Snowman Trio

smoothfoam snowmen

As much as I am NOT looking forward to snow and winter, I do love a happy snowman!  I decided to make a snowman trio for a fun wintery display. This is nice to leave out even after Christmas.

2″ x 4″ x 8″ Smoothfoam block
3 each of three sizes of Smoothfaom balls – 2″, 1.5″, 1″
Craft glue, black glitter glue
Acrylic paints – blue, white
Heat carving tool
Orange dimensional paint
Faux snow
Ribbons and fibers


To make each snowman stack a little easier, carve a little divot in the two bottom balls and also in the base block. Carve the words “LET IT SNOW” into the front of the block with heat tool.

IMG_6723Painted all the Smoothfoam pieces white and let dry. For the front of the carved block, paint it blue, using a flat foam brush to allow the white inside the letters to show.

Cover the balls in white glue and roll them in the faux snow, then let dry. Paint a face and buttons with black glitter glue, and dab some orange dimensional paint for the nose.

Glue each set of three balls together to assemble each snowman, then glue them to the block. Tie some ribbons and fibers around their necks.

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