Star-Spangled Wreath

smoothfoam 4th of july wreathWith summer almost here, I thought it would be nice to get a head start on some patriotic decorations!

To make a star-spangled wreath you will need:

14″ Smoothfoam wreath
Foil tape
22-gauge wire
Cereal box
Foam tape
Bamboo skewer
Blunt end of a small paint brush
Permanent markers



1.  Wrap the edge of the wreath with the foil tape.

2.  Cut the foil tape into 3″ pieces and cover the rest of the wreath. Smooth out any ridges with your fingers.

3.  Use the bamboo skewer to press line indents onto the surface of the wreath.

4.  Add detail with the end of the paintbrush – be careful not to poke through the foil tape. Color with the pens.

Processed with Moldiv

5.  Hand or die-cut 18-20 assorted sized stars from the cereal box. Cover stars with foil tape and trim off excess. You only need to cover one side of the star. Decorate stars with the colored pens.

6.  Measure 5″ of wire. Wrap it around a pen to make a coil. Make enough coils for every other star.

7.  Use the foil tape to attach the coil to the backside of the stars and also the wreath.

8. Use the end of the paintbrush to maneuver through the coil, to help press the foil tape onto the wreath. Attach the other stars with foam tape.

Processed with Moldiv

Attach a loop of wire to the back of the wreath with the foil tape and hang it for all to enjoy!


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