Photo Holder Table Settings

smoothfoam photo holder table setting

We are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our home this year for some close friends and family. I wanted to make up some unique yet stylish table settings that everyone can take home to enjoy as personal homemade photo holders!

I don’t have a current photo of each of my guests, so I might hand draw a cartoon of each person or just write their names extra fancy on tags.


1-1/4″ Smoothfoam balls
Metallic gold acrylic paint
Foam painbrush
Craft knife
Skewer or paper piercing tool
Tacky glue
Assorted Dew and Diamond Drops (flat-back gems)
17″ lengths of 24 gauge red floral wire
Jewelry pliers
1-1/4″ washer
Dimensional glazing medium


1.  Poke a hole all the way through each ball with a skewer or piercing tool.

2.  Push a toothpick into each hole and hold the end while you paint each ball gold. Use 2 coats for nice shiny coverage; let dry.


paint smoothfoam ball

3.  Cut each ball in half along the seam line with the craft knife. Coat each half ball with tacky glue and add assorted Dew Drops.

smoothfoam embellished photo holder

4.  Fold one piece of floral wire in half and twist the end tight with jewelry pliers.

5.  Put a toothpick in the looped end and use that as a lever to twist the rest of the wire.  Make the looped end into a spiral, then bend the wire as shown.

6.  Glue a washer onto the bottom of each half ball.

smoothfoam photo holders

7.  Fill the hole in each half ball with glue and let set for a minute to get nice and tacky. Insert a wire stem. As glue begins to set, add some more until hole is filled up and the wire does not move. Cover hole with extra Dew Drops.

8.  Finish by covering entire half ball with the dimensional glaze. Let set overnight before using.

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