoam to desired depth, then twist the cutter out. Use the hobby knife to carve out the foam inside the circle.

9.  Color the inside of the birdhouse opening with ink.

10.  Color the wooden dowel with ink and insert it into the foam below the opening to serve as perch.


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