Spooky Halloween Centerpiece

smoothfoam halloween balls

I love Halloween and every year I try to create new items that are quick to make and easy to store for the following year. Working with Smoothfoam guarantees my finished project is going to be durable and shatterproof. A plus when we have holiday guests!

To make this Spooky Halloween Centerpiece, you will need the following:

2″ Smoothfoam balls
Smoothfoam sheet or block – any size
Medium-grit sandpaper
Mod Podge Gloss medium
Tacky glue
Crepe paper streamers
Dew Drops – purple, orange and green
Mini rhinestones – purple and green
Googly eyes
Toothpicks, paint brush

Sand down the seams of each ball. Then tear your crepe paper into 1″ strips and apply to each ball with the Mod Podge.

Press a toothpick into each ball, then poke them onto a Smoothfoam sheet or block to fully dry.

When the balls are no longer sticky to touch, attach the assorted rhinestones, googly eyes and Dew Drops with your tacky glue. Let the glue set before putting the balls on display.

smoothfoam googly eyes balls


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