Springtime bird decor

nested bird smoothfoam


Do you have a wreath, table decor or a plant that needs a little color and livening up to welcome spring? Check out these cute little decorative foam birds! This spring bird craft project is easy to create using Smoothfoam balls and they’ll add that “pop” of color you’re looking for. A smaller version of this design in holiday colors would be perfect for Christmas decorating and tree ornaments – attach a painted clothespin to the bottom of the bird for clipping to a tree branch.


Supplies for 2 decorative foam birds – one large, one small:

Two 2″ Smoothfoam balls
2-1/2″ Smoothfoam ball
1-1/2″ Smoothfoam ball
Any size Smoothfoam sheet
Acrylic crafts paint: Yellow, Black, White, Orange
3/4″ teardrop wood shape
Jute twine
Two black rhinestones
Yellow craft feathers
Serrated craft knife and scissors
Glue gun and low melt glue sticks
Craft glue
Sand paper
Water and paper towels
Powder blush
Optional: 12″ wood dowel, silk flowers, greens and berries, glitter

1.  For each bird, cut the bottom portion off of the bird’s body (larger ball) and head (smaller ball) to allow for a flat surface on each. Lightly sand the foam edges to smooth.

2.  Cut a triangle shape from the Smoothfoam sheet using a serrated knife. Cut the point off one end to create a flat surface that will fit against the body. Turn onto one side and sllice this piece in two, reducing the thickness.

spring birds smoothfoam

3. Poke a toothpick into the flat side of each foam ball and into the end of the tail piece. Paint both balls and the tail yellow, using toothpick as a holder. Place into the foam sheet and allow to dry.

4. Adhere the head and tail to the body with the toothpicks. Paint black wings on the sides of the body as shown. First outline each wing with a brush, then fill in the color.  Paint a black strip on the top of the head. Highlight each cheek with some powder blush and a white paint dot, then highlight each wing with a little float of white paint.

5. Paint the wood teardrop black and allow to dry. Gently push the pointed end into the spot where the beak will be placed to create an opening. Push the rounded portion of the teardrop into the opening and adhere with glue. Adhere the black rhinestones to the face for eyes.

6. Choose a couple of feathers for the tail and trim as needed. Poke a small hole in the top of one bird’s head with a toothpick and glue a piece of feather into the hole.

7. Wrap and glue jute twine around the bottom portion of the bird’s body.  For a simple nest design, leave plain. For a floral nest, cut pieces from a spray of silk flowers, berries, etc. and glue into the jute. A dowel or wire can be inserted into the flat side of the bird if you would like to display it in a plant.

Below is another design option with glitter that I love! Try this spring bird craft project today!

blue glitter bird smoothfoam


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