Soft white yarn lamb

soft white yarn lamb


Springtime brings buds and blooms…and in the fields are wee new lambs.

Make your own little flock to display as a centerpiece on your dining table or to hang as a mobile in the baby’s room.




3” Smoothfoam ball (body)
2-1/2″ Smoothfoam egg (head)
White yarn
5 pearl-head floral pins
16 pearl beads
2 black-head straight pins
1 pink brad
Fabri-Tac glue
1/2 yard sheer ribbon
2 paper flowers
2” needle
Cosmetic blush powder


yarn wrapped foam ball

1.  Squeeze a glue line lengthwise around the center of the egg. Wrap a length of yarn along the glue line, then add another glue line beside it. Repeat until you have wrapped yarn all around one side of the egg (photo – left). Repeat for other side and set aside to dry thoroughly.

2.  Squeeze a 1-1/2″ circle of glue on the ball and wind a length of yarn into a spiral on top of the glue. Continue making spirals all around the ball until it’s covered (photo – right). Add extra spirals as a second woolly layer over half of ball (this will be the top of the lamb’s back) and set aside to dry thoroughly.


3.  Insert needle between body and head and push together. Insert black-head pins for eyes and the brad for a nose, and add blush to the cheeks. Wrap two lengths of yarn into  small loops. Press and glue the loops to the head for ears.

4.  Place four pearl beads on each pearl floral pin. Add glue to the end of each pin and insert them into the underside of the lamb to make four legs.

5.  Wrap a length of yarn into a small circle and glue it to the body as a tail.

6.  Tie a ribbon into a bow around the neck and embellish with a pearl floral pin pushed through the paper flowers into the center of the bow.


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