Steampunk perpetual calendar


Steampunk,” as a term for the genre, first made an appearance in the 80s and since then, it has grown into a hugely popular style for crafting and mixed media art. My perpetual steampunk-style calendar was created on one 12″ sheet of Smoothfoam. Expand it into a triptych wallhanging by adding more Smoothfoam panels (shown at the bottom of the post). Hope you enjoy this project – if you are a fan of steampunk, it was created just for you!

Smoothfoam steampunk Perpetual Calendar

You will need:

One 12″ x 12″ Smoothfoam Scrapbook Mount
12″ x 12″ scrapbook papers (I used Tim Holtz – Destinations)
12″ x 12″ cardstock:  slate, dark brown
Decou-Page sealer
DecoArt Metallic Lustre Wax:  black, copper
Rags for application
Craft glue
Black pigment ink pad
Embellishments: 1-1/4″ filigree butterflies, 1-1/2″ filigree squares, 1″ metal washers, brass paper fasteners, 3″ doll eyeglasses, paper roses
Tissue papers: matte gold, metallic gold
19-gauge wire, two pieces bent into 1/2″ u -pins
2 CraZy TACKz
Die-cut gear shapes – (I used Cricut/Close To My Heart – Artiste)
Die-cutting machine
Paper trimmer, scissors
Paintbrush, wire cutters
Click here to download a PDF pattern for large gears and wings

1.  Wad the matte gold tissue into a ball, then unfold and flatten out. Apply Decou-Page to the Smoothfoam sheet, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Tear tissue into large pieces and adhere to the entire surface. Tear large strips of the metallic gold tissue and adhere, leaving in wrinkles. Allow to dry thoroughly, preferably overnight.

Smoothfoam decoupage wrinkled tissue

2.  Apply copper wax randomly to the tissue-covered Smoothfoam surface, allowing the gold tissues to show through in spots. Repeat with the black shimmer wax. Apply the shimmer wax to the paper wings and to the filigree elements to get the desired effect.

3.  Cut out clock images from the Tim Holtz papers and die-cut the gears from cardstock.  Cut out the larger gears by hand from the pattern provided above. There are 22+ of the smaller gears that are adhered to the perpetual calendar pages.

4.  Color the edges of the embellishments and die-cuts with the black pigment ink pad.

5.  Arrange and adhere embellishments to the textured Smoothfoam sheet.

For the calendar:

1.  Background:  Cut one 6-1/2″ square and one 6″ square from patterned cardstock.  Adhere the smaller square to the larger square. Center and adhere to the board.

2.  Months:  Cut six 1″ x 2″ rectangles – center and adhere the word “January” (print out on the computer or use calendar stickers). Repeat with February and adhere to the backside of the January card. Repeat for the remaining months.

3.  Days:  Cut sixteen 2-1/2″ x 3″ rectangles. Print and adhere the numbers 1-31 as for the months, using the front and the back of each card.

4.  To make a hanger for each card, center and glue the bottom half of a 1-1/2″ gear to the front of the January card. Repeat; gluing one gear to the front of each card.

To finish: 

1.  Cut the prongs off of the brass paper fasteners and glue the round pieces to the corners of the calendar as shown. Repeat the process with two more brads, adhering one to each center of the two large gears.

2.  Center and glue the CraZy TACKz to the calendar.  Hang the perpetual calendar cards on the hooks.

3.  Center the eyeglasses above the calendar cards. Make two pilot holes for the wire u-pins. Secure the eyeglasses to the board with the u-pins.

4.  Display on an easel or glue a saw-tooth hanger to the back for hanging on the wall.

Smoothfoam steampunk triptych calendar


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