Fourth of July Star-Spangled Sun Catcher


In honor of our upcoming holiday, I used Smoothfoam as the centerpiece of this star-spangled Fourth of July sun catcher. It’s quick and easy to make – hang it in a window or on the porch to see the red, white and blue sparkles. Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays, not only for the celebrations involving cook-outs, homemade ice cream and fireworks, but because it represents the freedoms that we hold dear in the USA. Here’s wishing you a blessed Fourth of July. Enjoy your freedom!


fourth of july sun catcher


Smoothfoam  sheet
4″ tin pail
Beading wire: one 14” length, two 12” lengths, two 10” lengths, two 8” lengths, three 6” lengths
6 eye pins, 12 jump rings
Assorted small beads in red, white and silver
6 large clear crystal beads (approx. ¾” diameter)
Star-shaped beads: two red, two clear, two blue
1/4″ round mesh cord:  one package each of red, clear and blue
Craft paints: red, white and blue
8″ length of sording or string
Craft knife, paint brush
Wire cutters, scissors, Sharpie marker
Crop-A-Dile hole punch
Liquid glue for foam
Beacon Quick Grip Adhesive
Hammer and punch

glue prevents raveling and fraying

Note:  Secure all knots with a dot of Quick Grip to prevent raveling or fraying.


1.  Click here to download a star pattern. Print it on to card stock and trace it on the Smoothfoam sheet. Trim out the star with a sharp craft knife; repeat for three stars total. Paint all three stars – one red, one white and one blue and set aside to dry.

2.  Mark six points around the tin pail approximately ½” from the rim and punch holes with the Cropadile. Use the hammer and punch to punch two additional holes in the bottom of the pail, centered approximately 1” apart. Thread cording or string through both holes and tie in a knot on the inside of the pail.

punch holes in tin pail

Note: If your pail is not red, white or blue, spray it with two coats of Krylon spray paint in advance.

3.  Tie an eye pin onto the 14” beading wire. Thread the beads in whatever order you like until you have approximately 12” of beads. Repeat with one 12” wire (with 10” of beads) and one 10” wire (with 8” of beads). Tie these three wires to the holes in the rim of the tin, spacing them equally.

4.  Tie eye pins on to the ends of the 6” wires, and then add about 4-½” of beads. Add a jump ring on the end. Add an additional jump ring to the plastic star beads and attach them to the jump ring in the end of the beaded wires.

5.  Clip the ends of the eye pins to 1”, dip in foam adhesive and insert into Smoothfoam stars. The long ones should go in the top point of the star and the smaller ones in the “V” directly below the point.

6.  Attach jump rings to the remaining three wires and add a plastic star with jump ring to the end. Thread on approximately 4-½” of beads, then thread on a piece of mesh tubing to cover the remaining wire. Attach these pieces to the pail between the other pieces.

wrap wire with mesh cord7. Apply Quick Grip adhesive to the heavy wire. Tie the ends of the 24” mesh together into a knot and wrap around the wire, leaving about 3” of mesh at the beginning and end. Twist the wire ends together and slip the ring over the tin pail to cover the holes. Tie the ends of mesh tubing together, then add additional sets of three around the ring to simulate fireworks.


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