Primitive Bunny Jar

Primitive Bunny Jar

Here’s an adorable primitive-style bunny to sit atop a jar of Easter treats!

2-½” Smoothfoam ball
Paper lunch bag
Scraps of burlap and muslin
Decoupage medium
Recycled jam or canning jar
Hot glue or thick tacky glue
Scissors, skewer

1.  Tear half of the the lunch bag into small strips. Cut or tear four ear shapes from the remaining half of the bag.

2.  Slice off a bit from the bottom of the ball. Cover the ball with the paper bag strips by brushing them with decoupage medium.

3.  Glue two ear shapes together to make stiffer bunny ears, then glue to head. Tear a few more small strips from what’s left of the paper bag. Curl the strips with scissors and glue between the ears as shown.

4.  Cut small circles of burlap for the bunny’s cheeks and glue to his face. Glue on a button for the nose. Tie a knot in a short piece of twine and thread it through each button for the eyes. Tuck the twine ends to the back of the button as you glue the eyes to the face.

5.  Glue a circle of burlap to the lid of jar. Tie a strip of muslin around the jar, make a bow and glue a button in the center.

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