Space alien wall decoration


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Welcome to the newest member of our Creativity Team – Laura Bray!
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Make a space alien wall decoration for your child’s room! This cute and fun outer space craft project will brighten any room. This canvas was created by our friends at Plaid Crafts and me for display in Plaid’s booth at the Craft & Hobby Association Trade Show last month.

Smoothfoam Alien Wall art


4-1/2″ Smoothfoam half-balls
Apple Barrel Craft Paint
Large canvas
Small wood beads
Cardstock – white, dark blue
Paper plates
Tacky glue
Google eyes
Paint brushes
Small binder clips

1.  Paint the half balls with your favorite colors, and paint 1-2 wood beads to match each half-ball. Paint skewers white, and paint paper plates with metallic silver. Set aside to dry.

2.  Paint the canvas a dark blue. After it’s dry, use a small brush to paint stars in opaque white, leaving spaces for placing the aliens later. You could also paint small chipboard stars and glue them to the canvas, or you could look for poster paper that’s preprinted with a night sky pattern and glue it to the canvas.

3.  Glue 1 or 2 eyes onto each alien. Trim the skewers down to about 2″ long and glue a bead to the end for antennae. Poke 1 or 2 antennae into the top of each alien.

4.  To make a rocket ship for each alien, trim egg shapes from the white cardstock and slightly smaller egg shapes from the blue cardstock. Layer and glue together, then adhere the alien in the center. Cut a painted paper plate in half and glue it around the bottom half of the alien. Use binder clips to hold in place while the glue dries.

5.  Adhere the aliens in their ships to the canvas.

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