Steampunk dragonfly


Well of course there’s such a thing as a steampunk dragonfly! He’s magical, industrial and metallically cool.

Steampunk smoothfoam Dragonfly


2-½” Smoothfoam egg
Four 1” Smoothfoam balls
Three 7/8” Smoothfoam balls
Craft glue
Brown tissue paper
Americana Decou-page Medium
DecoArt Dazzling Metallics paint – Worn Penny
Adirondack Alcohol Ink – Ginger
Copper wire mesh
6 large safety pins
2 large upholstery nails with convex heads
Assorted sprockets, gears, springs, watch parts, eyelets
Scissors, paintbrush, large craft stick, sponge

1.  Trim off both ends of the egg and three 1” balls. Trim one side of remaining 1” ball for the head.

Dragonfly smoothfoam

2.  Using toothpick pieces and glue, connect the head, the egg body, three 1” balls and three 7/8” balls in a row.

3.  Tear brown tissue in small pieces and decoupage to body. Add Worn Penny highlights with the sponge.

4.  Use a large craft stick for a pattern and cut four wings from copper mesh. Trim any sharp edges and dab wing edges and centers with Worn Penny.

5.  Open safety pins and spread apart. Slide a spring onto the point, add glue and push into sides of egg for legs.

6.  Push upholstery nails into head for eyes. Use sprockets to attach wings to body. Add a sprocket and watch parts for mouth parts. Decorate body with other gears, watch parts or eyelets. Dab metal parts with alcohol ink or paint.

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