Shabby chic crochet ornament

crochet rose smoothfoam ornament


Shabby chic is one of my most favorite styles to work with, and these fabulous crochet roses from Sherry Smith are perfect for embellishing a Smoothfoam ball.


3″ Smoothfoam ball
Hot glue
Crochet roses
Ribbons and feathers
Beaded trim
Crystal dangle
E-6000 glue
Flat-back pearls

1.  Use E-6000 glue to adhere roses all around the Smoothfoam ball, leaving a small open space at the bottom; allow to dry.

2.  Carve out a small hole at the bottom of the ball and insert the crystal with a little E-6000 glue. Glue ribbon bows, beaded trim and feathers around the crystal to fill in the open space; allow to dry.

3.  Adhere flat-back pearls to the roses and additional ribbon bows on top with hot glue to accent as desired. Loop some thread through a ribbon on top to hang.

crochet ornament smoothfoam ball

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