Rag Ball Ornament

Rag Ball smoothfoam Ornament

This year, I wanted to do a small Christmas tree for the dining room. A simple, homespun tree with handmade ornaments and strung cranberries. Rag ball ornaments are just the right touch! But instead of just wrapping strips of fabric until they formed a ball, I made the rag ball using Smoothfoam.

smoothfoam Rag Ball Ornament Supplies

Supplies used:

2″ Smoothfoam ball
Fabric scraps cut into 3/4″ strips
Decoupage medium
Twine, ribbon
Craft glue
Paintbrush, sanding block


Lightly sand away the center seam on the Smoothfoam ball.

Apply decoupage medium to the back of each fabric strip and adhere to the ball.

Work with one strip at a time until the ball is fully covered, leaving the pilot hole uncovered at the top of the ball.

Brush a coat of medium over the ball to finish and seal.

Dab a bit of glue into the pilot hole and insert the ends of a twine loop to use as the ornament hanger. Let dry.

Glue a bow on top and enjoy!

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