Rusty snowman

This snowman is sanded and shaded to create a carved wood look.  Rusty wire and burlap complete his country style.

rusty smoothfoam snowman


1″ Smoothfoam ball
2-½” Smoothfoam egg
DecoArt Americana paints:  Buttermilk, Snow White, Jack-O’-Lantern Orange
2 black glass head pins
Tacky glue
Darice 22-gauge rusty craft wire
Kaisercraft Vintage stamp pad
Burlap strip
Sandpaper, paintbrush
Serrated craft knife, wire cutters
Round nose pliers, chain nose pliers

1.  Slice off a bit of both ends of the egg (body) and one side on the ball (head). 

2.  Place the sandpaper on a hard flat surface and tape down.  Sand the ball and egg in spots to create flat areas.  Don’t round the surface in between spots. 

3.  Glue the head to the body. Check to make sure the snowman stands. If it does not, sand the bottom until it will. 

4.  Paint the snowman with Buttermilk and let dry. Paint again with a wash of white paint and water. Wipe off any excess. Dab the snowman with the stamp pad.

5.  Paint the toothpick with a wash of orange and trim to a short piece. Poke it in the center of the snowman’s face at an upward angle for a nose. To recess the eyes, poke a pilot hole with a toothpick and rotate in a circle. Trim the black ball pins and poke into the holes.

6.  For the arms, fold 6” of rusty wire in half. The fold will be the mitten hand.  Create a thumb by bending out a small loop near the fold. Wrap the wire ends together.  Bend the ends at a right angle and poke into the body near the neck. Repeat for the other side. For the buttons, roll up the wire around the ends of  the round nose pliers. Leave the end straight and poke into the front of the snowman.

7. Dab a burlap strip with the stamp pad and tie around the neck.


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