Polka-dot fish ornament

Polka dot fish ornament


Swish swish, it’s a polka-dot fish!

Hang this cute little fishy as an ornament, or pop him on a skewer to peek out from between the leaves of a houseplant.



1-1/2″ Smoothfoam ball
DecoArt Americana Acrylic paints: Jack-O’-Lantern Orange, Bahama Blue
Woodsies shapes:  Large heart, 3 medium hearts, 1 small heart, 2 small circles
Googly eyes
Mini brads
Craft glue
Serrated craft knife

1.  Position the ball with the pre-drilled hole for the mouth, then make slits in the top, bottom and back for inserting the fins and tail.

2.  Paint the ball blue and paint thel wood pieces orange; allow to dry.

4.  Press the large heart into the slit for the tail with a little glue. Repeat with a medium heart for the top fin and a small heart for bottom fin. Glue medium hearts to each side for fins.

5.  Glue goggly eyes on each side of the face. Press and glue two small circles together at an angle in the pre-drilled hole to make the fish lips.

5.  Press the brads in around the body. Further embellish with markers, glitter or sequins if desired.

6.  To hang, wrap and knot a thread around one of the mini brads on the top of the fish.

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