Scarecrow Decoration

smoothfoam scarecrowUpcycle some of your old clothing to create a cute scarecrow. He’ll look great among your fall decorations!


3” Smoothfoam ball
2″x4″x12” Smoothfoam block
Plaid shirt cut to a 5″x13” strip and two 6″ squares
Denim jeans cut to a 5″x13” strip and two 6″x8” pieces
Natural burlap cut to an 8” circle, two 4″x8” pieces and two 4″x11” strips
Red burlap cut to a 7” circle
Fiberfill – 2 handfuls
Twine – red and natural
Scissors, craft knife
Hot glue gun, plastic cup, rubber band

1. Cut the Smoothfoam block in half with craft knife. Save half for another project. Press the edges on your work surface to round them off.

2.  For his shirt, wrap the top of the block with the plaid strip, overlapping the edges. Fold down the top edges (gift wrap style) and glue. Do the same with the denim strip on the bottom of the block for his pants. When cutting the pieces, place the facings, binding and edges to resemble the front of shirt and pants.

3.  For his shirt sleeves, roll each plaid squares into a tube and glue the edges together, then stuff lightly with fiberfill. Fold down top and glue. Fringe the burlap strips, roll them up and glue to bottom of each arm. Glue each arm to the sides of the block. Make his legs in the same way.

4.  Glue the Smoothfoam ball to top of his body. Wrap and glue the natural burlap circle to his head. Shred scraps of burlap and glue to top of his head for hair. Add buttons for facial features. Glue on red twine for his mouth, tucking the ends under buttons for cheeks.

5.  Place the red burlap circle over a plastic cup and hold it down with a rubber band. Glue a scrap of denim around the brim over the rubber band. Remove the hat from the cup and glue it to his head.

6.  Add buttons to his shirt, pants and hat. Tie twine around his neck and wrists. Glue patches to his pants.


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