Rustic Carved Pumpkin Centerpiece

Smoothfoam Rustic Carved Pumpkin centerpiece

It’s that time of year again. Crisp fall air, leaves changing colors, apples and, of course, pumpkins! Here’s a rustic pumpkin centerpiece that will look great on your table all season long.


Smoothfoam sheet
Stick ‘n Carve transfer paper
Hotwire Foam Cutter or craft knife
Small ball stylus
Fine grit sandpaper
Acrylic craft paints:  Burnt Orange, Black, Grey, Brown
Craft glue
Peat moss


1.  Draw or print a pumpkin graphic on the transfer paper.

2.  Lay the transfer paper on the Smoothfoam sheet and carve around the outline using either a Hotwire Foam Cutter or craft knife.

3.  Trace around inside lines of the pumpkin graphic using a small stylus.

4.  Remove the transfer paper.

5.  To create the deep grooves in the pumpkin, fold a small piece of sand paper in half and rub it along inside lines.  If necessary, sand any rough areas around the outside of the pumpkin.

6.  Cut a rough base and picket fence post from the leftover Smoothfoam pieces.

7.  Paint the inside grooves of the pumpkin first with the black and let dry. Paint the rest of the pumpkin with burnt orange. Paint the stem, picket fence and base in brown and grey as shown.

8.  Glue the pieces together – the finished overall size of my centerpiece is 6-1/2″ wide x 7-1/2″ tall.

smoothfoam rustic pumpkin

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