Steampunk Christmas Ball

Smoothfoam Steampunk ornament


3″ Smoothfoam ball
Offray ribbons:  1 yard length of 2″ wide sheer gold wire-edge; 1/2 yard length 1/4″ white satin or grosgrain
Decou-Page Gloss Medium
Metallic Lustre wax:  Black Shimmer, Copper Kettle
Gold metallic tissue paper
1″ flat paintbrush, small rag
1 metallic gold chenille stem
Self-adhesive rhinestone trim, clear rhinestones
Metal gear charms, metallic beads, gold bead caps
Straight pins, scissors
Glue gun
Fast Grab Tacky Glue
Wood skewer

tissue decoupage on smoothfoam ball


1.  Insert the skewer into the ball to use as a handle for decoupaging.

2.  Crumple the tissue paper and spread it out, then tear it into small random pieces. Brush decoupage medium to a small area of the ball and adhere a piece of crumpled tissue paper. Brush more medium to the top of the paper. Repeat until the entire ball is covered. Allow to dry thoroughly.

3.  Rub the copper and black Metallic Lustre wax over the surface of the ball with a rag to add extra dimension and shine. Adhere the rhinestone trim around the middle of the ball. Glue and/or pin the other embellishments to the ball as shown.

4.  Make a bow with four 2″ loops and two 2-1/2″ tails from the gold ribbon. Trim a V-notch into the end of each tail. Tie the white ribbon around the middle of the bow to secure and glue/pin it to the top of the ball. Tie the white ribbon ends in a knot, leaving a 3″ loop for hanging. Trim the tails at an angle.

gold steampunk smoothfoam ornament

Designer tip:  Look through your junk drawer to find buttons, beads, old keys, metal washers and gears, etc. These items all lend to the steampunk effect.

Enjoy & have a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hello. Very cute idea for an ornament. I am about to start a project making my own ornaments and am having an issue trying to center the holes. I am using a skewer to puncture the holes but for some reason I can’t seem to get the holes to line up. Any suggestions?

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