Snowflake Holiday Wreath

Smoothfoam Snowflake holiday Wreath

When it comes to holiday decorating, I love anything with a snowflake on it. I fell in love with these large snowflakes from Smoothfoam and made this quick and easy holiday wreath.

To make my Snowflake Wreath you’ll need:

12″ Smoothfoam snowflake
6″ Smoothfoam snowflake
Red and cream acrylic paints
Large red button
Craft glue
Ribbon, twine, large needle
Greenery wreath

1.  Paint the 6″ snowflake cream and the 12″ snowflake red; let both dry.

2.  Glue the two snowflakes together as shown, then glue a large red button on the center of the cream snowflake.

3.  Carefully poke a hole through the side of the top spike of the red snowflake with a needle and thread. Pull the thread through and tie the snowflake on to the wreath.

4.  Hang the wreath with large piece of ribbon.


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