Rustic Pumpkin Decorations

SM Halloween Pumpkins 1


Three 2″ x 4″ x 12″ Smoothfoam blocks
Acrylic paints; orange, red, umber, black, sienna
Hot knife or other cutting tool
Small wood spools
Decorative pins

SM Halloween Pumpkins 2


Using the hot knife, cut one of the blocks to 9″ high, cut one to 6″ high, and leave the other at 12″. Trim the edges from all pieces and sand if desired.

Paint each block with a base coat of orange, then dry brush light coats of red and sienna onto the pieces. Set aside to dry.

Add black accents to each block.

Paint the small spools umber and attach to the tops of each block with decorative pins. Tie ribbon around each spool.

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