Put a penny ball in your garden!


Penny balls are quick and easy to make! They look beautiful in your garden, and they also repel slugs and will make hydrangea flowers blue.


I found many samples to inspire me on Pinterest, most made with bowling balls, but I thought Smoothfoam would be the perfect base for my penny garden ball. Weatherproofing the Smoothfoam with varnish will make it safe to use outdoors.


6″ Smoothfoam ball
Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint – Satin Brown Boots
Marine Varnish by EarthSafe Finishes
E-6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive
Paint brush


1.  Spray the ball with brown spray paint and let dry.

2.  Apply a coat of Marine Varnish over the entire surface of painted ball and let dry.


3.  Glue the pennies to the ball and let dry.

4.  Apply a coat of Marine Varnish over the pennies and let dry.


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