Snow angel standing ornament


Snow is in the air and soon the ground will be covered. Childhood memories of making snow angels inspired this whimsical snow angel – complete with a sparkling tutu. I used soft felt, which reminds me of how the snow felt under my arms and legs, as I moved back and forth to make the wings.

Snow angels continue to delight each new generation – add a trio to the mantle or leave them off the stand to poke into a wreath with greenery. There are so many possibilities for a snowy day “craftivity” with Smoothfoam!

Smoothfoam snow angel ornament

You will need:

2” Smoothfoam ball
Two 3” Smoothfoam balls
White Kunin Felt – 5″ x 9” piece
12″ white chenille stem, cut in half
1” wide wire-edge ribbon – two 1/2 yard lengths
½” wide white sheer ribbon – 1/2 yard
4mm pearl trim – 1/3 yard
Two 6mm pearl beads
White teardrop flat-back gem (Robin’s Nest Dewdrops)
Thirty 1” white plastic snowflakes
Two 1” silver plastic snowflakes
2 pearl-head corsage pins
Mini candy cane and bell
White craft paint, paint brush
Cosmetic blush
Wood skewer – cut to two 4″ lengths
Serrated craft knife
Fabri-Tac adhesive
4” Westcott Scissors

Snow angel head and body

1.  Slice off the ends of each ball. Glue the flat side of the 2” ball to the flat side of one of the 3” balls to make the angel’s head and body.

2.  Insert the skewer pieces 1” apart into the round end of the other 3” ball (this is the platform for her to stand on). Paint the skewer pieces white while they’re inside the ball and set aside to dry.

3.  Cut ½” slits along both long sides of the white felt to create fringed edges. Wrap and glue the felt around the angel head and body. Overlap the fringed edges around the top of the head and bottom of the body with glue so the felt fits around each ball snugly, and smooth out any folds as you go. There will be a few small pleats on the head, but this gives her character!

4.  Tie the sheer ribbon in a bow around the neck and trim the excess. Glue two pearls to the center of bow. Insert the pearl pins for her eyes. Glue the teardrop gem for her nose and add blush to her cheeks. Glue the pearl trim around her head, and glue a silver snowflake to the top of her head.

5.  Overlap the two lengths of wire-edge ribbon by ½” and glue together with Fabri-Tac to create her ruffled tutu. Pull the wire carefully at opposite ends of one side to gather the ribbon. Wrap around her body and glue into place.

6.  Fold the ends of each chenille stem 1” back and forth to make her elbow and wrist Make a hole in each side of her body with the scissor point and push the end of each stem into each hole with a little glue. Glue candy cane and bell into each hand.

7.  Glue the white snowflakes onto the third skewered ball, overlapping and covering ball completely except for flat bottom. Accent the front with a silver snowflake. Make two holes in the bottom of her body with the scissor point and push it on to the ends of the skewers on the snowflake ball stand. Let some of the white painted skewers (her legs) show between her body and the stand.


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